Elon Musk allowed Tesla employees not go to work

Founder of the world famous company “Tesla motors” Ilon Musk allowed workers to stay home if desired, if they feel unwell. The billionaire himself continues to walk on work and considers the hype created around the new NCOV-2019 virus stupidity. This was announced by Elon Musk in his твиттер-аккаунте 7 марта 2020 года.Opinion of Elon Mask about coronavirusОн верит, что инфекция неso lethal that the whole world raises such a loud alarm and countries have closed borders. He made such a statement after Tesla shares plummet amid pandemic spread in United States where the head office is located controls Ilona Mask. Also, an electric vehicle manufacturing plant Shanghai is also under attack due to an outbreak. Ilon not Despairing and continues to work. He predicts the fact that mortality from coronavirus will not exceed 0.1% the world’s population.

Coronavirus situation in America

SARS-COV-2 pandemic is actively spreading in the USA at an accelerated pace. The United States finished third in statistics of the most infected countries in the world. In first place is China; The second is Italy. In America, the number of infected is the mark of 25,493 people. The country is in a tough quarantine and this negatively affects the country’s economy.

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