Elidel during pregnancy: only at extreme the need


  1. Elidel and pregnancy
  2. What is ATD?
    1. How is eczema different from AT?
  3. How to use Elidel: Precautions for of pregnancy

Elidel is intended to relieve symptoms of atopic dermatitis: inflammation, redness, dryness, itching, etc. It is also prescribed for treatment of eczema. Both of these diseases are accompanied by very unpleasant sensations, and for women during the period of bearing a child It’s important to keep your nerves at ease. In addition, any violation of the skin the cover affects the state of the immune system, therefore eczema, urticaria and other manifestations of atopic dermatitis should be treated. But prescribing medications on your own is dangerous. Only a doctor can recommend Elidel during pregnancy. The effect of the drug on pregnant women not studied, studies in this area have not been conducted for obvious reasons of an ethical nature.

Elidel and pregnancy

Elidel is a white cream intended for external use. use. The active component of the drug is pimecrolimus. He is not refers to hormones and does not cause such negative effects like corticosteroids.

Important! During pregnancy, Elidel has the right only specialist. The instructions indicate that expectant mothers should not use without emergency.

Since the drug is used topically and externally, i.e. a small area of ​​the skin, it is believed that it is practically not penetrates the blood. But research on this issue has not been conducted. There is only experimental evidence of topical application of Elidel in period of pregnancy. According to them, damaging effects on the bearing, fetal formation and postpartum development of the child does not detected. But this is only experimental research, not clinical, that is, in practice, in real life, the cream is not checked passed by.

Elidel pregnant

Doctors say that the degree of absorption of the main acting the component of Elidel with local application is negligible. I.e There is a risk for pregnant women and the fetus, but it is minimal.

Important! There is no data on the ingestion of the active component in the chest milk. But treating them with breast skin during breastfeeding is not recommended. It is also impossible to undergo artificial and natural ultraviolet radiation during the course drug treatment.

What is ATD?

Atopic dermatitis (ATD), or eczema, is chronic manifestation of allergic dermatitis. Most often, atopic eczema develops with a genetic predisposition to atopy. So in medicine called allergies, the reason for which lies in hereditary hypersensitivity to all kinds of irritants. These include:

  • hay fever (seasonal pollen allergy);
  • allergic rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal mucosa, in which swelling, runny nose and sneezing appear);
  • urticaria (dermatitis of allergic origin, characterized by red rash, blisters and itching);
  • atopic asthma (chronic non-infectious lesion respiratory tract, manifested by suffocation and cough with a viscous sputum);
  • eczema (non-contagious skin disease with the appearance of vesicles, pustules and scales, accompanied by itching).

Atopic dermatitis worsens in the winter, and in the warm time comes complete or partial remission. One of the factors the appearance of atD is a violation of biochemical and functional processes in the skin.

Important! A fungus or bacterial infection on the skin needs treatment with special antimicrobial agents. Only after After completing this course, you can start applying Elidel.

How is eczema different from AT?

ElidelThe roots of the problem, as in the case of atopic dermatitis may be covered in heredity, but it is not the only factor. The causes of eczema can be as internal (diseases of internal organs, malfunctioning of the nervous and endocrine systems), and external (the influence of mechanical, chemical, thermal irritants). That is, eczema is a complex disease depending on the state of health and the environment Wednesday.

Both diseases cause the body’s immune response. From here and rashes, itching, pustules and other external manifestations. In response to the appearance in the body of antigens (foreign bodies) begin activate antibodies. Moreover, some of them stand out in excess, while others are clearly not enough for dealing with danger.

With AtD and eczema, an excess of immunoglobulins IgG and IgE is observed. The action of Elidel is aimed at combating these antibodies. AT as a result of complex reactions, the active component of the drug inhibits synthesis (does not give rise) of anti-inflammatory substances.

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The drug has approximately the same effect on mediators mast cell inflammation – special substances which are responsible for the relationship between the processes that occur in the outbreak inflammation. With their help, structural changes occur in The result of which is a reaction to the stimulus.

Important! The effect of Elidel’s long-term courses on immunity and the incidence of malignant tumors is not known. It is forbidden to apply cream on areas with possible malignant or abnormal tissue changes.

How to use Elidel: Precautions for of pregnancy

Twice a day, Elidel is applied to the affected area. Drug layer should be thin, and the movements should be light, without pressure. Elidel use on any area of ​​the skin (on the face, scalp head, neck, places with diaper rash). Course duration determines only a doctor. If no improvement appears in a month and a half, the diagnosis needs to be clarified!

Elidel and Pregnancy


  • increased susceptibility to pimecrolimus and others components
  • acute viral diseases, fungus or bacterial infection on the skin.

With severe inflammation or damage to the skin there are disturbances in the absorption of Elidel components through cell membranes in lymph and blood. Moreover, the absorption is usually amplified, which increases the risk of negative effects and manifestations toxicity. The same danger exists for patients with Netherton’s syndrome. This is a rare hereditary disease with abnormal susceptibility to atopic dermatitis characterized by increased levels of immunoglobulin (IgE).

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When treating Elidel, the following are possible:

  • burning sensation at the place of application of the cream;
  • irritation, rash, itching, redness, swelling, dryness (i.e. those symptoms with which the drug should fight);
  • skin infections, herpes, dermatitis, boils.

Doctors believe using cream in small areas skin during pregnancy is not a serious danger to mother and baby but reliable clinical trial data does not exist. There is a risk of exposure to breastfeeding. active component of the cream in milk.

Important! The effectiveness and safety of the cream in people with weakened immunity, which includes pregnant women, have not been studied. There are also no safety studies with prolonged use. Elidela.

Elidel does not contain hormones, and this is its main advantage. Since hormonal drugs are prohibited for expectant mothers, the cream in in a sense can replace them. Judging by the reviews of women, used Elidel during pregnancy, the cream works quite selectively depending on the characteristics of the body. To someone the drug helped with the first application, but someone completely felt improvements. Is it worth experimenting with your health, especially given the rather high price of the cream?

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