Essentiale Forte instructions for usehepatoprotector

Update: December 2018

Essentiale Forte on the modern pharmaceutical market on the right
can be called the most effective hepatoprotector. But any
the practitioner knows that intravenous administration of the drug at times
more effective than oral administration. Essentialle is applied for
treatment of various diseases or disorders of the liver,
cirrhosis, hepatitis, alcoholic liver dystrophy, and
in the treatment of other diseases drugs,
adversely affect the liver. Hepatorothectors
contribute to the restoration of liver cells when they are damaged. AT
The instructions for use of Essentiale Forte are as follows:

Торговое наименование:  Эссенциале форте Н Release form,
лекарственная форма:  капсулы Международное незапатенотованное
Name: Phospholipids Pharmacological group: Hepatoprotector
– a combination of agents for the treatment of diseases of the biliary tract and
the liver.


Essentiale forte N is a brown, hard gelatin,
oblong, opaque capsules, the contents of which
is a pasty oily mass
brown-yellow color. AT их состав входят:

  • active main ingredient: phospholipids from soybeans,
    containing 76% choline (EPL, essential phospholipids is
    natural diglyceride esters of choline phosphate with
    the predominance of mainly linoleic (70%) acid, as well as oleic
    and linolenic) – 300 mg
  • excipients: soybean oil, solid fat,
    hydrogenated castor oil, α-tocopherol, ethanol 96%,
    4-methoxyacetophenone, ethylvaniline
  • Composition капсулы: желатин, очищенная вода, Е 171 — титана
    диоксид, Е 172 — краситель железа оксид желтый, черный,
    red, sodium lauryl sulfate.

Average price Essendial in pharmacies: 30 pcs. 430-490 rubles, 100 pcs.
1300-1400 rub.

Pharmacological properties

It is known that essential phospholipids in the structure of cellular
The organelles and the cell membrane of the liver are the main elements.
They have a normal metabolism of proteins, lipids, promote
the implementation of the detoxification function of the liver, as well as preserve
and restore the cellular structure of this body, restrain
the formation of connective tissue in the liver is supported and
phospholipid-dependent enzyme systems are reduced.

Essentiale Forte N, according to the instructions for use contains
essential phospholipids, which by chemical structure
correspond to endogenous phospholipids, but at the expense of higher
content of fatty polyunsaturated acids
activity endogenous phospholipids.

For any liver disease, for toxic damage, for
drug intoxication, always in varying degrees of damage
envelope of liver cells and their organelles. Which in turn
leads to impaired activity of enzymes associated with them, and
the functions of receptor systems are also impaired, decreases
functional activity of the liver cells, there is a loss of them
ability to regenerate.

Essential phospholipids of the drug contribute to the regulation
lipoprotein metabolism, transporting cholesterol and neutral
fats to places of oxidation, it becomes possible mainly
due to the increased ability of high density lipoprotein
contact cholesterol.

Thus, this drug has a normalizing effect.

1. On the preservation and restoration of the cellular structure of the liver 2.
On the preservation of phospholipid-dependent enzyme systems 3. Inhibition
formation of connective tissue in the liver 4. On lipid metabolism
и белков 5. ATосстановление клеток печени, нормализация
detoxification function of the liver 6. Bile stabilization occurs
и снижение литогенного индекса при экскреции фосфолипидов

Indications for use Essentiale

Эссенциале  показан к применению при следующих
pathological conditions: Essentiale Forte instructions for use

  • Cirrhosis of the liver
  • Chronic viral hepatitis
  • Toxic hepatitis, any toxic liver damage,
  • Alcoholic hepatitis
  • Medicinal lesions of the liver
  • Liver dysfunction with other diseases
  • Prevention of gallstones
  • Fatty degeneration of the liver of any etiology
  • Psoriasis, as part of complex therapy
  • Toxicosis pregnant
  • Radiation Syndrome
Use Essentiale Forte during pregnancy and

There is not enough research on the effect of Essentiale fort on
pregnancy, and also on the child during breastfeeding. But,
in case of toxicosis of pregnant women the drug is allowed for use, but its
should only be used as directed by the physician. AT период lactation
use of the drug is possible if it is suspended


Essentiale forte is contraindicated in newborns, including
premature babies in mind the presence of alcohol in capsules. And also not
recommended for use in case of hypersensitivity to
Essentiale, to its components.

Dosing and method of use

Essentiale – capsules recommended for use
Swallow whole, adults and children over 12 years old 2 pieces 2-3
R / day during or after a meal, with 0.5 -1 glass

The course of treatment is 3 months, according to the indications the course can be
repeated or continued. It is believed that to achieve
positive effect Essentiale, the duration of treatment should
be 2-10 months. After 1 month of treatment, you can switch to
maintenance doses, take 1 capsule 2-3
p / day.

Side effect

Usually Essentiale forte N is well tolerated, to the most frequent
side effects when taking the drug inside include violations of
sides of the digestive system, such as: bloating,
nausea, diarrhea, discomfort in the digestive tract. Seldom: allergic
reactions such as urticaria, pruritus, atopic

Overdose, special instructions, interaction with others

No cases of overdose have been reported so far. With
overdose, taking large doses of Essentiale Forte may
increased side effects of the drug. No impact established
drug on the ability to drive mechanisms, driving
motor vehicles. ATзаимодействие с прочими лекарственными средствами
not established, there is also no data on the interaction of Essentiale and
of alcohol.

Release form

AT картонной упаковке по 10 или 3 блистера с инструкцией по
application. AT каждом блистере по 10 капсул 300 мг.

Expiration date, storage conditions

The shelf life of 3 years, you can not use Essentiale Forte N by
expiration date indicated on the package. Keep out of reach
for children, at temperatures up to 21C (in the refrigerator). Released without


Germany, 50829 Koln A. Nattermann & Cie. GmbH
Наттерманналлее  1, Д

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