Everything about the laxative syrup Prelaks and PrelaksBaby

Слабительное для новорожденных прелакс бэби

Прелакс Baby для новорожденных – первая помощь при
constipation. The long delay of the chair causes the strongest in the child
pains and cramps that only safe and
effective remedy. Прелакс бэби способствует
the formation of a good microflora due to the lactulose contained.

Laxative Prelax – Constipation Syrup

Лекарство Прелакс – препарат современного поколения,
laxatives. Successfully applied
in practice to eliminate constipation not only in infants, but also

Статья о запоре у новорожденных

Основное действие Прелакса Беби – быстрое и
effective bowel relaxation.

A competent approach to treatment and the right dosage
prevents chronic constipation. Treatment based on individual
on the nature of the disease and its severity.

Слабительное Прелакс даже при длительном применении не
affects the digestive tract and has a harmless effect without addiction.
A long course of treatment does not require an increase in dose. After
normalization of the intestinal tract amount consumed
laxative gradually reduced.

Babies give the drug a day 2 p. before meals (5-30


Стоимость препарата прелакс приятно удивляет. Effective
the usual remedy for constipation
average family. Начальная цена — от 150

Prelaks for future mothers

The state of the woman during the childbearing is pretty
vulnerable, so not all laxative drugs have good
influence. Сироп Прелакс для беременных абсолютно безопасен
and has high efficiency. Harm to the health of the baby and mother
with regular use is excluded.
Lactulose –
the initial component of the drug acting on metabolic
processes in the intestines. After взаимодействия препарата с микрофлорой
peristalsis increases. These processes normalize stools.

Lactulose does not enter the blood and does not cause disturbances in
embryonic development. With the use of the drug is active
ammonia is recycled. It has a good effect on liver cells,
which are subject to additional load during
of pregnancy.

Инструкция по применению для взрослых

Препарат Прелакс можно применять поэтапно.

  • The first course includes from 2 to 7 days, 40 ml at a time until
    food intake. Если применение суспензии вызвало диарею,
    then the dosage is reduced by 10 ml.
  • At the second stage, prelaks are taken 3 times in 10 ml.

Инструкция Прелакса чётко указывает на противопоказания –
intestinal obstruction, galactose imbalance and
individual intolerance to the components of the medicinal

Side effects

Treatment with pre-relax can cause bouts of flatulence (bloating),
which passes quickly. In case of overdose, diarrhea and
pain in the abdomen. Regular use of elevated
doses over a long period of time will require control
blood for possible electrolyte disturbances.

Other laxative preparations are also available.

Prelaks or dufalak: which is better?

The differences in these means are only
manufacturing company. The composition of these two drugs is similar and has
the same action. The only difference is that the average
Duphalac cost is higher.

Indications for use Prelaksa

• Constipation • Hepatic encephalopathy • Hemorrhoids • Possible
surgery on the intestine • Cleansing before
colonoscopy and irrigoscopy

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