Energy drinks are dangerous to healthchildren

Update: February 2019

Attention to parents! Children who regularly consume energy
drinks or when consumed in a short period of time
large amounts of high caffeine drinks –
are at greater risk of seizures, tachycardia, vomiting,
insomnia and in the extreme case of death from heart

Opinion of the Director of the Division of Information on Bruce Cancer and
other experts from Rutgers University of Toxicology in the USA –
energy drinks are not made for the child’s body, but
for adults, the dose of caffeine in them in relation to body weight
значительно превышают допустимые нормы для children. When used
таких напитков у children, подростков как минимум возникает повышенное
excitement in which it is impossible to calm the child. Moreover,
heart palpitations, anxiety, vomiting, hand tremor,

Parents should treat energy drinks like
medicines, that is, they must be stored in places
недоступных для маленьких children, на высокой полке и пр. Подросткам
should be explained about possible health risks and monitored
своих children, запрещать им потребление этих напитков. Special
dangerous energy drinks in combination with sports,
heavy workouts and with alcohol.

NPIES Medical Director Stephen Marcus Reports – Young
people, adolescents, with high physical activity and desire for
risk can increase their activity through similar
drinks that when combined with hot weather, physical
loads can be deadly. After regular
consuming such drinks very often teenagers in the United States fall into
emergency department.

Energy drinks are dangerous to health children

In 2012, the mother of a teenager from California, who died of heart
arrhythmias, sued a manufacturing company that produces
energy drink that her son consumed for 3 years
2 cans per day.

The teenager died of heart failure at age 19. In the US, 50% of young
people consume energy drinks on a regular basis. For
Comparison, in 1 cup of coffee about 100 mg. caffeine, and in such
drinks like Red Bull, Monster, Rokstar up to 242 mg per serving, and
Some cans contain 2 or more servings.

Яркий дизайн упаковки очень привлекает маленьких children, они
resemble jars of soda and often children just confuse them with
other drinks, as well as teenagers and children like what
jars are placed in the palm of the hand. High availability of beverages
содержанием кофеина для children привела к тому, что токсические
poisoning with similar drinks in 50% of cases were registered in the USA
именно у children до 6 лет. Such statistics was made public in
as an explanation of the ban on the sale of energy
drinks to persons under 18 years old.

In addition, these drinks, in addition to caffeine overdose, contain
herbal products that can be hazardous, sweeteners,
additional doses of vitamins and other chemicals.
Food and Drug Administration
prohibited to add to any products, energy drinks
substances Dimethylamylamine 1,3 DMAA, since it is
an amphetamine-like compound causes an increase in arterial

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