Drops from colic “Baby Calm”

капли от колик у новорожденых Бейби Калм

Every young mommy is in the first month of a loved one’s life
surf the forums and sites in search of answers to all your questions
With regards to the health of a newborn baby. Капли Бейби Калм
mentioned in every discussion of infant colic, therefore
just can not go unnoticed. Newly mother useful
will know what kind of drug it is, under what problems from it can
help, and how to give it to a child.

When to apply Baby Calm

Strictly speaking, Baby Calm is not a cure. This is a dietary supplement, or
simply an active food supplement. Behind this abbreviation stand
preparations from herbal ingredients that do not have a clear chemical
formulas and not intended for treatment. Supplements use healthy
people to improve various processes in the body. In this case
moms give babies baby baby kalm from colic and heightened
gas formation.

Some moms share experiences by offering to give Baby Calm and from
constipation. That’s a moot point. If the child eats
breast milk and gets the breast is not on the clock, and on demand,
constipation he simply can not be. The lack of a chair in such
case indicates that breast milk is completely
digested (how much the baby poops). If there is no chair
in an artificial child, the Baby Calm may be effective, but
need to understand that this is not a laxative. Laxative effect can
to be caused by antispasmodic and sedative effect of mint
oils that are part of the drug. Here the result depends on
how sensitive a particular child’s body is to this
component. However, in the case of constipation, it is better to use special

What is the effect of Baby Calma?

стеклянный флакон бейби калм с пипеткой и дозатором

As the instruction says – Baby Calm is carminative
drug that eliminates flatulence and is used in infants with
diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by bloating.

Available Baby Baby Calm in glass bottles with dispenser.

Состав препарата очень прост: это смесь
vegetable oils (anise, dill and mint).

How and after what time does Baby Calm work?

To understand how Baby Calm works, you need to understand
properties of its constituent components.

  • Anis oil stimulates intestinal activity and removes
  • Fennel oil has a carminative effect, also removes
    spasm, produces anti-inflammatory and antibacterial
  • Peppermint oil has a calming effect.


At the moment of colic, parents only think about
relieve the baby’s condition, so a reasonable question arises
«через сколько действует Бейби Калм?».

Этот препарат действует сразу, как попадает в
gastrointestinal tract.
Given that Baby Calm is
100% eco-friendly herbal preparation, its effectiveness
depends on the sensitivity of a particular organism to

How to give baby calm baby

Baby Calm is a concentrated blend of vegetable oils,
which must be diluted with water to the state of the emulsion. Mark on
Vial will help to orient how to dilute the drug.

For breeding use cool boiled water, which
need to pour directly into the bottle.

The finished emulsion can only be stored in the refrigerator. She is fit
for use within a month.

The instructions for Baby Calm to the drug are clearly described as
давать новорожденному этот препарат: по 10 капель перед
each feeding.
You can drip from the dispenser directly into the mouth
baby can be added to the expressed milk or adapted
mix, or just give a drop of soft silicone spoon.



Overdose каплями Бейби Калм невозможна, поскольку это
completely herbal medicine. But sometimes side effects
may be the place to be. This is an allergy to Baby Calm.
Taking the drug for the first time, it is better to limit a few drops and
observe the reaction of the child. When signs appear
allergic reaction taking the drug should be stopped. Special
Careful attention should be paid to accepting Baby Calma children,
prone to allergies.


Baby Calm can be easily purchased at any pharmacy. Price
it varies from 102 to 160 rubles.
Order in
Online pharmacies tend to be cheaper.

Baby Calm and other similar colic medicines

By the way, in the pharmacy you can offer other drugs from


For example, Empumizan. Если вы выбираете Бейби Калм или Espumizan,
– weigh all the pros and cons. Многих мам смущает, что Espumizan –
a chemical drug while baby baby is completely
natural. В действительности Espumizan не имеет никаких
restrictions on admission in infancy. Is that for
family budget, it will cost almost 2 times more expensive than baby

Sab Simplex

The same conclusion is relevant if you are faced with the choice of Sub
Симплекс или Бейби Calm. Sab Simplex и Espumizan имеют одно и то
same active ingredient (Simethicone), but presented in different
dosage forms.


Есть ещё один препарат на основе Симетикона – Bobotik. If your
выбор – Bobotik или Бейби Калм, обратите внимание, что Bobotik
Recommended for use from the 28th day of life. Other restrictions on
compared with Baby Calm, this drug does not. By and large,
All of these drugs act in different ways, so not superfluous
will have in the first-aid kit and vegetable Baby Calm, and drugs on
based on simethicone.

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