Even a little physical activity addsyears of life

Update: February 2019

The latest research has affected older women, the attention to which
drew the University of Buffalo (USA) under the direction of Michael Lamont.
As it turned out, even the most minimal activity during the day
able to prolong the life expectancy of women. Official site
University was pleased with the online community with the results of experiments 16
November 2017.

According to the forecasts of scientists for 2050, the number of
people over 65 years old. This means that older people will become
about 77 million. Interestingly, the number of women among them will be
twice as many as the male population.


Unfortunately, older ladies are increasingly reducing the level of their
physical activity to the lowest possible level. The reason for this
serves not only age, but also various diseases
predominantly chronic course. Lack of proper loads
affects general health. Because of this
American researchers decided to track the possible impact on
life of elderly women of moderate physical activity.

In the past, such experiments were carried out with
questionnaire questionnaires. Now, experts used an accelerometer,
who worked around the clock 4-7 days a week and measured the level
grandmothers activity. About 6,000 women participated in the experiment.
age 63-99 years.

As a result, it was observed that even moderate physical
loads can greatly reduce the risks of early death. For example,
ironing or washing dishes for half an hour lowered
probability of early death by 12%. And if grandma
engaged in regular walks or cycling, then their
the risk fell by 39%.

Dr. Lamont argues that young people should
at least a little physical exertion. Even half an hour classes
make a huge contribution to their future health. University imposes
high hopes that the population will take the results seriously
experiment and will begin to more closely monitor their way
of life.

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