Elevated white blood cells in the blood

Общий анализ крови показал «white blood cells – 10 тысяч в 1 мкл крови»,
what to do? Such a condition in which the number of leukocytes in
blood exceeds the established 9.0 thousand in one microliter of blood,
called leukocytosis.

AT норме 1 мкл крови человека содержит от 4 до 9 тысяч
leukocytes, depending on gender and age category.
Лейкоцитоз или повышенные white blood cells в крови – понятие
relative, for example, for plasma donors are established more
strict boundaries of white blood cells, beyond which are not allowed
for the donor.

what is a white blood cell and its functions in the human body

White blood cells are known to all as “white blood cells.” These are cells
the immune system, which are the first to be at the center of inflammation,
created, for example, by a cut, a different bleeding wound. With
попадании любого инородного тела в ткани человека, white blood cells
first create a kind of “line of defense”, surrounding it. Further,
specific immune responses begin, resulting in
ideally there should be complete removal of the foreign body from the body
person In other words, the inflammation begins.

Повышенные white blood cells в крови - причины

White blood cells in the camera Goryaeva under low magnification

Leukocytes in the blood increased to 20 or more – depending on
This, the attending physician can already assume, which process
originated in the body.

AT случае проникновения инородного тела в ткани человека
(например, при занозе в пальце), white blood cells в течение нескольких
hours surround and isolate this body, cutting off the paths of propagation

Our body does not know whether it is a thorn or harmful microorganism,
therefore creates the same barrier in both cases. The consequence is
purulent focus of inflammation, which passes by itself or has to
seek professional help in medical institutions.

White blood cell – the general name of a whole class of cells, consisting of
whose many subclasses. Classically, they are divided into
granular (granulocytes) and non-granular (agranulocytes). AT первом
in the second case, eosinophils, basophils and neutrophils, in the second – monocytes
and lymphocytes.

AT целом все клетки образуют разностороннюю и мощную систему
defenses of an organism capable of a very specific “fight” with any
People known pathogenic agent. Next we look at what
causes of leukocytosis if a particular fraction is elevated

Neutrophilia, eosinophilia, basophilia and other types of leukocytosis,
causes of them

  • Physiological. It is proved that after exercise
    leukocyte levels can increase dramatically. In addition, the jump
    can cause and food intake, certain liquids and drugs (this
    more autoimmune reaction).
  • Патолого-симптоматический лейкоцитоз – является
    characteristic feature of some infectious diseases.
  • Лейкоцитоз может быть и «кратковременным», как следствие
    stress. It is episodic, it suddenly appears and
    quickly disappears. Sometimes, this phenomenon is accompanied by typhoid,
    scarlet fever, diphtheria and some other diseases. This group
    can be combined with the previous one, but since leukocytosis is
    short-term, it was decided to allocate it in a separate form.
  • Neutrophilic jump. Сопровождает миелопролиферативные
    заболевания, хронические воспаления и острые infections. amount
    leukocyte count increases dramatically due to increased levels
  • Повышенное содержание эозинофилов в blood. Eosinophilia
    arises clearly in allergic reactions of various etiologies and
  • Basophilic leukocytosis – accompanies myxedema,
    ulcerative colitis and pregnancy.
  • An increase in the number of leukocytes is manifested in all viral
    инфекциях (ОРATИ, гриппе, герпетической инфекции,
    ветрянке, краснухе, инфекционном мононуклеозе и пр.) и
    some severe bacterial – brucellosis, syphilis and
  • And finally, a large number of monocytes suggests that
    a person suffers from cancer and a narrow number of bacterial

Normal values ​​of leukocyte levels in human blood

The normal limits of leukocytes are not standard and
a constant indicator. This is due to the fact that there are many
индивидуальных случаев, когда white blood cells в крови повышены. Below
shows a summary table of existing today
limiting value of all subpopulations of leukocytes:

Leukocyte name Limit values ​​(minimum and maximum for normal)
% ratio to the total number of leukocytes Absolute value

amount клеток * 109

Neutrophils stab 1-6 0.04-0.3
Segmented neutrophils 47-72 2.0-5.5
Eosinophils 0.5-5 0.02-0.3
Basophils 0-1 0.0-0.065
Lymphocytes 19-37 1.2-3.0
Monocytes 3-11 0.09-0.6

Why does leukocyte count increase?

Почему повышены white blood cells в крови – вопрос сложный и
неоднозначный, вот некоторые причины лейкоцитоза в blood.

  • Infection

When an infectious agent (be it a virus or a bacterium, fungi,
protozoa) enters our body, immunity immediately triggers and
активирует антиген-специфическую пролиферацию leukocytes.
The largest jump can be observed in the early days of the disease. it
acute stage infections.

  • Viruses and microorganisms that selectively affect
    white blood cells

A striking example is HIV infection (symptoms). They
indirectly cause an immune response, after which gradually
уничтожают все white blood cells наиболее опасной для них субпопуляции.

  • Further development of the inflammatory process

Now a new stream of leukocytes rushes into the bloodstream
to the infectious gate (for example, to the regional lymphatic
nodes). The process often becomes chronic (long)
character Chronic infection (if any).

  • Power Features

When we eat food of animal origin – meat, we
we receive foreign antibodies through a digestive tract,
who were in the blood of animals and birds. It often causes immune
a reaction that causes an increased white blood cell count

  • Allergy

This is the most common cause of leukocytosis. Characterized by a jump
количества эозинофилов в blood. Allergen can be anything, and
the probability of this pathological condition depends on
human immunity.

  • Leukocytes are produced by the bone marrow, therefore diseases,
    associated with it, can result in both the output of white blood cells in
    systemic blood flow, and to a sharp decline in leukocytes.
  • It should be highlighted and drugs that can
    обуславливать повышенный уровень лейкоцитов в blood.
  • A common cause of leukocytosis is any mechanical
    damage to human soft tissue. Optional presence
  • Leukocytosis can also cause overheating of the body. Warm bath
    may result in a short-term increase in the number

Таким образом, если повышены white blood cells в крови, причины могут
be very different. It is not necessary that this is a pathological process in
human body.

Currently, the number of blood cells
automatically calculated, but there are a number of laboratories where
Counting is done manually using a microscope and a Goryaev camera. AT
the latter case, we are faced with the possibility of getting a false
answer. The human eye is not a machine, and it cannot always accurately
count the number of leukocytes in a smear. As for the hardware,
then each chain of analysis begins with a control, so allow
a serious mistake is almost impossible. Therefore should not
forget about the human factor.

What is leukocytosis?

Leukocytosis is often accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Malaise, fatigue
  • Moderate and high hyperthermia
  • Excessive sweating, dizziness, loss of appetite
  • Reduced vision, sleep disturbance
  • Weight loss and pain in the joints and muscles

ATсе признаки, связанные с лейкоцитозом, обусловлены и явлениями,
which accompany this leukocytosis. As you can see from the list,
above, some of the signs accompany temperature rise
and the beginning of the infectious process.

Sometimes leukocytosis can be detected only with the next general analysis.
blood. There are a number of poorly studied states of man in which
может повышаться СОЭ, white blood cells, температура. As a rule, passes
time, and all indicators return to normal. Any manifestations of these
deviations from the norm are not.

Leukocytosis – an indicator of inflammation in the body

ATажно помнить, что лейкоцитоз – это не болезнь, а показатель,
that inflammation occurs in the body, eliminating
which, the blood count gradually returns to normal. First step in
treatment is the formulation of an accurate diagnosis, for which it is carried out
comprehensive examination of the patient. For accurate identification
etiology of leukocytosis is necessary to make leukocyte formula.

Some pathogens have “learned” to hide from
leukocytes in the cells of the human body. AT таком случае нужно быть
extremely attentive and in the search for the causes of one-time jumps
leukocytes pay special attention to the methods of PCR and ELISA.

Answers to frequent patient questions

My baby was given a general blood test, white blood cell count
makes 20 thousand in one mkl. ATрач сказал, что это нормально, но
in an adult because the rate is up to 10-11? AT чем дело?

Leukocytes are cells of the immune system. While the child is
in the mother’s body, he does not need his own immune system. But,
as soon as the baby got rid of the umbilical cord and tore up with the mother
close relationship, his immune system begins to develop. Bye mother
feeds him with breast milk, she actively replaces the baby’s immunity,
delivering antibodies and the right substances.

By the time the feeding stops, the baby has its own
mature system. The quantity and quality of leukocytes directly depends
from all these processes. Поэтому, если white blood cells в крови ребенка
elevated – this is absolutely normal and speaks only of its immaturity
immunity. The number of leukocytes, depending on the age of the baby
listed in the following table:

ATозраст ребенка newborn 0-7 days 7-30 days 1-6 months 6-12 months
Leukocyte count 8.5-24.5 7.2-18.5 6.5-13.8 5.5-12.5 6-12

I’m on the 6th month of pregnancy, another general blood test
показал повышенное содержание лейкоцитов в blood. What is it and
Do I need to sound the alarm?

Determined that беременность и повышенные white blood cells в крови –
the phenomenon is normal, but only in the second half of pregnancy (as
just in your case)

The body of the mother (yours in this case) is trying to protect themselves
и ребенка от infections. This is a kind of “general mobilization
military forces to the borders of the country “, if so it will be easier. Immune
status becomes aggressive to any possible pathogenic

Another case is when the number of leukocytes exceeds 9 in the first
half of pregnancy. AT таком случае нужно искать причину его
occurrence. It can be like inflammatory diseases.
genitourinary system and other diseases.  AT любом
case, your health care provider will tell you what to do.

ATчера сдал общий анализ крови – повышены white blood cells. Because of this
for a week suspended from work, but I am completely healthy! what

Complete blood count – a simple procedure, but very responsible
for the patient. ATо-первых, следует соблюдать все рекомендации,
which the doctor gives you:

  • Analysis is done on an empty stomach.
  • Avoid overheating and hypothermia before
  • Исключить алкоголь за 2-е суток до analysis и не курить в
    several hours before the procedure

Как видите, даже горячая ванна за час до общего analysis крови
can ruin the whole picture happening in your body.
Eliminate all these factors next time and re-analyze

How is the number of leukocytes associated with cancer

AT данном случае следует говорить о раке крови (лейкемии,
leukemia). The leukocyte is exposed to mutagenic effects of various
extreme factors (radiation, genetically modified
substance), after which it loses its immune activity, but
starts to share uncontrollably.

На различных стадиях лейкемии  общий анализ крови покажет
100 и более миллиардов лейкоцитов на один литр blood. With
microscopy doctor of the clinical diagnostic laboratory will see a clear
cytological picture of cancer cells.

Thus, leukocytosis is characteristic only for leukemia. With
других онкологических процессах  white blood cells в крови повышены не
is always.

What diseases are characterized by leukocytosis? For all or there is

Leukocytosis is characteristic of all diseases in which it participates.
the immune system. This means that if a person does not have a serious
immunodeficiency when the development of one’s own white blood cells becomes
impossible, the leukocytosis can be detected at any
infections, autoimmune disease, etc.

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