Electronic cigarettes are no less harmful thanordinary but can help quit smoking

Update: February 2019

Japanese scientists conducted a study that showed that
widely advertised e-cigarettes for people who decide
stop smoking, contain almost 10 times more carcinogens than
simple tobacco cigarettes. According to Business Insider,
the fluid in these smoking devices was examined and it turned out
that they have a huge amount of formaldehyde and acetaldehyde.

One of the authors of the study from the National Institutes of Health
Naoki Kunugita (Naoki Kunigita) says that the level of carcinogen in
one of the brands of electronic cigarettes is 10 times higher than in
traditional. Their concentration especially increases and
accordingly, health damage in case of overheating such

The government of Japan is already deciding the issue of tight regulation
country of the electronic cigarette market. WHO in August 2014 also
called for a ban on the sale of such devices to pregnant women and
adolescents and calls for restricting their advertising.

But not so simple

An electronic cigarette is an inhaler when inhaled.
airborne liquid enters with nicotine, bringing
по ощущениям выкуривание обычной cigarettes. Depending on the purpose
smoker, may contain different doses of nicotine, may not
contain it at all. And if there is no nicotine, no burning products –
it means there is no harm to health (see genetic mutations from
smoking occurs 20 years before lung cancer).


And if a person is determined to end the pernicious addiction to
nicotine, such a cigarette (even if no less harmful), but with
the gradual abolition of nicotine intake can help
man cope with tobacco smoking. And then the person is just
will refuse and electronic imitation.

Electronic cigarettes should not be advertised as fashionable.
health-friendly means of imitation smoking for teens, and
should serve to smoothly stop smoking for those who want
stop smoking as an alternative to nicotine patches,
chewing gums, etc.

What do manufacturers say?

Smoking such a cigarette imitates 100% smoking.
—  сигарета также выпускает дым, сила которого зависит от силы
tightening, and the smoker also experiences taste sensations, like
with regular smoking. And since nicotine either does not enter
the body, or comes in a limited amount, it’s great
helps to quit smoking with the least discomfort and

Электронные сигаретыHigh-tech smoking imitators
are thin, standard, in the form of a mouthpiece or electronic
tube. They can be filled with supposedly harmless smoking liquid.
– free of nicotine, with a low level of nicotine, with medium or strong.
One such cartridge, depending on the model, is equivalent to 15-30

Arguments for Electronic Cigarettes:

  • Swiss experts of the University of Geneva found out during one
    studies that in 95% of cases electronic cigarette helped
    smokers quit smoking tobacco cigarettes using a smoother
    the transition from an electronic cigarette with nicotine to nicotine-free
  • No tar and no burning products – it means that the lungs are dirty
    from regular cigarettes, does not occur.
  • It is possible to smoke in places where smoking is prohibited, since such
    the cigarette leaves no odor and has no tobacco smoke.
  • The cost of a cartridge set is no more than the cost of a pack of cigarettes,
    that is, there are no additional costs, except for one-time costs for
    device acquisition.
  • In contrast, tobacco cigarettes are very convenient for the smoker – no
    the risk of burning and ash on clothing and other items
    you can not finish tossing in his pocket, the smoker does not need to clean
    trash and cigarette butt, no ashtray required.
  • Various studies or even rumors about the dangers of electronic
    cigarettes are exaggerated and maybe spread by themselves
    tobacco producers interested in reducing demand for
    the means reducing tobacco addiction of their consumers

The reasons are not in their favor:

  • Both Japanese and American researchers report exceeding
    safe levels of carcinogens in electronic
  • Psychological habit (dragging, bleeding,
    something to hold in your hand and pull to the mouth) this cigarette does not suppress,
    that is, dependence on this persists, as well as material
    costs are almost comparable to regular cigarettes.
  • A cloud of vapor from a cigarette is not prohibited in public places, but
    this does not mean that the simulated smoke is not annoying
  • Psychological conviction in the absence of harm to health
    can lead to more frequent and prolonged smoking, which
    reinforces the bad habit of holding something in your teeth.
  • This product is not subject to mandatory certification, therefore
    the risk of counterfeiting and substandard quality is excluded
    devices hazardous to health.

If the product is subject to mandatory certification, then in its
composition must comply with the standards of the content of various substances in
traditional cigarettes such rules are strictly spelled out by the who. That
no harmful substances in such a cigarette is confirmed only by advertising
and manufacturers statements. In addition, complete tests
WHO’s electronic cigarettes were not carried out, they were only
testing by specialists from independent
research organizations in different countries.

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