Dufalak Laxative

If the first months of life the baby packs a diaper up to 10 times a
day, then in 3-4 months the picture changes. Intestine continues
�”Ripen” and develop, and the chair becomes less frequent. And sometimes –
much less. It does not do in this case without intervention. what
do we mean “intervention”? – correct use
laxatives or enemas. True, the kids are not all fit
laxatives. Duphalac is just one of the most harmless
laxative drugs for newborns.

слабительное дюфалак для новорожденных

When to water Duphalac

As we said, from a certain age the chair becomes
less often. For babies who get nothing but breast milk,
as such, constipation is not characteristic. Lack of chair for
a few days for them is not considered constipation. Moms rarely on
so react calmly. Sometimes the kid himself manifests
anxiety: groans, straining, straining tummy. In this case
laxatives do not interfere. The best option is to give the baby

Подробно о запоре у грудничка

Artificial artists have a different picture. The chair of the child receiving the mixture,
should be regular, like a clock. It happens that the mixture is not suitable, and
This is manifested in the form of constipation. Similarly, constipation can occur as
the result of disturbing the natural flora of the intestines due to inappropriate
mixture or as a result of taking any medication. In this case
the use of Duphalac is also justified.

Подробно о запорах у новорожденных детей на

The composition and principle of the drug

Duphalac’s active ingredient – lactulose – is obtained from
cow milk whey. Lactulose is completely harmless to
of an organism, if only because it is not absorbed in the digestive
tract. Getting into the intestine in its original form, the drug “makes
their work “and leaves the body.

Duphalac acts very softly and organically. Lactulose leads to
softening fecal masses and an increase in their volume. At the same time with
this increases intestinal motility. All this helps the baby
poke painlessly.

How to apply

Duphalac is a viscous light yellow syrup, very
sweet to the taste. You can take it undiluted, and
after weak dilution with water.

Newborn babies and babies up to 1 year old give 5 ml.
syrup once a day. It is best to drink the baby syrup in one and
the same time, for example, in the morning. Dufalac acts fairly quickly:
after a few hours there is already an effect from its reception. Usually this
the effect persists for another 1-2 days.

Despite the sweet taste, Duphalac does not always like kids. how
usually, syrup should be given from a spoon or syringe. Increase
the recommended dose is not worth it – it can cause diarrhea and cramps in
the stomach.


The main contraindications to the use of Duphalac are
intestinal obstruction, galactosemia and lactose intolerance.
Even if there are no such diagnoses, after taking the syrup
carefully observe the condition of the crumbs. Perhaps a dose of Duphalac
will have to be reduced if side effects are noticed.

how выпускается

Duphalac syrup is sold in plastic bottles of different sizes:
200, 500 or 1000 ml. Instructions for the drug is contained directly on
vial. There is also a cap with measuring marks, using
which you can determine the desired volume of syrup.

Laxative drugs do not eliminate the cause of constipation. Duphalac not
an exception. The meaning of its use is situationally alleviate the condition.
baby if the lack of stool causes discomfort. it
intestinal aid, but the intestines should work
on their own. That is why abuse Dufalak not worth it.
If the chair does not return to normal – efforts should be directed to search
causes and its elimination.

how сделать клизму новорожденному ребенку

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Video guide

how помочь малышу покакать — эффективный

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