Emotions can be read by tears.

Update: February 2019

We cry for many reasons: in anger, in grief and immeasurable
happiness, when we grieve or get scared, during the excuse
all hopes or, conversely, with complete disappointment from
going on.

You can cry from the banal slicing of onions into a salad.
Have you ever thought how different tears in its composition
stand out with each of the emotions? The American thought about it
photographer Rose-Lynn Fisher (Rose-Lynn Fisher) while watching
preparations of tears in the microscope. The woman called her project
�”Topography of tears.”

As you know, there are three types of tear secretion:

  1. Basal (provides constant “moisture” of the eyeball,
    protecting from drying out and providing protection against infection).
  2. Reflex (in response to an irritant – a bright light, strong
    wind, a foreign body such as a speck of dust or a hair in the eye and
    pr. – trigeminal nerve stimulates secretion).
  3. Emotional (occurs during bright positive or
    negative emotions)

Lacrimal fluid contains many active substances, such as
protein hormones, enkephalins, electrolytes, lysozyme, oils, water,
enzymes, corneal nutrients, etc. Amazingly
that under the influence of experiences the composition of tears undergoes curious
and completely shocking changes.

Fisher engaged in the study of “emotionally colored” tears:
collected about hundreds of drugs and examined under the microscope.
It turned out that the same liquid may look diametrically
opposite with different sensations of man. And basally allocated
Tears do not confuse with the investigational drugs.

Referring to the photographs of the photographer, we can safely say that the tears
keep a whole universe of people’s experiences. Presently
explanations for such a phenomenon do not yet exist, there is only
evidence in the form of a photo of a microscopic picture of sad and
joyful emotions.

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