Educational games for preschoolers: why theyare needed

The early development of a child has recently become popular among
advanced parents. Is it right to start to engage with the baby,
when is he still taking the first steps? Educators, psychologists and
parents have many different opinions on this. let’s
try to figure out whether to interfere in the processes of knowledge
a child of the world, how and when to do it.

Hidden Talent Map

Развитие интеллекта – важный процесс, от которого зависит,
what will be your child and what place will take in adulthood.
Many teachers advise not to lose precious time and engage in
with Lyalko almost from birth. Considered to be one stage
growing up lays the foundation for later.

There are three models of intellectual development of preschoolers.
Each of them contains its potential.

  • Emotional. From birth to one and a half years the child knows the world
    emotionally. That is why harmony and love in the family are so important.
  • Logical At the age of five years are laid the ability to
    logical thinking and musical perception. This is the best time.
    for educational games, so we get favorite nastolki.
  • Speech Future students are well perceived information on
    слух – приступаем к изучению иностранных языков.

Here is a simple map, where and when you should look for talents from your
young talent.

Author’s techniques or own experience

If you are ready to raise genius, it will not be superfluous to remember
several rules from professionals. Soviet teacher Boris Nikitin
first talked about the importance of educational games. It is with their help
can improve intelligence, math and design
abilities, improve spatial and logical thinking.
Главное – не мешать ребенку самостоятельно выполнять задания,
moving from simple to more complex.

Educational games have become the basis of other well-known techniques.
Surely, many of you have already brought kids to Montessori classes,
tried to teach the child to read with the help of Zaitsev’s cubes or
master the logical blocks Denesha. Any of these techniques require
systematic work. If you do not want to follow the principles of one
from early development systems, choose games, relying on
own opinion and features of the child.

Choosing board games

One of the most obvious and best ways of intellectual
развития – настольные игры. At the heart of most modern
Developments are the recommendations of psychologists and educators.

  • Головоломка «Строим дом!»  от бренда «ЯиГрушка» –
    entertaining version of the game on the development of spatial thinking and
    logic. Here is a playing field in the form of a frame house. We put it on
    Foundation, lay out all the building blocks near and distribute
    participants cards with their designation. The winner will be the one to whom
    will be able to put on the playing field all their blocks (which
    depicted on the cards). Do not believe that all building materials can
    fit on the playing field? Just solve this puzzle and become
    builder of the year!

  • Considering sheep is not only useful before bedtime. If you do this
    during the game, “Once a sheep, two sheep …” will become a magic formula
    development of intelligence. Remember how important it is for preschoolers to improve
    color perception and logical thinking? Learn to count too
    will not be over the front of the school. А еще это очень весело –
    jump over multi-colored fences with a loud shout of “Beee”,
    leading his army of sheep to victory. By the way, the game calms and, as
    seen by many, improves sleep.

  • Новинка «Я иду искать» – настоящая находка для малышей и
    older children. The very case when the game develops not logic, but
    intuition. The lead player arranges some simple decorations in the form of
    the house, the tree and the fence and fastens to them for its part on the magnet
    chip with an animal. The remaining participants must guess exactly where
    hid character. This is almost a battle of psychics!

  • For girls and boys of the youngest age will be interesting.
    magnetic dressing “Seasons”. The kit includes a doll from
    plywood with a magnetic base and more than twenty items of clothing.
    It is necessary to show imagination and logic to create a fashionable image by

  • Future artists and designers inspire board game
    �”Revive the figures.” Offer the audience cards with geometric
    figures and ask them to make drawings. Someone will see in
    around the sun, and someone wants to portray a sundial. Than
    The picture will be more original, the player will score more points.
    Победителю – карандаши в подарок.

And so that the prize does not lie idle for a long time, complete the artistic
вечеринку интересной арт-задачей – оживите разными цветами
big rug-coloring “YaiGrushka”.

Remember that creating the conditions for creativity, you develop
child’s intellect and save your apartment from defeat.

Развивающие игры – это лучший способ пробудить у ребенка
curiosity, and in an entertaining way prepare him for

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