Educational games with boxes

With children in the house, it is worth thinking before throwing
any box. After all, this simple packaging material can
turn into an exciting toy for your child. Via
such games develops imagination, dexterity, motility and other
useful skills. In addition, children from a very young age
partial to various boxes and sometimes they find them
unexpected application.


Games up to two years

  • �Toy Store

The kid can be taught to collect their toys. Put in front of him
empty box and show how you can put objects in it.
Small children who are just starting to learn about the world around them, with
pleasure to perform the task. Then toys can
scatter on the floor and collect again. Over time, the peanut learns
independently collect items in the box.

  • �“Find the cover”

The game develops hand motor skills, forms logical thinking. For
She will need boxes of different shapes and sizes (cardboard boxes
from shoes, plastic and tin – from food, small
boxes from jewelry). Spread closed containers in front of the child.
Let him remember what they look like. Then remove the caps and
ask your baby to put them back on. First, tell me what
the lid matches each box. Over time, the child himself
learn to pick the right lid and close the box.

  • �”Where is the ball?”

Take a small ball and put it in front of your child’s eyes.
one of the spaced boxes. Let him open the box and find
a toy Hiding the ball again, change the boxes in places. Kid
must remember which of them is in the ball, and get it.
To complicate the task, ask the child to close his eyes while
time when you hide the subject. Tell me how you can find the ball
without opening the box (shake each of them).

  • �”Sorting”

Via коробок можно привить ребенку понятия различных форм
subjects, coordination of movements. For этого понадобится большая
shoe box and building or sand figures
various forms. Cut holes in the cap corresponding to
figures. For этого нужно обвести их контур карандашом. Ask for
put the baby in the holes of the toys of the desired shape.

Games from 2 to 3 years

  • �”Mailbox”

When walking with your child, show him the real mailbox,
explain its purpose. House paste a box of colorful
wrapping paper and cut a hole in the cover. Agree with
kid, that from time to time you will throw each other various
messages Delight him with postcards, stickers, small
coloring books. And he, in turn, can send you
your drawings.

  • �”Rattles”

Collect a dozen identical small boxes of juice.
After pre-washing and drying, fill them with various bulk materials.
materials (peas, rice, semolina, buttons, etc.). Carefully
cover the holes so that the contents do not fall apart or fall into
mouth baby. Put each material in a pair of boxes. Baby task
– by ear, find boxes with the same filler.

  • �”Hide and Seek”

Via этой игры можно изучать цвета и размеры. Take
boxes of different sizes and cover them with paper of different colors.
Take небольшую игрушку, например, от киндер-сюрприза, и
hide it in one of the boxes. Kidу скажите, что игрушка
is in the blue box or in the smallest, etc. Boxes
You can also paste over decorative paper with a variety of ornaments.
(in red stripes or yellow flower). The more boxes, the
more game options you can think of.

  • �”Television”

A game for the development of speech and creativity. In big
box, cut a hole in the form of a TV screen. Put her
on the elevation, so that the face of the baby was at the level of the “screen”.
Offer your child to become a television star. Let him tell
poems, tales or sings songs. And to interest the young
artist collect more viewers.

  • �”Super-dwelling”

This fun is very fond of children of all ages. If you find
a large box from the refrigerator or washing machine, you can
make a real home. Cut holes in it in the form of a window and
front door. Make roofs from the upper flaps. Inner part
overlay the boxes with white paper or old wallpaper. Outside child
can paint it at your discretion. In the house make
lighting with a flashlight or a small night lamp. To baby
It was comfortable to play in a symbolic dwelling, cover the bottom
blanket, put pillows.

Via обыкновенных коробок можно придумать еще массу
fun entertainment and educational games. Desire to please
baby will tell you a lot of interesting ideas.

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