Everything you need to know about the first trip topolyclinic with a newborn

The first trip to the clinic с новорождённым — сложная
task. But we will simplify it for you. We will tell when it is better.
come to the doctor not to wait long for their turn. And
recall that of things you need to take with you

The content of the article

  • 1 Reception time
  • 2 What to take
  • 3 Medical examination
  • 4 What to wear on a child
  • 5 What to wear mom
  • 6 How to facilitate the first trip to the clinic
  • 7 The first trip to the clinic

The first trip to the clinic с новорождённым

Baby grows very fast. Since his birth was only
month, but the doctor no longer comes to the house itself. It is time to first
hike in the clinic, and not just to the pediatrician, and the whole physical examination
(visiting several doctors). And such trips to make
every month (monthly to the pediatrician and some specialists).
Byзже вы начнёте чувствовать себя в поликлинике уверенно, уже
like at home. But the first time can make you worry. What
need to consider? I will tell about it in detail.

Time of receipt

Иногда врачи сам назначает время приёма. If there is
choice, the following recommendations will be useful for you:

  • Choose a time to go to the clinic to
    it turned out between periods of sleep baby.
    Then he will
    already slept, but not yet tired;
  • If admission is by coupon, sign up first
    or second.
    At the beginning of the day, the queues are always smaller and you don’t
    have to wait a long time;
  • If you only have a time range that is shared
    для всех, то приходите в середине приёма
    . They will want to start
    come all and you will sit in line for a long time;
  • Лучшее время приёма — утро. Nobody wants
    from a warm bed immediately to the clinic, so all in the morning
    in short;
  • On some days, the pediatrician takes healthy children, and on others
    — больных
    . If you do not want to come in vain and catch
    infection, ask the reception in advance when they take healthy
  • If the clinic was quarantined, then immediately after it
    there will be many visitors and long lines.
    Therefore, if
    no special need, postpone the visit to the pediatrician to one or two
    of the week.

As a rule, the so-called
infant day. This is the day (for example, Tuesday), during
которого все врачи работают только с детьми up to a year. By
e-recordings queuing for baby day
no need – specialists take patients on a first-come, first-served basis
but you need to know better in advance. Some doctors try to take
newborns before the rest of babies, but it is up to

What to take

Before you go to the clinic, put in a bag:

  1. Документы. For the first visit to the clinic
    you will need your documents: passport and coupon number 3-1 generic
    certificate. The package of children’s documents is a certificate of
    child birth, mandatory health insurance policy,
    mandatory insurance retirement certificate card
    insurance (SNILS), a child’s medical card (if you have one
    hands), certificate of preventive vaccinations,
    результаты обследования и анализов (если они
    ). So that the documents do not get crushed, do not get dirty,
    purchase a plastic envelope in the stationery store for
    zipper or button;
  2. Пелёнки. You need them to the pediatrician 2
    things, to the rest of the doctors – one. But it is better to take another spare:
    kids sometimes pee right at them (suddenly you and
    will happen). Best to take from the flannel. Chintz too thin as well
    knitwear is twisted at the edges. The optimal size is 80×80 (larger
    or less by 10 cm). These diapers on the changing table lie
    perfect, and in the bag does not take up much space.
  3. Игрушки / погремушку. Take a new or
    old ones that the child has already forgotten. It is enough to hide 2-3 pieces
    за пару дней до визита к врачу. They should be easy to wash, because
    in the clinic, you can not just drop them on the floor. Toys also
    should be interesting so that the baby does not get bored with them, waiting
    the queue.
  4. Запасные подгузники. Take a couple of pieces
    (things happen).
  5. ATлажные салфетки. Comments will be
  6. Еду и воду. If you are breastfeeding, then your
    clothes should be comfortable to feed (feed the baby you
    be able to in the room of a healthy child). For the artificial artist, take
    the mixture, and if the child is older, you can take food that you can
    eat without getting dirty (banana, cookies, mashed potatoes with
  7. Запасную одежду. Byдгузник иногда протекает,
    children spit up and get dirty when they eat. Byэтому запасная одежда
    can be very helpful.
  8. Бахилы. They are usually given free of charge at the entrance. But
    Suddenly it is in your clinic boot covers not?
  9. Записанные в блокнот вопросы. In advance
    write down everything you want to ask the doctor. Don’t even try
    remember: as soon as you cross the threshold of the office, everything is right there
    will forget.
  10. Notepad and pen. They are needed for important recordings.
    moments (height and weight of the child, doctor’s recommendations, time of the next
    reception, etc.).

If baby sucks dummy, fasten it to clothes with
using a special chain (so as not to fall) and take a couple of pieces
net for reserve.

Byсмотрите видео: Список необходимых вещей, which
need to take to the appointment with the pediatrician


Medical examination

  • In the clinic, the pediatrician asks the mother questions and examines
  • Undresses a newborn, listens to the heart and lungs. it
    it is possible, even if the baby cries;
  • Measures head and chest circumference, height, weighs
  • Palpating the stomach (it can be swollen);
  • Listens for heart murmurs;
  • Breeds hip joints;
  • Looks if the crumb captures the gaze, reacts to the sound;
  • Evaluates the condition of the skin and oral mucosa (is it in language
    white plaque);
  • Monitors neurological symptoms (or their dynamics if
    something found on patronage) – increased or decreased
    muscle tone, shaking hands or chin at rest
    condition, posture during sleep;
  • Examines the baby for congenital pathology;
  • Asks mom about the feeding regime and stool frequency

What to wear for a child

Think about what the baby will be dressed in the clinic, so that he
was comfortable. Of course, dress the child according to the season and weather,
adhering to the principle of “multiple layers”. Note that in
clinic may be cool or, conversely, hot and stuffy. Have
you should be able to adjust the amount of clothes so
so that the baby does not freeze, but does not sweat. Do not get carried away big
the number of things better as one of the layers to use
blanket, blanket or envelope.

In the doctor’s office for examination, you will completely undress
baby And if you need to bypass several experts, the process
undressing / dressing will have to be repeated several times. So that it is not
turned into a real test, neither for you nor for the baby,
избегайте одежки, which нужно надевать через голову, с множеством
buttons and strings. Боди и комбинезончики-слиперы, which
maximally open and easily fasten on several
buttons or zipper – what you need to quickly change clothes

What to wear mom

The day is going to be troublesome, so put on a light, not
constraining movements of clothes and shoes. If you’re a nursing mom,
Dress so that you have easy access to your chest. Unfortunately, not in
Each children’s clinic has a special room “mothers and
child. ” And where it is, not all women use it, fearing
skip the queue. Byэтому, скорее всего, кормить малыша вам
will have in the hallway. In special clothes for nursing attach
baby to the breast can be, without exposing the back and chest, and not attracting
attention of others. T-shirts, jumpers, dresses with hidden
cuts for breast – in stores for future mothers and babies you
You can choose an outfit for every taste. But и без такой
�”Workwear” can adapt to feeding in public
places. Button-down blouse, shirt, t-shirt, stole
or a handkerchief draped over your shoulders – feed the baby quietly without
prying eyes of strangers.

How to facilitate the first trip to the clinic

It will be easier for you if:

  • С вами пойдёт ещё один взрослый. He will sit in
    queues until you go for a walk with your child (or vice versa)
    let you go for a card, coupon or other needs. Butсить
    everywhere with a baby uncomfortable;
  • Одежда у ребёнка будет многослойной. AT
    clinic may be hot or cold. Byэтому одежда
    should be such that you can quickly remove something (or
    throw in);
  • ATы заранее изучите в интернете параметры, which будут
    be checked by the child.
    Byчитайте, что обследуют у малыша
    every month, why, and what are the norms of these parameters by age.
    Byдготовленным мамам проще понимать слова и действия педиатра,
    then you may have questions immediately at the reception, and not after
    how come home

AT нашей семье выработалась схема, позволяющая не сидеть в
long queues with the child: one of the relatives takes
queue at the reception in advance, an hour before the reception, and we with the children, driving up
an hour later, most often we pass into the office first. Yes same hour
You can sit and during the reception, but then there will be much more
sick children, excited moms who want to pass the queue and

AT жаркой и душной поликлинике, в толпе народа, ребенка
you must immediately undress so that it does not sweat. Easy
a cap that protects the baby from drafts. Byскольку в
the clinic is always a lot of not very healthy children, nasal passages
It is better to smear the child with oxolinic ointment in advance.

Tune in to a philosophical attitude toward people trying to pass
без the queue. it — неизбежное зло, с ним очень трудно бороться. �”I
for a moment, just ask, ”“ I’m going to the nurse to ask about
test results “,” I am a medical worker “,” for manta – without a queue ”
merge into one continuous string. I even saw moms
got up, shielding the door to the office – but this is not much
ускоряло продвижение the queue. Byэтому лучше не нервничать и не
angry, because your state and mood must be transferred
to kid!

Do not forget that the right of admission without a queue

• children with fever; • ambulance children
help; • disabled children; • children of health workers; • children from
large families (usually a mother who comes with children puts in
doctor’s fame about in your ward, and the doctor invites them to enter without
queues); • in some clinics out of turn (or through one)
children have the right to pass for inspection before the Mantoux test; •
newborns, even on infant day, have an advantage over
one year old and one and a half year old children.

I think these tips are very useful for a young mother.

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The first trip to the clinic

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