Excess hour of work is dangerous violationshealth

Update: February 2019

Habitual workloads that seem heavy to many
undermine health. But the constant overtime
poses a serious danger to life.

  • Working week 61-70 hours increases the risk of CHD by 42%, and 71-80
    working hours per week increase the likelihood of pathology by 63
  • The data were obtained by analyzing information on 8300 Korean
    workers. Research results published by American Journal
    of Industrial Medicine.

Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in all
the world. Only in Russia in 2016, more than half a million died of CHD
man, with 42% of those who died were of working age.

In other scientific work conducted by staff
University College London (University College London),
It has been proven that employees who work longer hours,
increases the risk of stroke compared to people who do not have

  • Working week at 55 hours increases the risk of stroke by 33% in
    Compared with the work week 35-40 hours.
  • Increased risk of coronary heart disease by 13
  • The research results are published in The Lancet.

Scientists have noted that the increase in the number of working hours is not
leads to an increase in productivity, because heavy duty reduces
work efficiency. For example, the authors noted
Germany is an economically developed and successful country in which
The average work week is only 36.5 hours. 

Over-normalized working week
studied in many scientific papers. Here are just some of the problems to
which can cause such loads:

  • damage to the musculoskeletal system in people employed
    physical labor;
  • increased occupational injuries;
  • increased blood pressure in office workers;
  • нарушение психического health;
  • weight loss of newborns and premature birth
  • increase alcohol consumption.

Experts at Cornell University in the survey found
that about 10% of employees working 50-60 hours a week have
constant conflicts in the family. For people working over 60 hours
в неделю, показатель увеличивается до 30 % Increase working
load increases and the number of divorces. Family problems
lead to alcohol abuse.

A research paper published in Canada describes the processing
среди медицинских workers. Working week over 40 hours

  • to overweight,
  • increase alcohol abuse and nicotine in men
  • to depression in women.

To compensate for the negative impact of processing needs
get enough sleep. Full night sleep increases productivity and
allows you to go home early. Time management helps – clear
planning and following the plan.

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