Elizabeth II turned to the British

Queen Elizabeth II of England spoke on Sunday evening special extraordinary appeal to his people and countries Commonwealth: In a five-minute video, Her Majesty called on the British to the height of the world coronavirus pandemic abide by the rules self-discipline and be strong in spirit: “Hope in the future we can be proud of how we answered this challenge. Those who will live after us, will be able to say that this is a generation of British was not weaker than the previous ones. Qualities such as exposure, calm life-affirming determination and camaraderie still peculiar to our country. “During filming, all precautionary measures. In the room were only Elizabeth II and videographer in a protective suit. The format of her appeal was unofficial, as indicated by the absence of a flag in the background. UK exposed to COVID-19 – over 41 infected thousands of English, including Prince Charles and премьер-министр Великобритании Борис Джонсон.British Prime Minister Boris Johnson infected with a coronavirus55-летнийpolitician announced his infection with coronavirus on March 27, and later three days self-isolated at home, continuing to work remotely. It recently became known that Johnson was hospitalized on Downing Street with the symptoms of an infectious virus. The 71-year-old Prince of Wales, who suffered a mild epidemic. Charles stated that he was ready to renew his duty to new forces by the people. His wife Camille Parker-Bowles, whose test was negative, still have a week to stay at home quarantine for security reasons.


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