Erosive gastritis of the stomach – symptoms and treatmenttypes, causes, diet

The inflammatory process in the gastric mucosa,
accompanied by the appearance of erosion, called erosive
gastritis. At the initial stage of the disease erosive lesions
may be minor and localized mainly on the external
оболочке stomach. As the disease progresses, erosion
spreads over a large area that causes the appearance brightly
выраженных symptoms.

The article will look more closely at the main causes and symptoms.
diseases, as well as how to treat erosive gastritis, and what
folk remedies are most effective.

Features of erosive gastritis of the stomach

Эрозивный гастрит stomach

Эрозивный гастрит – это разновидность воспалительных
acute and chronic gastric mucosal processes
of origin, the distinguishing feature of which is
the formation of small defects (erosion) on its surface.

There may be several such foci, the degree of their development depends
on how badly the disease develops. Usually each
erosion does not exceed 4 mm in diameter, however in a chronic condition
can reach 8 mm.

  • The code for ICD 10: Erosive gastritis is listed under the code K29.0 and
    diagnosed as acute hemorrhagic form.

Its erosive form is the stage of the disease when
mucosa begins to deteriorate, defects appear, arises
bleeding. Such a species progresses slowly. Often
erosive gastritis of the stomach occurs as a reaction to another
disease, nervous or physical strain or

Forms of the disease

There are several forms of erosion:

  • primary erosion – develop without regard to the previous
  • secondary – are the result of the underlying disease;
  • malignant – accompany oncological processes;
  • benign (acute, chronic, solitary,
  • immature; mature (with areas of necrosis).

Acute erosive gastritis of the stomach

Acute type of erosive gastritis of the stomach can be
provoked by liver or kidney failure,
severe burns, severe injuries, severe blood loss and
sepsis. Often, когда больной уже имеет заболевание в тяжелой
form, it is difficult to understand what is happening.

Erosion looks like small wounds, it affects
больше дистальный отдел stomach. In diameter, usually small
– from 1 to 3 mm.

Can be triggered by aggressive

  • bad food;
  • medications;
  • acids and bases;
  • chemicals

Chronic form

Chronic erosive gastritis – occurs as a complication
chronic somatic diseases in the body, characterized by
cyclic change of phases of remission and exacerbations. May be called
such reasons:

  • eating disorders;
  • Crohn’s disease;
  • Helicobacter infection;
  • internal failures in secretory processes.

Also emit:

  • Erosive antral gastritis caused by Helicobacter bacteria
    pylori (Helicobacter pylori). Microorganisms live at the bottom
    stomach under mucus in an alkaline environment. Bacteria cause inflammation
    gastric mucosa, and the damaged tissue is almost
    unable to regenerate.
  • Erosive gastritis reflux is characterized by the appearance of large
    ulcers and extensive lesions. Begin to exfoliate the tissue, their fragments
    often come out with vomiting. In the process of developing the disease can
    narrow the esophagus canal.
  • Erosive hemorrhagic gastritis – complicated course
    the main disorder that causes bleeding in rare
    In cases they may be so strong as to cause death.

The reasons

As a rule, erosive gastritis occurs against the background of inflammation.
слизистой оболочки stomach. The most common cause of his appearance
is the reproduction of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. She calls so
called Helicobacter pylori infection.

Specialists in the field
клинической гастроэнтерологии отмечают, что данная
pathology is 3 times more common among men. At the same time acute
form of the disease is inherent in men of working age, among
children are less common and affects mainly female gender.

The most common causes of erosive gastritis

  • Long-term use of drugs (nonsteroid
    anti-inflammatory drugs, hormonal (corticosteroids),
    veroshpiron, nitrofuran preparations, ethacrynic
  • Unfavorable working and living conditions.
  • Stress and nervous exhaustion are also common causes.
  • Endocrine disease (thyroid disease,
  • Severe chronic diseases (renal, cardiac, hepatic
    insufficiency, diseases of the blood and respiratory system).
  • Unbalanced food by convenience foods and junk food.
  • Alcohol intoxication.

Symptoms of erosive gastritis

To suspect the erosive form of gastritis only by
clinical signs and complaints of the patient is extremely difficult. An exception
make up those cases when against the background of confirmed gastritis
возникает желудочное bleeding.

The development of the disease can occur with pain in the area stomach
and without them. Pain may occur, both on an empty stomach and after taking
food. The degree of intensity of pain depends on the stage
diseases and its vastness, as well as the location of the hearth
diseases and individual characteristics of the organism, and
require the use of strong painkillers

Acute erosive gastritis may manifest itself as follows.

  • heartburn;
  • feeling of heaviness in the stomach after eating;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting, sometimes with blood;
  • unstable stools, most often mixed with blood;
  • dull stomach pain that gets worse after taking

In acute erosive gastritis, symptoms appear suddenly,
the patient’s condition deteriorates dramatically, so the disease is impossible
to notice.

If we are talking about the acute form of erosive gastritis, then to
The above symptoms are often added:

  • vomiting, sometimes with bloody impurities;
  • stool consistency is disturbed – blood appears in the feces, it
    gets a dark shade.
  • Pain from the epigastric region often radiates to the vertebral
    pillar At the same time, in young people the pain is usually aching and dull,
    and in older people – cramping.


If you make a late or incomplete treatment of erosive
gastritis, a person may develop the following effects in

  • shock condition;
  • reducing the level of red blood cells;
  • bleeding;
  • the occurrence of peptic ulcer disease;
  • deformation of the structure of the mucous membrane of the organ;
  • microbial infections.

According to some reports, more than 20% of gastric bleeding episodes.
связано именно с наличием эрозивного gastritis.



As we have already noted, to determine the presence of erosive gastritis only
on external signs and complaints is very difficult. For exact
disease diagnosis is used:

  • визуальный осмотр слизистой stomach при помощи
  • If necessary, you may need to hold
    и биопсию. For this, a small fragment is collected.
    mucous on the edge of erosion for her research.
  • Also, for accurate diagnosis
    применяются эндоскопические методы и производятся
    relevant measurements.
  • In addition to this, it is necessary to pass general blood tests, for
    exclusion or confirmation of anemia.
  • The analysis of feces to identify the causes of blood in
  • If the situation requires, then additionally do

Treatment эрозивного гастрита stomach

Given that the disease is similar in symptoms to
проявлениями язвы stomach, лечение эрозивного гастрита stomach
will be the same scenario. The doctor will make a selection
drugs in accordance with the complexity, neglect of the disease,
кислотностью stomach, наличием других проблем.

In general, therapy consists of the following methods:

  1. Drug treatment. Consists of 3 stages – struggle with
    причиной заболевания, устранение повышенной кислотности stomach и
    restoring his mucous.
  2. Диета против gastritis. In combination with drugs gives good
    результат в лечении за счет разгрузки stomach.
  3. An exception вредных привычек. The negative impact of smoking and
    Alcohol on the stomach is proven scientifically.
  4. Folk remedies. Informal medicine is recommended even
    by doctors. There are several really effective ways
    how to cure erosive gastritis based on healing herbs.

Treatment лекарственными препаратами

В основе применения лекарственных препаратов лежат
following principles:

  • Regulation of gastric juice secretion. For this are used
    preparations with the principle of antisecretory action. Recommend
    proxy or omez.
  • Improved secretory function. Antacid Medicinal
    drugs inhibit the action of gastric juice, so that food
    qualitatively digested, it is necessary to introduce additional
    enzymes. This group of funds include Digestal, Mezim,
  • Normalization and stabilization of motility
     /двенадцатиперстной кишки. Similar pathological
    condition occurs in almost every case of erosive
    gastritis, so among appointments doctor you can see Zerukal,
    Domperidone, Metoclopramide and / or Motilium.
  • Восстановление слизистой stomach. This task is great
    drugs Iberogast, Trental are doing well – they increase supply
    affected tissues with oxygen and regeneration occurs faster.
  • How to treat erosive gastritis, if the cause is bacteria?
    If the disease was due to the bacteria Helicobacter pylori, then
    antibiotics will help fight it. Basically always sick
    prescribe tetracycline, levofloxacin, clarithromycin.

Обратите внимание: если врачами диагностируется
erosive hemorrhagic gastritis, the patient is prescribed
hemostatic agents for intramuscular or
intravenous administration.  These include Vikasol,
Etamzilat, Thioctic acid and Dicynone.

As part of the complex therapy is used spa
treatment with alkaline mineral waters. It may also be
recommended for prophylactic treatment in case of chronic
course of the disease.

Diet: food and menu

Диета при эрозивном гастрите – обязательное условие
effective treatment. Restrictions in nutrition are necessary and for
prevention of this stomach disease. With exacerbation of the disease
Diet number 1 is recommended. In the chronic form, it is possible to switch to
menu according to the diet number 5.

Food for erosive gastritis of the stomach should be
as follows:

  • spices, fatty foods, salinity, products are completely excluded
    with high acid content. Similar products are not only
    increase the production of gastric juice, but also irritate the mucous
  • food for the patient must be steamed or in
    boiled form.
  • food itself should be fractional. Recommend 4-5 times
    a day, not in large portions.
  • the patient should not eat too hot or cold
  • It is forbidden to eat fresh bread or yeast pastries, so
    all kinds of sweets.

What, first of all, it is necessary to exclude from the menu:

  • Gastric juice product stimulants (alcohol, soda,
    sour juices, strong coffee, smoked meats and sausages, legumes
    crops, most types of cabbage, dark bread);
  • products that aggravate the inflammatory process in the stomach (fatty
    meat products, radishes, mushrooms);
  • dishes that are too hot and from the fridge – the food should
    be either warm or room temperature;
  • fried foods;
  • seasonings, including pepper and salt.

The list of prohibited foods in the diet during erosive gastritis
quite voluminous. Below we list the dishes that are possible and even
need to eat with gastritis with erosion:

  • yesterday’s bread from wheat flour or crackers from it;
  • pureed milk soups from cereals (rice, buckwheat, oatmeal,
    semolina and pasta;
  • dairy products: fresh milk, non-acid cottage cheese and kefir,
    cream, butter;
  • omelet of protein and milk;
  • pounded bananas;
  • jelly (oatmeal, berry, fruit);
  • vegetable rubbed soups from beet, cauliflower, potato and
    carrots cooked in vegetable or weak meat broth;
  • Loose slightly sweetened tea.

Menu for erosive gastritis for the day

Food for erosive gastritis of the stomach should be
fractional. Divide your regular meals into five servings and
consume in small portions throughout the day, slowly and
chewing each piece thoroughly to avoid injury
sensitive mucous membrane.

Menu 1

1st breakfast Baked cottage cheese platter, cocoa drink
2nd breakfast Poor sweet tea and unleavened bun of yesterday’s pastries with
Dinner Any liquid dish based on broth, vegetables with fish,
steamed, fruit decoction or compote
Afternoon tea Crackers or biscuits with jelly
Dinner Baked vegetables with slices of meat, fruit decoction
(dog rose)
Second dinner Kefir, ryazhenka or yogurt

Menu 2

  • mucous oatmeal or buckwheat porridge;
  • can be replaced with a steam omelet from one chicken egg
  • fruit jelly with galetny cookies
  • grated groats soup
  • steam fishcake,
  • boiled vegetables or salad from them,
  • for dessert, you can take the broth hips.
  • Bakery products are allowed crackers from white bread.
Afternoon tea
  • herbal tea with galetny cookies
  • or low-fat cottage cheese casserole.
  • mashed potatoes with boiled chicken breast.

Popular dishes:

  • porridge with milk;
  • soups with the addition of cereals, meat, fish, vegetables;
  • pumpkin, broccoli, cauliflower cream puree soups,
  • vegetables steamed or baked with the addition of a minimum
    amount of oil;
  • pasta, mashed potatoes with cream or
    olive oil;
  • fish and meat dishes, steamed and in the oven;
  • juices with pulp – carrot, pumpkin, peach;
  • jelly;
  • egg dishes – soft and soufflé;
  • curd casseroles; baked fruit.

Compliance with nutrition guidelines is one of the pledges.
successful treatment of gastritis. Also, further control is necessary.
nutrition and prevention.

Folk remedies

Treatment of folk methods of erosive gastritis often helps
deal with the affliction. However, in no case can not be engaged
self medicated! All procedures must be controlled.

  1. If the disease is accompanied by increased acidity, treat it.
    at home you can carrot juice. 40 minutes before admission
    food to drink a glass of fresh juice. In a day
    It is recommended to use up to 500 ml. drink.
  2. Potato juice. Drink only fresh half a cup on an empty stomach.
  3. Flax seeds. It is an enveloping agent, is taken in
    form of infusion. For this, you need to take 1 tablespoon of seeds,
    Pour 200 ml of boiling water and let stand for about 40 minutes. Use
    half an hour before meals, 3 times a day.
  4. Aloe. For treatment it is recommended to cut a sheet of middle-aged aloe and
    freeze it. Then, after receiving the juice, mix it with warm water and
    apply ¼ cup 4 times a day.
  5. You can treat erosive gastritis with the following recipe:
    need 20 grams. dry leaves of mint and 15 gr. marsh
    paprika, aloe, knotweed, dill seeds. Add 25 gr. chamomile
    valerian, hop cones. Mix all ingredients, add a liter
    boiling water. Stew in the oven for 9-10 hours. Cool, strain.
    Drink in the morning before eating a glass. Also during the day every two hours
    additionally use 100 grams of decoction. The course continues 14
  6. Milk mix with mummy. Use по одной столовой ложке
    bedtime for three months.
  7. Take lime honey and mix it with Aloy juice 1×1. By dining
    spoon three times a day before meals.
  8. Tincture of calendula. Need to take 2-3 tsp dry
    calendula flowers, which pour a glass of boiling water (300
    ml) This procedure is done at night, and in the morning, after filtering,
    it needs to start taking in small quantities, but the whole
    The resulting volume should be drunk throughout the day.

Before you use this or that folk remedy, make sure
That you do not have allergic reactions to a particular component.


With the timely start of treatment, the prognosis of erosive gastritis
favorable. It should be remembered that undiagnosed
acute erosive gastritis can turn into chronic

If gastric bleeding occurs for the first time, the source will reveal
fails, suspected infectious genesis of erosive gastritis –
hospitalization of the patient into a surgical procedure is recommended.

With a stable condition of the patient, no signs
bleeding, low risk of recurrence may even cure
in the outpatient stage.


Prevention of erosive gastritis should be focused on
following principles:

  • chew food thoroughly: in the mouth begins
    digestion of saliva by enzymes;
  • eat fractional (small portions every 2.5-3 hours), do not eat
    dry, hastily and before bedtime;
  • do not abuse sweets, fat, spices and
    smoked foods, food from the fridge;
  • avoid work with harmful or difficult working conditions,
    overwork (both physical and nervous);
  • take no part in situations that may be
  • avoid taking medication that irritates the mucous membrane

Summing up, I would like to say that erosive gastritis is
a disease that may have different causes,
ranging from malnutrition and ending with stress. Treatment
must be started immediately after detecting at least one of

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