Enema Microlax: dealing with constipation in 5 minutes- (why microlax did not help the child)

When using any medicine for a newborn, always
You must first consult a doctor.

But there are situations when to stabilize the state
baby must choose any medication and better in advance
Be aware that of the safe drugs can be purchased at pharmacies. With
problems with the chair, namely with constipation, many pediatricians advise
применять микроклизму Микролакс для новорожденных.

клизма Микролакс

Микроклизма Микролакс — слабительное средства от

Материал о запоре: симптомы, признаки и причины
constipation у грудного ребенка

Enema Microlax has many advantages over other
laxatives, but it can also cause harm
improper use. Therefore, when deciding to use
medicine for infants need to examine all the properties of the purchased
drug and the possibility of side effects.

Benefits of using microclysters

Choosing a medicine for a child before buying it
it is necessary to carefully study the instructions for use in it
The properties of any drug, its advantages and


Mikrolaksa has some undeniable
advantages, the most important of them include:

  • Безопасный состав – препарат состоит из
    sorbitol solution, sodium citrate, sorbitol and glycerin. Under their
    exposure to the dilution of fecal masses and rapid
    bowel movement.
  • Клизма Микролакс действует на местном уровне,
    that is, absorbed only by accumulated feces and partially by walls
    rectum. Components of Mikrolaksa do not fall into
    blood vessels and do not affect the body.
  • The convenience of use. The drug is available in
    soft tuba with a rectal tip.
  • Quick effect. 5 to 15 minutes. After
    Introduction Mikrolaksa chair appears for half an hour. Not
    it is worth worrying if during this time the crumb didn’t poke, in an hour
    or a little more must begin the discharge of feces.
  • Доступная цена – упаковка с четырьмя
    microclysters cost a little more than 200 rubles.

Laxative Microlax put pretty easy, with the input
tip even the most inexperienced mother. The main thing to calm
baby and fix his buttocks. Candles Microlax refer to
drugs used for emergency care, so they can not
use constantly. After reading the information below, you can
will understand why laxatives cannot be abused

Notдостатки препарата Микролакс

The instructions for the drug indicated that serious adverse reactions
and there are no absolute contraindications. Baby after the introduction can
feel only a slight burning sensation. Notкоторые мамы обращают
attention that the crumb after microclyster Mikrolaks became even more
worry, perhaps this is due to the process of dissolving dense
feces and after emptying also completely passes.

Notсмотря на все достоинства препарата, к его использованию
Cannot be used regularly. And if you figure this out, then not
There will be doubts about the correctness of the rare use of Microlax. By
the mechanism of action of microclysters is aimed at diluting the fecal
masses, that is, under the action of the drug there is no proper muscle contraction
rectum and sphincter – emptying occurs due to liquefaction
kala. If the microlax enema is used continuously, then the body
baby will get used to, that he is helped to work and normal work
rectal muscles gradually atrophy.

Byэтому Микролакс рекомендуется применять в следующих

  • With впервые возникшем запоре, когда нет возможности
    to consult a doctor, and all measures taken (water,
    laying out on the tummy, massaging) does not help.
  • Microlax is used only to determine the cause of constipation.
    When the provoking factor of rare bowel movements is identified, it is necessary to
    first eliminate it.

About dosage

The dosage of the drug can not be exceeded, since
the applicator has a special mark and even if carelessly
introduced a little more, then you do not need to raise panic, it will not affect
negative on the baby.

How often to apply?

Микролакс – не средство лечения запоров, а
only a drug for emergency care and parents of a baby
need to remember.

Byпулярный вопрос: «Как часто применять Микролакс?»
only when you see that your child is unable to
empty, worried, crying, screaming, refusing to eat.
The number of days without a chair is not important here. Notкоторые малыши отлично
they also feel at stool once every two to three days, others
start to worry if they don’t poke during the day.

Byэтому самый главный критерий использования микроклизмы
Mikrolaks – well-being crumbs.

How to use Microlax – instructions for use

как вводить Микролакс - инструкция по применению

Before you enter Microlax, you must carefully
read the instructions for use, it will avoid typical

  • Before the procedure it is imperative to wash your hands and
    wipe the napkin ass baby.
  • From the tube you need to remove the tip and squeeze out of him
  • After удаления воздуха необходимо слегка выдавить раствор для
    In order to lubricate their tip.
  • Enema is injected into the rectum to the specified mark,
    is pressed down to the release of all the medicine, it is easily possible
    feel the compression tube.
  • Then the enema is extracted in a compressed state.

The whole procedure must be carried out quickly and then the baby is not
will be able to react and distract you with your concern.

Byчему ребенок не покакал после клизмы?


If the baby does not poke after Mikrolaks for
half an hour, it is desirable to lay it on the tummy, give water. With
true constipation defecation necessarily occur. And if the baby
спокоен и не плачет, то вероятнее всего кишечник еще у him
not completely filled, so there is no act of defecation.

Микролакс не помог ребенку – такие отзывы можно
See in the comments on many forums. Perhaps this is due to
improper use of candles and again with the fact that they should
used as a means of first aid, and not as a medicine,
relieving constipation.

Withменяя Микролакс правильно и в нужное время, многие мамы
remain satisfied with the result – the child empties the bowels,
stops crying, sleeps well and his appetite is restored.


Packing cost with 4 mini microlax enemas – from 200

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