Eleventh week of pregnancy


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On the calendar, the ninth week from the fact of conception, it is also the 11th obstetric week of pregnancy. An important point: it is on this week gynecologists are able to determine with maximum accuracy duration of pregnancy.

The fact is that after the 12th week it will be possible to do this only approximately, that is, the accuracy of the calculations is strongly will go down.

This week is also important for one more reason. The main life systems in the new the body.

11th week of pregnancyYour baby weighs only some 10-15 g, and its length is not more than 6-8 cm, but the movements of a man become more distinct. The baby is still very small, the size of a large drain, but is already able to push off from the uterine wall, if touches her soles of his small legs.

The new resident of the Universe does not look very proportionally – the handles are noticeably longer than the legs. But he can already raise the head.

His neck was clearly identified, the spine began to straighten. On fingers and feet appeared. They are easy to distinguish by ultrasound, since they are divided among themselves and good enough developed.

The palms are actively developing. Kid manifested prehensile reactions, being inside you and “communicating” in this way with surrounding reality.

No need to think that 11 weeks is nothing. Baby lives his secret and hidden from external eyes life.

According to scientists, we know that the baby already smells, falling to it from amniotic fluid. Moreover, even on changing the composition of the food you eat, he reacts. You cough Are you shaking, is there any noise around you? It’s all your dear puzozhitel catches, believe me.

Already start focusing on positive as much as possible – your emotions are transmitted to the baby, and this is also proved by science. AT careful monitoring of fetal development also found:

  • A small heart contracts at week 11 with a frequency approximately 120-160 beats per minute;
  • The formation of the rectum and digestive begins tract;
  • The baby sometimes yawns (because he has to often swallow amniotic fluid);
  • The reproductive system is still in its infancy, so reliably determine the unborn child’s sex at week 11 is unlikely possible (they say that sometimes it succeeds, but the percentage of errors too big so you should not trust prematurely vague forecasts, it’s best to be patient and wait);
  • The heart of a new person, although still small, is already in it there are 4 chambers – although there is still arterial and venous blood mixes, because the holes between the right and left are not yet overgrown departments of the heart.


If before you did not interfere, now the situation has changed. Instead of just “there is something there” you are experiencing new uncomfortable moments – sleeping on your stomach is extremely uncomfortable. Not talking already about tight-fitting clothing, a swimsuit and other attributes of the usual life is not a pregnant girl.

The main signs of the 11th obstetric week:

  • Sudden mood swings – a feeling may suddenly come anxiety, irritation, anger or sadness, tearfulness or emotional take-off;
  • Intense sweating, heat in the whole body (this is due to that the circulating blood increases in volume, as a result – feeling of “temperature”, thirst);
  • More intense metabolism (splitting calories in the body happens ~ 25% faster than before pregnancy);
  • Drowsiness;
  • Forgetfulness;
  • Distraction.

To the question of toxicosis. Most women suffer terribly from him. in the very first weeks of pregnancy, so just for them The 11th week comes some relief. Alas, this does not apply to to all, and the relief is most often very conditional – a little toxicosis less common, but not completely disappearing. Need to come to terms with that toxicosis came into its own until about the 14th week.

No special pain should be. If an unexplained discomfort, consult a doctor – competent supervision is required specialist because in the early stages of pregnancy laid all the major milestones of its development for the rest weekly period.

Suddenly some pathologies appeared? Timely visit to the doctor will be helped in a timely manner to make the best decision.

The chest should increase by at least one the size. She’s still sensitive for touch followed by pain.

Do not be alarmed if you find discharge from the nipples, this fine. The substance is called “colostrum.”

If it stands out too abundantly, you can use special chest pads sold at the pharmacy. Many colostrum women are observed throughout pregnancy, right up to the birth.

General recommendations and tips

Ideally, the main recommendation that everyone wants to voice pregnant in the 11th week: be loved and surrounded by care. The reality is more severe, because many women are single if not family status, then essentially the relationship in which they are inside the family.

Nervous breakdowns are contraindicated for a woman in the 11th week, extremely stress, anxiety and other difficulties associated with nervous tension. Right now that strategic stock from which later full-fledged life should grow system.

11th week of pregnancyIf you have no one to lean on, try, despite any difficulties, to find the strength in optimism. Feel free to look ahead, be proud of yourself, and if at all “presses”, it is better to contact a professional psychologist, by taking stress away from the baby.

What more can and should be desired for pregnant women who are in the 11th obstetric week? Go on vacation. Let it there will be a quiet, comfortable place away from the stone jungle, urban smog and crowds.

Also be extremely careful when dealing with family members. animals. Keep your distance from them as much as possible, especially if at home eat cats or rodents. Both are potential carriers of a number of diseases dangerous to the baby in the womb.

In what sense are “potential”? I mean that some infectious agents travel in the hair of cats and rodents they don’t show themselves, but when they get into the microflora of the mother’s body, capable of delivering a crushing blow to an undeveloped the body.

Be sure to pay attention to what happens to your legs. Varicose veins will appear from the increased load on the veins. stars, veins will swell after long walks.

A good solution is elastic bandages or anti-varicose tights. Now this product is available both in price and in availability on the shelves. With these products, you will facilitate the movement of blood through the vessels. Not light massage (including – applying gel with cooling effect).

Attention attention! In no case should you do anesthesia or anesthesia. Teeth hurt, do you want to do them? Have to wait and solve these problems at a later date.

Any drugs used for anesthesia and anesthesia, cause irreparable harm to the fetus, they essentially guarantee a violation development of the baby – malformation, deviation, disease.

What about intimate life? Doctors forbid sex, but advised not to get involved. If there is an opportunity to tolerate – this the best way. If you decide to have sex, preferred delicate postures without deep penetration. Maximum caution.


The main difference between the 11th obstetric week and all the previous ones is that that an enlarged uterus makes itself felt with renewed vigor. Now you are not just realize your interesting position, but also set before fact: now you have to put up with interference. The stomach simply interferes lead a familiar lifestyle:

  • Sleep on your stomach
  • Wear tight-fitting clothing;
  • Lean freely and do some exercises on flexibility.

The uterus is still within the pelvis. therefore most of the things from your usual wardrobe are still quite appropriate to wear, unless with a slight amendment: to exclude tight belts and cut details cutting into the stomach.

Is it necessary to do ultrasound and other examinations

Right now the first official ultrasound is being held regarding pregnancy. Now the fetus has already taken shape enough to be distinguishable on the monitor to show everything he’s this time acquired – different parts of the body, degree of mobility, location in the bosom of the mother.

The first ultrasound is a kind of first personal acquaintance with your baby. “Masks are dropped” and “here I am, mummy “! Specialist is clearly visible in the 11th week man, so that the assessment of the correct development of the fetus will be objective and reliable.

Pain, bleeding, discharge from the genital tract

Norma – white discharge, moderate in amount, with a little sour smell. They can sometimes be amplified, and so it should be throughout pregnancy. As soon as you notice something strange (blood, brown or a greenish yellow hue), immediately go to the doctor and consult. A hidden infection may have made itself felt, lurking in the body.

Heartburn is also possible, constipation often occurs in women on the 11th week of pregnancy. All this is temporary and due to change hormonal background.

In an effort to get rid of discomfort, be extremely careful in the choice of drugs. Many of them contain harmful toxins. for a developing fetus. Preferred phytotherapeutic approach. In general, discuss any means with doctor before you start taking them.

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