Dynamic gymnastics: the benefits and harm fornewborn baby

A newborn baby is vital not only sleep
food and mother’s warmth, but also physical activity. Many
parents use regular exercise, others choose
dynamic gymnastics. Only perform it correctly and
very careful not to harm the baby. What does outweigh
in use – good or harm? How to do it right? let’s
deal together.
Динамическая гимнастика

Dynamic gymnastics – what is it?

Dynamic gymnastics, developed by M. Trunov and L.
Kitaev, differs from the usual charging more energetic complex
exercises aimed at the formation and strengthening of the muscles of the chest
baby In addition to the usual elements of charging and massage dynamic
gymnastics combines and exercises for improvement
vestibular apparatus. So, an adult throws up, shakes and
rotates the baby, holding the handles or legs. Strangers
most often horrified by such acrobatic etudes,
automatically recording “desperate” moms and dads into crazy.

Indeed, such exercises are not quite common, so
parents, before proceeding to the practical exercises, it is necessary
carefully study and understand the sequence of application
dynamic charging and the growth of the load on the kids.

So, there are several types of exercises.
dynamic gymnastics:

  • hardening;
  • massage;
  • ball lessons;
  • exercise in the air.

All these procedures must be combined to
Impact on the baby was the most effective.

Benefits for newborns and babies

Adherents of this set of exercises are sure of its enormous
benefit for kids. Among the advantages of dynamic gymnastics are usually
highlight its positive impact not only on the physical
development, but also on the general psychological state of newborns
children What else is it useful?

  1. Dynamic charging helps babies better navigate
  2. It allows you to correct the baby’s muscle tone, strengthens
    muscle, develops the joints of the arms and legs and develops flexibility.
  3. With its help, there is an effective development and
    совершенствование вестибулярного аппарата у newborn baby.
  4. It strengthens the nervous system of the infant, its immunity.
  5. Also a similar set of exercises is considered good.
    opportunity to establish trust and benevolent
    relationships with adults and, accordingly, with the outside world.
  6. It is believed that dynamic gymnastics compensates for the disadvantage
    generic experience in children born by caesarean section.
  7. Parents applying dynamic exercises in working with
    babies, they note that they have a good appetite, sleep soundly and
    much less capricious.
  8. Early classes reduce injuries throughout
    of life. Kids trained from the first days of life are unlikely
    tuck a leg or break an arm while actively exercising.

Possible harm to babies

let’s разберемся, настолько ли хороши динамические упражнения,
as they say. Similar acrobatic “tricks” look
quite risky, and many experts question
safety and benefits for infants of this kind of charging. What kind
Are the arguments against opponents of dynamic gymnastics?

  1. Such exercise is stressful.
    newborn baby. After all, dynamic charging often begin
    use a couple of weeks after birth. It is believed that
    increased release of stress hormones in infants may
    lead to hyperactivity in a preschooler.
  2. Dynamic gymnastics is based on inborn reflexes.
    babies – in particular, the grasping reflex and the Moro reflex.
    Exercises artificially stimulate them, whereas normally they
    должны постепенно угаснуть к 2-4 месяцам (читаем статью о
  3. It is sometimes difficult for inexperienced parents to calculate the optimal
    load. Therefore, intensive training can lead to stretching
    связок newborn baby, микротравмам тканей суставов, нарушению
    blood circulation. Further problems with ligamentous
    by the apparatus.
  4. Psychologists are confident that a child from an early age
    gets used to the sensations of speed, rise and fall, he does not
    forming a natural fear of heights. In older age
    underestimating the danger of a situation can cause a variety of

Avoid negative consequences: the rules of

So, you saw a lot of arguments in favor of dynamic
gymnastics, так и против нее. Of course, the final decision
accept only parents. If you are sure that such
Exercises are necessary for your baby, we will tell you how
secure classes.

  • Exercises should begin four weeks after birth.
  • Ask your pediatrician about availability
    no contraindications. If the baby is healthy, he can
    engage in dynamic charging.
  • Do not do exercises based on materials from the Internet or
    textbooks. To get started, contact an experienced instructor for
    consultation and services. He will show and teach how right
    organize classes.
  • Minimize the likelihood of injuries – protect the place of training,
    to avoid the consequences due to possible falls.
  • Properly evaluate your own strength, avoid using
    extreme exercise. Choose a sparing study program.
  • Begin the exercises after a warming massage, cooking,
    most, muscles and ligaments to work. Duration of the first classes – 8-10
    minutes Do them slowly and extremely carefully so as not to scare
    baby load and pace increase gradually.
  • Do not exercise immediately after feeding, wait at least an hour.
    This is especially important for exercises on the ball.
  • If the child is not in the spirit, do not force him to do exercises
    because so need you. Better wait for the time when everyone
    will be a wonderful attitude. Dynamic gymnastics should be
    for babies the same ritual as feeding or

We take into account contraindications

Динамическая зарядка может быть полезной для newborn baby при
provided a competent approach and consideration of contraindications. Danger
Similar exercises is as follows:

  • the presence of hip dysplasia in the baby and other
    pathologies of the musculoskeletal system;
  • abnormalities in the cardiovascular system of the child;
  • neurological diseases, including increased
    intracranial pressure.

Dynamic gymnastics is strictly contraindicated for half a year
babies who have not received such procedures before. If with
babies were not engaged from a month of age on a regular basis,
then at six months such exercises will only harm, and
not a favor. You should also remember if the child did not like
classes or he feels bad after them necessarily
cancel gymnastics. Should not experiment with health

Choosing dynamic gymnastics to improve
физического развития newborn baby, изучите все плюсы и минусы,
consult a pediatrician about possible contraindications. Only
if precautions are taken, exercises will help your
baby grow up healthy and happy.

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