Endocrinologists urge not to use homeopathy,but do not support its complete ban

Update: February 2019

The problem of truthfulness of the effect of homeopathic remedies especially
acutely standing now. And her active discussion,
certainly touched doctors of many specialties. For example,
endocrinologists managed to take part in a special survey conducted by MAR

The survey covered about 20 regions of our country and was organized
immediately after the release of the memorandum “On the pseudoscience of homeopathy”, which
released the Commission to combat pseudoscience and falsification of scientific
Research (Presidium RAS).


According to the results of the experiment, endocrinologists expressed different
opinion about the use of homeopathic substances:

  1. Completely refuse this type of treatment as
    recommendations for their patients and consider it absolutely
    meaningless 8 out of 10 doctors. Doctors support their opinion
    absence of documented evidence base confirmed by
    large-scale studies of drugs.
  2. As many as 25% of respondents say that they are effective.
    homeopathy in patients and speak negatively about its prohibition in
    regions of the country. It is worth noting that this part of the specialists
    takes into account in his reasoning and the work of the “placebo” effect.

Yet, about 87% of the doctors of the endocrinological profile act
for the introduction of a special labeling of homeopathic medicines, which says:
�”Clinical efficacy and indications for use are not proven.”
This will once again be able to draw the attention of the country’s citizens to the nature
drugs before their often “blind” purchase.

It was also found that 63% of doctors are confident in the effectiveness of measures
RAS subject to their full implementation. So patients will be convinced
proven effectiveness of care in medical facilities and will
seek it more often and not self-medicate. However, 65%
the respondents do not see large differences in the demand for homeopathic
means before and after the reform.

The community of homeopaths has already brought charges to the side
Commission on Pseudoscience RAS. Also, reform is opposed in
Moscow City Council. Advocates believe that the issued memorandum from the beginning
and until the end of “ordered.”

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