Experience modern moms share: how to weanbaby from diapers in winter

Who said that winter is not exactly the right time to
to part with disposable diapers? Irina, mother of three
Charming babes thinks otherwise, because she taught all her daughters
from diapers in the autumn-winter period. See her experience in
this issue.

My eldest daughter is a “winter” child, she was born in January. AT
2 years went to kindergarten. I understood that by attending preschool
institutions need to prepare the baby in advance. That is why I started
from November wean her off disposable diapers. Middle daughter and
the youngest also weaned at the age of two and also in the cold
of the year. I want to tell all moms: do it quite real and not
need to wait for warm weather. The most important thing is to decide on this, go to
Goal gradually and fix the result of each stage.

как отучить baby from diapers in winter

ATажно поймать нужный момент

From 1-1.5 years old, the child should be offered a pot periodically.
first for “small”, and then for “big” cases.
At about two years of age, almost every baby is not
only he does not refuse to use the offered pot, but also himself
asks when he needs to. AT это время очень важным моментом
to consolidate the result is praise and in no case
conviction, if suddenly the child did not have time to take advantage
potty. My older baby began to systematically go to the pot
a year and 9 months, the average – almost two years, and the youngest – with
one and a half years.

AT домашней обстановке — без подгузников!

Begin to wean from diapers need gradually. To start
the baby will be without diapers during wakefulness, but
for a walk and daytime sleep they can be left for the first time. how
only the baby woke up or came from the street, the diapers need
take off. Of course, manufacturers advertise their product well,
offering a much-needed thing in childcare even in the form
panties. This is convenient for mothers, but the baby is not very good, because he
you have to be in diapers for days. In addition,
crumbs need to form a need to go to the pot in time,
and not in pants.

Whatever the manufacturers say, whatever disposable panties
and reusable inserts they offered until the child feels
wet pants, he will not understand how much it is necessary – to sit on

Do not feel sorry for diapers

Many parents, having read the previous recommendations, may even
indignant: how to throw out a diaper if the baby peed into it
just once Yes, and I feel sorry, because the cost of diapers is not so
and small, but believe me, it’s worth it. A week and a half you
notice how their consumption has decreased.

Daytime sleep – without diapers!

Learned how to do without diapers at home when the baby isn’t
is sleeping? Very good! Now move on to the next stage – afternoon.
baby is put to bed without a diaper in cotton panties
or pants. Precautions should still be taken:
it is necessary to lay a diaper, and before bedtime and immediately after
Awakening to plant a crumb on the pot, also not worth giving a lot
fluid before bedtime. But the most important thing is the right attitude:
prepare yourself morally for what first bedding
will have to wash more often.


And the night – too!

When your child will have no problems sleeping during the day without diapers,
You can remove them during the night. However, a spare kit
bed linen should always be at hand. I advise the first
время ставить будильник, чтобы ночью высаживать малыша на pot.
However, I want to note that everything depends on the child: one endures
the whole night, and the other needs to be planted.

ATидео: сон без подгузника

Go for a walk diapers “do not take”!

One and a half to two-year-old children understand a lot. Deciding
go for a walk without a diaper say crumbs: “We are going
walk, but do not take diapers with you! You’re already big! Write in
Pants are not allowed! “Before leaving the house, the baby should be landed on
pot. It is advisable that the first walk without a diaper lasts
15-20 minutes, while it is not worth moving away from home, then
gradually increase the time.

This is the final stage of weaning a child from diapers. Be
sure: the time of year does not affect this process.

By the way, none of my daughters have ever been
missteps for a walk.


My advice to you: do not stretch the time! Wean the baby from
diapers can be a month and a half. Stop using
diapers during the night of sleep and walking better almost at the same time,
with a break from several days to 1.5 weeks.

Why did I do it in the winter

I never thought that I should wait for the heat, and only then
wean babies from diapers. Whether the child is accustomed to
much depends on the pot, because it is an important stage of development, therefore
wait for the “best time” can not. how вы думаете, комфортно ли
babies in pampers every day for a half to two years?
Of course not, so moms need to think not about extra
wash, and about convenience for the child. Refusing diapers will help and
family budget, which is important for every family.

ATерьте в своих малышей, не бойтесь трудностей и зимы!


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