Drops Hilak forte for newborns (withintestinal problems)

Problems with a tummy anyway disturb all babies.
Along with colic, no less frequent phenomena in babies –
dysbiosis, allergies, constipation or diarrhea. Pediatricians in such cases
It is recommended to give the drug Hilak Forte for newborns. To
прием лекарства давал максимальный эффект, каждая мама должна
imagine how it works, and how to apply it correctly.

капли Хилак форте

How does

Hilak Forte drops are transparent yellowish.
liquid with a sour odor. The taste of this drug is unpleasant
most babies. Active components of the droplets
are metabolic products of various bacteria related to
normal microflora. The main action of Hilak Forte is
that drops help restore the natural microflora
intestinal physiological way. In parallel with this Hilak forte
restores intestinal mucosa, improves the process of production
vitamins B and K, improves immunity.

When to take



Some doctors do not recognize dysbacteriosis for the diagnosis and not
believe that it should be treated. In part, this is true: no
there are no pathological processes in the body, just
changing the ratio of bacteria. For a newborn baby this
the problem, because his body is still imperfect and can not cope
с возникшей ситуацией, поэтому в этом случае применение капель
Hilak forte needed.

For fully breastfed babies,
dysbacteriosis is less typical than for artificials. If a
baby gets nothing but breast milk, his intestines
naturally colonized by all the necessary bacteria. but
even drinking water can break the idyll in the intestines. Other
the cause may be medication (especially antibiotics). Have
there are more artificial causes for dysbacteriosis, even very
quality adapted mixture is “alien” for

Diarrhea / constipation

Diarrhea and constipation in infants are also almost not terrible, but in
Some situations may need to adjust the chair.
For example, there are problems with adaptation after a climate change. Have
Artificial artists is a frequent phenomenon, especially at the stage of selection
suitable mixture, so without probiotics they can not do.

  • About diarrhea in infants;
  • About constipation in infants;


In case of allergy, Hilak Forte can be given to the baby in order
to boost immunity and help the body deal with

How to give

Новорожденному ребенку в один прием дают 15-30
. Hilak forte can be diluted in a small amount.
boiled water. It is better to water the baby with a spoon or a syringe.
The drug is taken 3 times a day.

The instruction contains special instructions regarding the fact that Hilak
Forte can not be given with milk. Mothers of infants are perplexed:
How to combine breastfeeding with taking drops? The best thing
Give Hilak Forte 30 minutes after breastfeeding.

When the baby’s condition improves, the initial dose of medication
you need to reduce by half, and then completely stop taking.
The duration of treatment is determined by the state of the crumbs, however, if
no improvement during the week – it is better to pass additional tests
and identify the exact cause of intestinal problems.

Safety and efficacy

Hilak forte is usually well tolerated by children and does not cause
negative consequences. Any contraindications to the drug
No, except for the high sensitivity to the components, which
almost never occurs in reality.

The effectiveness of the drug causes controversy in the parent environment.
Someone really quickly notices an improvement in the condition of the baby,
someone does not see the effect at all. It depends not only on
features of the body of the baby, but also on the diagnosis. TO
For example, not every episode with a baby’s green chair is
manifestation of dysbiosis, but it does not always come to tests.
Of course, if the intestinal flora is all right, and the greens
appeared as a reaction to my mother’s love for vegetables, Hilak forte not
will help eliminate it.

To не поить малыша лекарствами напрасно, лучше всего
in case of problems, pass tests and give Hilak forte
only in case of real need.

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