Emulsion from colic Espumizan L – how and how muchto give

эмульсия от коликов Эспумизан L

The first months of a young child’s life are almost always
overshadowed by the well-known infant problem – intestinal colic. AT
this period, the whole family is busy searching for a cure,
which could help crumbs.

ATсе о лекарстве для новорожденных Эспумизан L

Very effective and popular with young mommies means
является Эспумизан L. AT линейке этого препарата три наименования,
therefore, in order not to be confused, when buying at a pharmacy, it is better to say that
вам нужен Эспумизан для новорожденных. Than this
the medicine was loved by moms and why everyone recommends colic
Especially Espumizan – read on.

Benefits of Espumizana L

The main advantage of the drug Espumizan L is that
что его можно to give ребенку с 1 дня жизни.

This is due to the fact that the simethicone-based emulsion does not
absorbed through the intestinal mucosa, which means no
no systemic effect on the body. Roughly speaking,
Espumizan L enters the body, does its job and in
original form is excreted from the intestines.

The absence of age restrictions is an invaluable plus, because
A significant problem in treating children is the potential harm from
medicines. AT случае любых назначений мамы всегда в первую
очередь выясняют, с какого возраста to give то или иное лекарство.
For Espumizan, this question is not relevant.

Dosing and Administration

Instructions for use Espumizana L is very simple. Medicine
is an emulsion of white color with a banana flavor. On
The bottle has a dispenser and a measuring cap. For different age
different dosages, but since we are talking about infant colic,
важно разобраться, как to give Эспумизан малышам.

A single dose are 25 drops. Highly
convenient to use a measuring cap and not worry about
сколько to give капель. According to its volume, the measuring cap is just
equal to the dose for a single dose. Sweet emulsion can
добавлять в адаптированную смесь, сцеженное грудное молоко, to give
drink from a soft spoon, syringe, pipette or measuring

Как часто to give препарат?

Considering that bouts of colic can be several times a day.
(article about colic), moms are interested in pediatricians, their loved ones and
в интернете — как часто можно to give Эспумизан L без
harm to health.
No restrictions on the number of receptions
medication does not exist. Espumizan is used before or after
кормления, а сколько раз to give – решает мама в зависимости от
how pronounced the symptoms of colic in the baby. Duration
Reception is also not unlimited. Espumizan can safely
take until the crumb stops suffering from pain in

How does Espumizan L

Action Espumizana due to its constituent
Simethicone. This substance removes surface tension in
intestine, converting foam from gas bubbles into a liquid, which
rapidly absorbed by the intestinal wall. It is due to this
action comes relief. Increased accumulation of gases in
The intestines of an infant have various causes.

  • AT первую очередь, это незрелость кишечника и недостаток
  • ATторое – чрезмерное заглатывание воздуха при кормлении. Such
    It happens if the mother is not quite right puts the baby to the breast (as
    apply properly to the chest).
  • The third reason is quite rare – milk intolerance
    protein, or lactose deficiency. This is no longer just a problem, but
    medical diagnosis. Fortunately, true lactose deficiency
    is very rare. The most common problem with similar symptoms
    appears in violation of the rules of feeding and surplus so
    called front milk.

The cause of increased gas formation Espumizan, of course, is not
eliminates, but fights symptoms very effectively.

эмульсия эспумизан л

Espumizan L and other similar colic remedies

«Братьями» Эспумизана являются Боботик и Саб
. It is difficult to choose which is better: Bobotik or
Эспумизан, Эспумизан или Саб Simplex The dosage forms of these
drugs are different, the effect of them, too, may be different. To someone
помогает только Боботик, кому-то Саб Simplex Since Bobotik
Applies from the 28th day of life, for children under this age.
it drops out of consideration.

In addition to Simethicone, colic is used for
herbal preparations based on dill seeds. These include
травяной чай Плантекс, или так называемая Укропная
вода, и масляные капли Бейби Калм.

When choosing Plantex or Espumizan, the latter seems much
more convenient to use. Herbal tea needs to be brewed,
cool, evaporate large amounts of liquid to the child. To give
Espumizan’s baby is much simpler: the emulsion can be dripped right into
mouth, and he acts faster.

AT отличие от Плантекса, Бейби Калм — это тоже капли, которые
можно to give ребенку до или после кормления. By efficiency
it’s hard to say which is better: Baby Calm or Espumizan. These drugs
act differently. Baby Calm rather prevents heightened
gas formation, and Espumizan struggles with already existing storms in
the stomach. It is best to have a first aid kit newborn were different
options for drugs.

How else to help with strong colic?

  1. Other medicines for colic
  2. Massage from colic


Average price for Espumizan L in pharmacies around 270
Good for colic helps not only Espumizan,
analogues with the same active substance in the composition also use
popular with parents of newborn children.

AT животе шум и гам — принимай Эспумизан®

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