Eighteenth week of pregnancy


  1. Feel
  2. Stomach
  3. What happens to the fetus
  4. Ultrasound scan
  5. Pain
  6. Discharge
  7. Bleeding
  8. Food
  9. Sex
  10. General recommendations

18 week is exactly half the fifth obstetric month pregnancy. At this time, the interesting position of a woman becomes noticeable to others – in transport they begin to give way, in stores are allowed to go in line, and at work, the boss tries not to load too much with deeds.


18 week of pregnancyIn the fifth month, most future moms enjoy their special condition. Tummy already starting 17 weeks is big enough, so the household belongs to a woman condescendingly and try not to pull her again.

The fact that that many at this time already felt the charm of the very first stirring your baby. This moment causes very strong emotions. in a woman, because there is nothing more beautiful than feeling the movement new life within yourself.

Some women start to worry if everything is 18 weeks old the crumbs still do not feel the movements. Do not do this. The crumbs still there is a time of up to 22 weeks (this option is the norm).

In addition, women in whom this is not the first pregnancy, they feel the baby moving a little earlier.

If you can’t wait, and I want to quickly stir up the crumbs, then you can do the following: drink a glass of warm milk (or water), lie on your back and put your hand on your stomach. Do it best in the evening, in a calm and quiet environment.

You can talk with the baby, sing songs to him or tell fairy tales. Most often, babies delight mom with violent thrusts precisely in evening and night time.

In the fifth month of pregnancy, a woman will have to change her wardrobe, as the growing tummy no longer fits in clothes the usual size. Do not wear your favorite jeans until the last or trousers that are already clearly getting small, since pulling the abdomen is fraught with a lack of oxygen for the fetus and hypoxia.

Choosing clothes is only from natural raw materials, so that the skin breathes well. Best if it will cotton fabrics. It’s highly recommended that you buy a beautiful, bright, comfortable clothes.

Pregnancy does not mean that you have to say goodbye to fashionable and stylish things. In maternity stores, you can now find a lot of modern models of clothes that will allow woman feel attractive even in such position.


The tummy at 18 weeks continues to grow very quickly. Now the uterus located about 2-2.5 cm below the navel.

The doctor at each routine examination must measure the circumference the abdomen and the height of the standing of the bottom of the uterus, which must correspond gestational age. With significant deviations from the indicators norms, the gynecologist may prescribe additional woman examinations and tests to make sure that the fetus is not threatens.

Some women already experience strong discomfort associated with the growth of the tummy. Supportive uterus ligaments are stretched more and more, which can cause acute pain a change in body position or sudden movements.

It is worth remembering that the movements of a woman in the fifth month should be smooth and calm. This will help to avoid the appearance of strong stitching pains in the lower abdomen.

What happens to the fetus

18 week of pregnancyAt 18 weeks, the fetus weighs already approximately 200 g and reaches a length of approximately 13-14 cm. Development the baby is going very fast.

The crumbs have already fully formed fingers, on them it is on this period appears the so-called unique pattern (prints fingers).

The baby is still small enough, so he has enough space in the uterus for active exercises – the baby swims in the amniotic fluid, waves handles, moves legs, somersaults. As the baby grows to him will be more and more crowded in the uterus, and he will no longer be able to so freely move around in your house, as it does now.

At the 18th week, the fetus shows the beginnings of molars. They located much deeper than dairy. Active the accumulation of adipose tissue, as well as the formation of the brain baby. The baby already responds very well to light, although his eyes still closed and open only in the third trimester pregnancy.

The kid also perceives the sounds surrounding him, therefore expectant mother needs to listen to good, calm music. Can sing baby beautiful lullabies and read fairy tales, it acts on the fruit is very soothing.

You should also talk more with the baby, you can stroke tummy. The baby feels the warmth of family people, and this is the most positively affects its development.

Ultrasound scan

For a period of 16-20 weeks, all women undergo a “triple test”, allowing to detect the presence of pathologies and congenital malformations in the fetus development. Also, this analysis will indicate chromosomal abnormalities if they are available.


If the result of the “triple test” is positive, then the doctor may prescribe additional ultrasound examination to clarify and correct diagnosis. Ultrasound scan for 18 weeks assigned to women if there are indications for it.


The appearance of any pain at week 18 is associated with rapid increase in the size of the uterus. According to the World Organization health, back and lower back pain at this time appear almost every woman.

In order to maximize ease your condition and reduce to minimum pain, a woman must adhere to following rules:

  • Wear only comfortable shoes with a heel of no more than 4 cm. reduce the load on the legs, it is possible to use special Orthopedic insoles with arch support.
  • If pregnancy proceeds without complications, you must do back exercises designed specifically for pregnant. Such a load will help strengthen the spine and muscles supporting it, which will reduce the severity of painful sensations. If you can visit the pool, you should not to neglect it, since swimming is useful not only for the back – it strengthens all muscle groups, which is also important during pregnancy.
  • Every woman in the fifth month is encouraged to think about choosing a bandage. He will not only support the spine, but also allow ensure the physically correct position of the baby in the uterus. Besides the use of a brace will prevent strong stretching ligaments and tendons. Put the bandage on while lying down, preferably after going to the toilet.


The amount of discharge during this period may increase slightly, but they remain light, sometimes even transparent.

If you experience the following symptoms, you should immediately seek antenatal care, as they are signs that mom caught the infection:

  1. Itching and burning in the genital area;
  2. Cheesy discharge (with particles similar to undigested cottage cheese);
  3. Green, yellow or brown discharge;
  4. The appearance of a fishy smell;
  5. The presence of pus in the discharge.

Important! About any changes in discharge, a woman should put in fame of the observing physician. Infections in mom’s body can cause pregnancy to fade!


18 week of pregnancyIf for a period of 18 weeks, a woman notice spotting spotting, as well as streaks blood on underwear, it is worth visiting your doctor, as There is a risk of abortion.

Such a pathology requires hospitalization of a pregnant woman in a hospital for immediate treatment. Many women refuse go to the hospital “for preservation” – absolutely do not do this worth it.

Only a doctor can assess the severity of a woman’s condition and the need for her to stay in a medical facility. Remember – frivolity in this matter can lead to irreparable consequences!

With the appearance of discharge, similar to menstruation, it is necessary without delays call an ambulance. Any bleeding during pregnancy is extremely dangerous for the life of a future mother!

Prior to the arrival of the ambulance crew, a woman must take horizontal position, this will help reduce blood loss.

Very important! Any bleeding can be deadly. for a pregnant woman!


One of the main problems that can occur at week 18 pregnancy can become constipated. This phenomenon is very unpleasant, and sometimes quite painful.

For the prevention of constipation, a pregnant woman should be consumed in Eat more foods containing fiber and pectin. This is the first turn fruit and vegetables.

Also, an obligatory item in the menu of the expectant mother should be porridge and fresh soups. Their use helps to improve bowel function and improves peristalsis.

Do not forget about a sufficient amount of fluid drunk per day. A pregnant woman should drink at least 1.5 liters of pure water every day.

The skeletal system of the fetus is actively developing at week 18, and for it strengthening mom needs to eat foods containing calcium. it may be cheese, milk, cottage cheese and other dairy products.


Sexual activity at week 18 is quite possible if a woman does not have contraindications to this. The main ones are:

  • uterine tone;
  • complete or partial presentation of the placenta;
  • multiple pregnancy (not always).

In other cases, the doctor should decide this question. To partners Avoid postures that may put pressure on stomach.

The movements should be very neat, without sudden jolts. If expectant mother will feel discomfort or pain, proximity should be stopped the same.

General recommendations

  1. Monitor nutrition, often eat in small portions;
  2. Try to relax more, do not overwork;
  3. Rest your legs as often as possible;
  4. Do exercises for pregnant women;
  5. Take a vitamin complex (it is better to choose with a doctor gynecologist).

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