Dry cough in an infant – how and whatto treat

Infant cough is one of the most disturbing and restless
signs for parents. Among several varieties of cough
наибольшее опасение у родителей вызывает именно сухой кашель у
infant baby. Dry cough is characterized by the absence
sputum discharge or minor ones
. The most common cause of dry
cough is considered inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, and
it is the larynx, pharynx or trachea due to exposure to them
an infectious or non-infectious factor.

Сухой кашель у грудного ребенка

Treatment of the disease, which is accompanied by a dry cough
small child should be carefully monitored
a doctor. It is important to remember that the treatment process must be
complex and aimed at eliminating the cause of the disease, its
symptoms, as well as to increase the immunity of the child’s body.
Next we give young mothers a number of tips to combat
мучительным сухим кашлем у infant baby.

Sick Kid Mode

First of all, we note that for a sick little child
should be supported sparing mode: physical activity of the baby
should be calm, but it should not be
completely limited. Body movements help clean the bronchi from
accumulated mucus, thereby speeding up the healing process.
Therefore, if a child expresses a desire to play, make him
company, picking up neutral entertainment.

Useful procedure in the process of complex treatment of dry cough
in infants at home is a light massage of the chest
cells and reflex zones, in particular, the feet. This procedure
accompanied by gentle patting and tapping
movements, helps to accelerate the discharge of sputum. Massage will be
more efficient in the case of using any
vegetable balm. Еще о том, как to treat кашель у грудного
child folk remedies

Separate attention during the treatment period is necessary
to give the baby food. Child during illness is not necessary
make you eat a lot if he doesn’t want to – better to offer
it is not very high-calorie easily digestible food: fruit puree,
jelly, warm milkshake, jelly. However, drinking baby
at such a time owes a lot since the liquid helps to eliminate
excreted toxins, diluted and removed from the body

Treatment of dry cough in infants

The most pressing issue that worries parents of coughing
малыша, является: чем лучше всего to treat сухой кашель у грудного
baby I must say that today medications and
methods aimed at the elimination of diseases associated with
dry cough, abound.

So, there are expectorants and mucolytic drugs.
The most effective expectorants are
broth of wild rosemary, coltsfoot, devyasila, juice
plantain, black radish juice with honey, thyme fruit extract and
anise, preparations of ivy leaves, among which Prospan and
Mucolytic drugs are assigned to children in
when there is difficulty in expectoration of sputum,
cough after 3-4 days of illness does not become wet, and
проблема сухого кашля у грудного ребенка становится все более

Among the best mucolytics belongs
амброксол, который содержится в таких лекарствах,
как Амбробене, Лазолван, Амброгексал и других.
This drug, which can be prescribed from the first months of life
baby has anti-inflammatory action, it dissolves well
phlegm, enhances immunity. Here’s another article about cough medicine.
for babies

Another proven multi-year medical practice way
treating dry cough at home is to
1-2 times a day for 1-3 minutes of inhalation.

Steam inhalations are made either from a solution of drinking soda (4
teaspoons per 1 liter), or from alkaline mineral waters
(“Borjomi”), or from the broth of potatoes. For this water is poured
in a kettle with a narrow neck, make a small funnel made of cardboard,
put it on the spout of the kettle, the patient is covered with a rug and breathes
through the funnel warm steam. Water temperature during inhalation for
a child under one year old must not exceed 30 ° С; for older children –

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