Early diagnosis of osteoarthritis can come down toblood test

Update: February 2019

British scientists representing the University of Warwick for the first time
were able to offer the world a blood test to determine osteoarthritis on
its early stages. In addition, the analysis will allow doctors to accurately
how to distinguish a disease from rheumatoid arthritis and other
inflammation in the joints. The news was announced in the publication of the magazine.
Arthritis Research & Therapy October 27th.

World medicine has long been known that with osteoarthritis
destroyed amino acids (particles
proteins). Previously, their definition was not used as a marker of the disease.
A new development of scientists in Britain is based on finding
such components of the joint in the blood.

For the mass experiment 225 people were involved,
voluntarily agreed to take the analysis. The group included

  • Patients with osteoarthritis at an early stage.
  • Running cases of osteoarthritis.
  • People suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.
  • People without pathology of the joints.

Blood and joint fluid was taken from study participants.
for special analysis – spectrometry. In the laboratory was determined
content in the material 225 people changed in one way or another
amino acids. Ten protein particles were selected for analysis.

Scientists have concluded: in some patients with osteoarthritis and
ревматоидный артрит, наблюдается повышение ряда amino acids.
Healthy participants do not increase this level. So
British researchers and made the diagnosis of these diseases
in such a simple way. Soже представляется возможным разграничить
joint diseases among themselves.

The newest blood test is highly sensitive:

  • may reveal early osteoarthritis in 92% of hits
  • the analysis is also specific: in 9 out of 10 examples it differentiates
    osteoarthritis from other joint diseases.

Today, the launch of a blood test for use in practice
expected in 2018. The study has already shown how
it is profitable. So привычная МРТ, несмотря на ту же специфичность,
less sensitive (about 70%), more expensive and can be
contraindicated to the patient. This gives great advantages to the newest
British method.

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