Endorphins: what is it? Top 9 Ways Likeboost hormone levels


  • What are endorphins?
  • The value of endorphins for humans
  • Where does endorphin produce?
  • Causes of lack of endorphins
  • How to increase the amount of endorphins in the body?
  • Endorphin-boosting products
  • Video
  • Conclusion

Many people have heard of the “hormone of happiness,” but not everyone knows about
endorphins: what is it?  The hormone endorphin is produced
human body on its own, so it’s important to know that
affects its appearance and how to strengthen it.

What are endorphins?

From a chemical point of view, endorphin is a special hormone with
polypeptide bond. Responsible for its development
, а также внутренние эндокринные железы в теле

Like morphine-like compounds, the release of endorphin creates
feeling of euphoria. He is able to relieve pain and abruptly
менять эмоциональное состояние person

When endorphins rise in the blood, the person feels blissful,
joy of life and emotional satisfaction.

Эндорфин что это такое

The first findings of endorphins have been found in mammals.
in 1975. Then scientists found out that this hormone has similarity
with morphine. After that, it became known as the “hormone of joy”
вызывающим feeling of euphoria. However, the concept of euphoria is not quite
appropriate because its manifestation requires more complex
compounds such as serotonin and dopamine, and endorphins do not play
first role.

Currently, the following facts are known about this hormone:

  • it enters the complex endorphin system;
  • controls the perception of information from the outside world;
  • regulates the formation of emotions in the human body;
  • able to block the action of analgesics.

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The value of endorphins for humans

Endorphins, what is it for a man? It is a mistake to believe that
эндорфины отвечают только за эмоциональное состояние person Without
they would not have much support for the immune system. They
contribute to the proper functioning of all important for life
органов в организме person

One of the main functions of the “hormone of joy” is to remove
nervous tension and protection from experiencing stressful situations.
Therefore, doctors, when there is a need for endorphins,
prescribe drugs based on it.

Endorphins reduce the pain threshold in severe diseases, therefore
you need to know how to correct hormones so that when
need to increase their number.

With normal endorphin content in the blood, it improves
condition of the skin by increasing the amount of collagen.
As blood circulation improves, proper operation occurs.
brain, without loss of functionality.

Attention! The main task of the hormone endorphin is to
preventing stressful situations and thus protecting against a multitude of
ailments of a neurological nature. The body produces this
hormone to respond to unpleasant situations in life.

Endorphin is otherwise called the hubbub of youth and health. If a
translate the word from the Greek language “endorphine”, then it turns out
that it consists of two words. The first “endo” means inside, and
its second part means “Morpheus”, that is, the god of sleep. This is the name
given by chance, since the greatest amount of the “hormone of happiness”
It is produced when night sleep comes.

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Where does endorphin produce?

The main supplier of endofin is the pituitary gland. However besides him in
The body has many organs and body systems that produce
�”Hormone of joy.” These include:

  • intestines;
  • stomach;
  • pancreas and adrenal glands;
  • central nervous system;
  • pulp of the tooth.

It is important to note that in the central nervous system occurs
development of not only the “hormone of happiness”, but also the stress hormone.
Therefore, a condition in which, after overcoming a large
emotional turmoil or trouble, there comes a moment
relief due to this double hormone production.

The process of eating can also bring emotional
enjoyment The teeth also have hormone production. With inflammation
the internal shells of the tooth, that is, the pulp, the patient is in pain,
and after treatment is joy. This condition can be called easy

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Causes of lack of endorphins

Man lives life in contact with various events:
joy, sadness, happiness. Not every emotional experience.
nice, so there is a lack of endorphins, which affects
on the mood. First of all, the reasons are in life
problems. These include:

  1. A love break with a boyfriend or girlfriend.
  2. Problems at work or dismissal from office.
  3. Divorce between parents.
  4. Disease and loss of a loved one as a result of death
    the outcome.
  5. Problems associated with moving from one place of residence to

недостаток эндорфинов

These are only the main problems leading to deterioration.
emotional state, and in advanced cases to apathy and
depressive conditions.

First, the symptoms of symptoms of the lack of the “happiness hormone” flow
calm: a person feels sad and depressed but if
do not eliminate such emotional manifestations;
to neurological problems. Therefore, you need to take action.

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How to increase the amount of endorphins in the body?

Problems in the family entail a search for tools to reduce pain and
emotional experiences. Many people find a way out in alcoholic
addiction, which contributes to the release of endorphin, but only
temporarily, and then comes addictive and craving for a new glass, which
causes endorphin addiction. Therefore, this state leads
to cirrhosis of the liver and other unpleasant ailments associated with
alcohol. This is not an option – it is a way to a dead end.

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happiness in the blood?

In the meantime, there are useful ways that are not harmful.
for the body. How to develop a “happiness hormone” in a safe way?
These include:

  1. Таблетки, направленные на выработку
    positive emotions, that is, contribute to the development of endorphins.
    This option is not available to everyone and is not suitable for everyone, because
    only qualified persons may issue such substances.
    medical specialist.
  2. Пищевые продукты, подталкивающие организм к
    the process of developing the “hormone of happiness”.
  3. The third option is associated with psychological effects on
    проблему, то есть самовнушением. It is peculiar
    attempt to break free from negative thoughts and redirect them to
    right track.
  4. Двигательная активность или занятия сексом. Of
    sports activities are encouraged to prefer running,
    swimming or tennis. It is important that the exercises are conducted
    short but very intense. At the end of the workout many
    athletes get pleasure from the movements.
  5. Юмор и смех повышают выработку гормона.
    It is therefore necessary, as much as possible to communicate with nice people,
    spend time in the family circle and enjoy life. it
    will increase the hormone and will contribute to its further
    working out.
  6. Массаж, а также процедуры по иглоукалыванию
    relax the body, filling it with pleasant sensations.
    Experts know how to bring joy to the client and thereby
    increase the charge of endorphins.
  7. Новые впечатления. it всегда приятно посетить
    theater or go to the exhibition. Similar sensations can be compared with
    how little children enjoy the coming of holidays or hike
    to the zoo. Adults are more difficult to get a sharp release of endorphin,
    especially if there are emotional experiences. However, you need what
    make them reconsider the situation: a trip abroad, ski
    walk, bike ride or visit the museum.
  8. Крепкий сон. itт вид расслабления один из
    the most effective. Modern rhythm of life does not allow, as follows
    sleep well and so many people have sadness or
    aggressive state. To produce endorphin need to sleep.
  9. Прослушивание приятной музыки, способствует
    getting positive emotions, and therefore the release of endorphins.

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Endorphin-boosting products

The development of the “hormone of happiness” comes from the use of some
пищи, которая напрямую влияет на эмоциональное состояние person
The main formula for successfully producing endorphins is
eating healthy food. It includes the following products:

  • bananas with strawberries that are not only delicious
    delicacy, but also significantly increase the release of endorphin;
  • chili, which, despite the bitterness, eliminates the dark
    thoughts and uplifting, and it does not necessarily have,
    just hold it near the tongue;
  • potatoes have properties similar to banana, in addition to nutritional value
    it also relieves from stressful situations, which increases
  • Fresh cilantro stimulates the production of hormone and changes
    feeling better;
  • avocado is an exotic fruit that can help
    combat stressful situations;
  • chocolate, thanks to its cocoa bean
    to benefit, but do not abuse them, especially the fact that
    not from dark varieties;
  • beets affect the mood of a person who
    experiencing nervous tension, improving it several times;
  • Black tea due to the substances included in its composition, contributes to
    improve mood and vigor.

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