Educational online games for children Mercibo

Every parent is interested in his beloved baby being
well developed, intelligent, smart and could read, count and write even before
school period. Not all kids are born geeks, but give
what is called a good start for your child is a wonderful
a business. Recently, the web can often see various sites
which offer educational games for children. One of the best
such sites – Mercibo.

МЕРСИБО – это онлайн-портал для
children и родителей, где родители, не выходя из houses, смогут
get HELP highly skilled professionals and play in
developing online games. 

портал мерсибо


  • speech development of a child from 2 years to 10 (with the help of games and
  • correction work
  • development of attention, memory, logical thinking
  • stimulation of the development of creativity, imagination
  • development of coherent speech – an initial acquaintance with computer
    developing game
  • interactive speech development exercises for non-speakers
  • familiarity with the numbers
  • replenishment of knowledge about the world

+ More than 100 educational online games for your child that
constantly replenished!

Join us, we have fun and interesting →

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Details on what is Mercibo?

An interesting combination of “two words in one” quickly began to type
turnovers in RuNet. In short, the Mercibo web portal is
развивающие игры для children, как младенцев, так и постарше. At the same
Mercibo is an online community of highly qualified
professionals who know how a child should develop, and most
best parents who are truly partial to their children and
they want them to grow up smart, smart and obedient.

Mersibo’s speech therapy site is designed in such a way that each
child using the games offered on the site will certainly learn
certain important skills, and this will certainly be useful to him in
near future: in kindergarten, school, and in general in life.
Training of memory, attentiveness, observation, ability to think
logically – the development of all of the above is exactly the same
directed learning games. Parents, like child specialists,
can control the gameplay and explain to children during the game
various nuances and features.

Video about what “Mersibo”?

The child does not pronounce the sound [p], [w] or [l]? Hyperactive and
not holding attention? Is there “porridge” in your mouth or does it not speak at all?
And you would like to take him to a children’s specialist, but no
opportunities? Then pay attention to the developing portal Mercibo

  • Free for parents
  • Purposeful: a whole team of excellent professionals creates
    развивающие игры для children от 2 до 10 лет
  • Very convenient: no need to go anywhere, the child can study
  • Read more about the portal in the video below.

If something does not work or there are any questions, write to those.
Support Center Mercibo: [email protected]

When did Mercibo appear?

For the first time the portal launched its useful activity in the fall
2012, however, the story does not start from now on, but the year
earlier … Exactly a year the site was designed by experienced children
specialists, including speech therapists, teachers and
programmers specializing in creating educational
online gaming. In fact, analogs today are simply not
exists, so is a pioneer in this

How to go to the Mersibo website and choose free online

Registration and authorization on the Mercibo portal is extremely simple:
you need to go to the official website and enter your email address
mail. Everything! Now you can read a lot of interesting
information on how to access this or that
the game. Well, of course, the choice will be presented training
game programs (for example, Mercibo Image Designer),
aimed at improving the following important skills:

  • Memory
  • Speech
  • Attention
  • Motility
  • Horizon
  • Logics
  • Reading skills
  • Talent, development of creative abilities
  • Account skills

игры мерсибо

In the future, the list can only be supplemented! Worth noting
that educational games on this site are very useful and necessary, to
the same is completely free, which is important.

So, after visiting the Mercibo website and choosing the right type
games (for example, attention development games), in the browser window
The desired game will be loaded and you can immediately start it.

Free Stuff at Mercibo

Among the free programs and materials on the portal Mersibo worth
point out games such as Smart Fish, Walking with Animals,
�“Miracle Tree”, “How Klava was looking for treasure” and others no less
fascinating and useful materials. With the help of them, your children can
learn how to plan your time, correctly pronounce vowels and
consonants, draw pictures and even overcome different
psychological problems like isolation, incommunicability,

The only caveat: in the free demo version is not available
all functions so the developers offer to pay a small
amount to get full access to the site and developmental games.

ПЛЮСЫ Мерсибо (Кликабельно)

ПЛЮСЫ Мерсибо (Кликабельно)

Почему рекомендуется использовать платную версию?

In the paid version your kids will be able to play all
toys presented on the site without any restrictions. Can not
Do not accept that the developers have invested all their strength and soul in
создание этих полезных онлайн-программ для children, потому
a relatively small fee per game is a good way to thank
Mercibo authors for their writings.

How to pay a subscription?

There are several options to subscribe to the portal and games: the difference
is the number of so-called “tickets”: they resemble
�“OK’i” in Odnoklassniki or “Mailiky” on the famous portal MoiMir.
After you select the desired number of tickets, you have
the page of the Robokassa system will open, where any
convenient payment option: from WebMoney and mobile phone bills to
bank cards. Choose what suits you, pay and
From now on, you can play Mersibo games indefinitely!

If the tickets run out, you will go back to free mode.
and you can only play certain types of educational games that
initially available on the portal until you replenish your account.
More tickets – more games!

покупка игр на мерсибо

System requirements for games and materials

They are minimal, and using modern computer, you and your
baby kids don’t have to worry about system errors
computer or slow loading games. In addition to the computer need
also headphones (or speakers) and a microphone. An important factor for
Comfortable play and learning is a high speed connection
The internet.

Promotions, discounts, bonuses from Mersibo

Various promotions and discounts are regularly held on the Mersibo website.
profitable subscriptions to your favorite games and tutorials. At the portal
good technical support, as well as a huge “army” of fans.
You can get acquainted with the parents of young gamers thanks to
Mercibo community, which is located on the social network
�”In contact with”. Join the ranks of Mercibo and let your kids grow
healthy, fun, smart and sociable!

Disc Games

You can engage not only on the site online, but also order
games / educational and speech therapy materials on disks


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Join us, we have fun and interesting

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