Duphaston during pregnancy and its planning, asaccept, cancel during pregnancy

Update: October 2018

AT настоящее время немалое количество женщин сталкивается с
проблемами зачатия ребенка и/или во время of pregnancy. One of
factors causing this pathology is a violation
гормонального фона, в частности выработка progesterone. For solutions
these questions, doctors have long resorted to such medicinal
funds like duphaston or urozhestan.

Deal with progesterone

Progesterone is a steroid hormone and is produced in
the woman’s body by the ovaries and adrenal glands. Role played
progesterone in the functioning of the reproductive sphere, irreplaceable
the menstrual cycle depends on the level of this hormone,
оплодотворение и дальнейшее вынашивание of pregnancy.

As you know, the menstrual cycle is divided into 2 phases
follicular (proliferative) and luteal (secretory).

  • AT первую половину цикла главенствуют эстрогены, под действием
    which occurs maturation of the dominant follicle.
  • AT момент овуляции (разрыва главного фолликула) содержание
    progesterone reaches a peak, the “newly made” egg leaves
    limits the follicle and falls into the fallopian tube. In place
    a bursting follicle forms a yellow body that supports
    progesterone level (synthesizes) in the previous figures.
  • Under the action of the described hormone in the functional layer
    secretory changes occur in the uterine lining, it thickens,
    loosens, blood supply increases in it.

ATсе описанные процессы призваны создать благоприятные условия
for implanting or implanting fertilized by that moment
ovum. If conception has occurred, the corpus luteum continues
function as before maintaining the content
progesterone at a constant level. This is due to the properties

  • It supports secretory changes in the endometrium required
    for the further progression of pregnancy,
  • Suppresses uterine contractions, thereby preventing rejection
    gestational sac.
  • Progesterone affects tissue development in the first place.
    молочных желез и подготавливает их к breastfeeding.
  • Also, the hormone has some sedative effect,
    inhibits the activity and vivid emotions of women and stimulates growth
    and uterine distension with increasing gestational age.

ATследствие перечисленных «способностей» прогестерона его
называют гормоном of pregnancy. ATедь при его недостаточном
neither fertilization nor the further development of pregnancy
is impossible. Reduced blood progesterone levels
indicates either failure of the second phase of the cycle or about
reduced function of the corpus luteum or placenta.

A lack of hormone can manifest intermenstrual
bleeding (see mid-cycle discharge), threatened with interruption
pregnancy and intrauterine growth retardation.

Pregnancy planning

At the planning stage of pregnancy, a woman faces
the necessity of not only maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but also
taking certain medications.

  • Folic acid – it is known that three months before the onset
    pregnancy, it is recommended to start taking folic acid (see
    folic acid during pregnancy and before), this measure is excellent
    prevention of the development of fetal neural tube defects.
  • Duphaston – in some cases, doctors strongly recommends
    also start the so-called preventive dyufaston (see
    Duphaston to call monthly).

Duphaston when planning pregnancy is appointed only when
the presence of certain indications. This is either the second failure
cycle phases, or existing adenomyosis, in the background of which a woman should
and becomes pregnant, it rarely bears a child.

I.e, в анамнезе у будущей мамы имеется печальный опыт
aborted pregnancy, with miscarriage repeated several times.
AT таком случае говорят о привычном невынашивании, и после
a thorough examination of the woman and finding out all the reasons for the interruption
pregnancy, the decision on the appointment of hormonal
drug – duphaston still at the planning stage.

How is duphaston assigned?

Considering that duphaston is a synthetic analogue
progesterone, respectively, its reception should be in the second
фазу менструального цикла, когда наступает время progesterone.
Duphaston is available in tablets of 10 mg and is usually taken at
планировании беременности не превышает одной таблетки в day.

A special regimen of the drug does not exist, the doctor
appoints how to take duphaston in each case
developing an individual scheme.

  • Medication should begin the day after
    ovulation, if a woman has a 28-day menstrual cycle, his
    take from 11 to 25 day cycle for at least 6 months.
  • For a specified period of time a woman is usually
    gets pregnant.

But if, for example, in the third month of taking the drug, suddenly
come monthly? So you need to do a test for
pregnancy. ATедь именно с этой целью и назначалась терапия
duphaston. Is the test positive? Do not rush to throw reception drug,
it will need to continue until 16 weeks of gestation when
the placenta will form and start producing its own

It should be added that duphaston does not have a negative
effects on the fetus, does not affect blood clotting, lipid metabolism and
carbohydrate and does not affect the endocrine glands. I.e
the pregnancy that occurred after duphaston proceeds in the same way
like a normal pregnancy.

Side effects

But we can not say about the side effects of the drug. AT
some cases arise:

  • migraine-like headaches or dizziness
  • reactions from the hepatobiliary system (jaundice, weakness,
    minor abdominal pain)
  • allergic reactions to the components of the drug in the form

If, against the background of djufaston, a breakthrough uterine
bleeding then you should simply increase the dosage of the intake

Pregnancy and Duphaston

So, the pregnancy came on the background of djufaston taking on the stage
planning, what’s next?

And then the doctor who will monitor the progression
pregnancy, recommend to continue taking the drug
some time, as already mentioned, up to 16 weeks.

Why? Once progesterone was not enough in the second phase
menstrual cycle before pregnancy, it will be observed
some deficiency and in its first weeks. Therefore, throw reception
medication is impossible, otherwise the case may end sadly.

Why is duphaston needed during pregnancy?

Then, it will compensate for the deficiency of progesterone, that is,
will take over its functions. Duphaston will maintain activity
yellow body, relax the muscles of the uterus, render
immunosuppressive action so that the mother’s body does not take
an embryo as a foreign object and would not have ejected it. Besides,
the drug is necessary for the development of the mammary glands, preparing them for

AT каких случаях назначается дюфастон при беременности?

  • ATо-первых, как продолжение приема препарата во время
  • secondly, if signs appear during this pregnancy
    hormonal studies confirmed miscarriage
    progesterone deficiency,
  • thirdly, duphaston must be appointed after
    IVF procedures as a pregnancy-supporting therapy.

How is dyuhustona reception during pregnancy?

ATсе зависит от ситуации, выраженности клинических проявлений
progesterone deficiency – spontaneous abortion,
portability, age of the woman, anamnesis and many other factors.
AT случае явных признаков угрозы прерывания беременности дозировка
medication may increase to 4 tablets per day, that is, 40 mg
daily. Of course, the price of duphaston is tall, but the game is worth
candle, is not it? But I want to encourage future mothers, since
beginning to use the drug signs of threatening abortion in the early
the timing is very quickly stopped, bleeding from the genital
the paths disappear, the pain disappears, and the woman’s well-being
is improving.

How long is the reception duphaston?

The drug must be taken until
the situation will stabilize and there will be no overt or hidden threat
of pregnancy. Usually the need for dufastone disappears after 16
weeks of gestation (see weekly gestation calculation), but
in some cases, the threat of interruption may also arise in more
late, so it is accepted weeks to 20. Cancellation
drug does not occur simultaneously, it can provoke
a new round of threat, but gradually.

Suppose a woman “walked” on four tablets per day, which means that
within a week, the dose of duphaston is reduced by 10 mg, that is, it remains
3 таблетки daily. If during the week of admission
drug in this dosage pregnancy develops normally, then
over the next dose reduce another 10 mg, leaving 2

They control pregnancy again at a dose of 20 mg per day.
within 7 days, if in this case there were no signs of danger,
leave one pill with subsequent completion of the reception

A few words about urozhestane

Speaking of djufaston and its role in planning pregnancy, and
also in the successful development of the come pregnancy, it is impossible to forget and
about the “competitor”, that is, about the urozhestane.

Аналог Дюфастона — Утрожестан также является аналогом прогестерона и
made from plant materials. Therefore, he successfully
used in the same situations as duphaston. What drug
better to argue is useless, their role is the same. But what medicine
give preference during pregnancy, decides the doctor and only

Release form – Utrozhestan is available in capsules in which
active ingredient can be different, either 100 mg or 200

When planning a pregnancy, it is assigned to the second
stage of the menstrual cycle, usually at a dosage of 200 mg per
day. The drug transitions the endometrium from the secretion phase to
the proliferation phase, and in the event of fertilization
prepare the uterine lining to receive the egg, that is,
loosens it, thickens, improves blood circulation. Besides,
the drug inhibits the excitability of both the muscles of the uterus and
fallopian tubes and also stimulates the growth of secretory tissue
mammary glands, preparing them for lactation.

AT период вынашивания беременности утрожестан назначают, начиная
from the fact of conception until the end of the second trimester.
The dosage of the drug also depends on the clinical situation and
the severity of signs of threatened interruption. Usually the drug
принимается дважды в день, от 200 до 600 mg.

The essential difference of Utrozhestan from Duphaston is that
that the urozhestan can be taken not only orally, but also administered
in the vagina. This method of application is even more effective, since
the active substance, bypassing the liver, immediately enters the bloodstream and
begins its beneficial effect. This method of administration is very
convenient for women with toxemia when vomiting does not allow
to keep even a sip of water in the stomach.

Disadvantages of the drug – But there is a certain minus
drug. It causes a sedative effect, which is not observed when
djufaston application. Utrotestan as well as last resort
does not affect the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates and is absolutely safe for
future baby. However, during breastfeeding, taking the drug
must stop as it penetrates the milk.

Of the side effects should be noted allergic reactions,
lethargy and drowsiness (sedation), dizziness and reactions from
liver (yellowness). The abolition of the drug is prescribed gradually, so
же, как и дюфастhe.

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