Drops and ointments for conjunctivitis for childrenof the year

Ill with conjunctivitis is unpleasant at any age: unpleasant
sensations, discharge from the eyes cause considerable discomfort. But still
children are more likely to have this problem than adults. Including
болеют совсем малыши, которым еще нет и of the year. In most cases
defeat the disease is not difficult. The main task in this case is to choose
�“Correct” drops or conjunctivitis ointment for the smallest

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  • 1 We treat bacterial conjunctivitis
    • 1.1 Video: conjunctivitis in children: prevention and treatment
    • 1.2 1. Drops Fucitalmik
    • 1.3 2. Albucidine Drops (Sulfacyl Sodium)
    • 1.4 3. Vitabak Drops
    • 1.5 4. Эритромициновая мазь
    • 1.6 5. Tobreks (ointment and drops)
  • 2 We treat viral conjunctivitis
    • 2.1 1. Drops Oftalmoferon
    • 2.2 2. Drops Aktipol
    • 2.3 3. Ointment Zovirax
  • 3 Treatment Council
    • 3.1 Videos: How to drip into the eyes of a child

капли от коньюктивита для новорожденных

Conjunctivitis can be a consequence of bacterial, viral
infections or allergies. Depending on what caused
problems with eyes, and you need to choose a medicine. Course treatment
must appoint a doctor, but before his inspection on some grounds
You can determine the nature of the disease, and start

Allergic conjunctivitis in newborns is a very
rare. Usually it occurs in those older than 3-4 years. but
даже если аллергический конъюнктивит сразил малыша до of the year, лечение
is to remove the allergen and taking antiallergic
drugs. Corticosteroids that have anti-inflammatory and
antiallergic action, in the form of eye drops such
small children are not assigned. But about drops for treatment
bacterial and viral conjunctivitis we talk
more details.

We treat bacterial conjunctivitis

The most common form of conjunctivitis. Bring
pathogenic bacteria on the shell of the eye can like a baby, so
and parents.

When children are actively exploring the surrounding space, keep track of
clean baby handles difficult. Touching everything baby picks up
their fingers are a lot of bacteria, and then can, for example, rub
eyes and “deliver” pathogens to
mucous membrane

Parents can unknowingly not follow the rules of hygiene and
wipe the baby with one towel after washing and after
washing, spreading bacteria from the excretion organs throughout the body.

Bacterial conjunctivitis can be found by following

  • Pain in the eye of the child. (The child rubs his eyes, there is
    feeling of a foreign object in the eye);
  • Yellow crusts appear on the eyelids;
  • Discharge / tearing from the eye (gray or
    yellow, visually cloudy and viscous, most often noticeable after
  • Agglomerated eyelids.

У новорожденного ребенка еще нет слез, поэтому при
the appearance of any discharge from the eyes can be a sign
развития конъюнктивита, а значит необходимо
consult a doctor.

Video: conjunctivitis in children: prevention and treatment

1. Drops Fucitalmik


This drug is a local antibiotic.
Fucitalmic is a viscous white suspension.
Блаof the yearря такой лекарственной форме (вязкости), Фуциталмик способен
long to be on the conjunctiva.

The drug is used conjunctivally, that is buried in
conjunctival sac of the eye. Method of application: 1 drop twice
per day for a week. If it does not help within 7 days, you need
пересмотреть treatment.

An open bottle is stored no longer than a month.

The average price of Futsitalmik drops in pharmacies is 350 rubles.

2. Albucidine Drops (Sulfacyl Sodium)


Antimicrobial drug, which is an aqueous
sulphacetamide solution. Only 20% is used to treat children.
solution (dosage can be clarified at the pharmacy). After burying
there may be a burning sensation.

Альбуцид капают конъюнктивальный мешок 4-6 раз в день по
1-2 drop, pre-heating the bottle to room

An open bottle is stored for no longer than 4 weeks.

The average price of Albucidum drops in pharmacies is 55 rubles.

3. Vitabak Drops


Antimicrobial drug with a wide spectrum of action.
Vitabak instilled 1 drop 2-6 times a day. A course of treatment
designed for 10 days, but can be extended if there is such

The average price of Vitabact in pharmacies is 250 rubles.

4. Эритромициновая мазь

Эритромициновая мазь

Мазь нужно закладывать за нижнее веко 3 раза в день.
Продолжительность лечения зависит от тяжести и формы
disease, but should not exceed 2 weeks.

Средняя цена в аптеках — 27 рублей.

Before use consult with the doctor.

5. Tobrex (ointment and drops)

Bury drops 5 times a day (every 4 hours), 1 drop below the bottom.
eyelid, ointment is laid at night under the lower eyelid.

We treat viral conjunctivitis

Viral conjunctivitis usually accompanies catarrhal viral infections.
diseases (ARVI, flu). Manifested disease is
that along with the symptoms of a cold, there is a strong tearing,
itchy eyes. Unlike bacterial conjunctivitis,
viral no purulent discharge causing sticking
Conjunctivitis begins with one eye, but
скоро переходит на second.

1. Drops Oftalmoferon


This drug has antiviral and immunomodulatory effects.
act. It activates local immunity and strengthens
restoration processes in the cornea. Depending on the
manifestations of conjunctivitis symptoms, drops are instilled from 2 to 8
once a day, 1-2 drops in each eye. Drip oftalmoferon in
average 5 days.

The average price of Ophthalmoferon at the pharmacy is 300 rubles.

2. Drops Aktipol


Antiviral agent that stimulates the production
own interferon. Aktipol quickly removes puffiness and
heals the affected cornea. Actipol drip 3-8 times a day
2 drops in both eyes. Even with the disappearance of symptoms
conjunctivitis use of the drug should be a full course from a week to
10 days.

The average price of Aktipol in the pharmacy is 150 rubles.

3. Ointment Zovirax


A strip of ointment 10 mm long should be placed under the lower eyelid in
lower conjunctival sac. Применять 5
раз в сутки каждые 4 ч. Производить лечение еще 3 дня
after healing.

The average price of 300 rubles

Treatment board

Even if only one eye is affected with conjunctivitis, bury
drops are needed in both: in the patient – for treatment, in healthy – for
prophylaxis. And when digging it is impossible to touch the pipette
cornea eyes. If this happens, before the next instillation
pipette need to process. This measure is necessary in order to pipette
do not spread the infection and do not provoke reinfection.

  1. As soon as symptoms of conjunctivitis are noticed, on the first day
    rinse baby’s eyes every two hours: if eyes are
    есть корочки, то уберите их при помощи ватного диск /ватной
    палочкой  смоченной фурацилином или отваром
    chamomile. Rinse each eye with a new cotton pad. (См
    Как ухаживать за глазками ребенка);
  2. The following days, wipe the eyes 2 times a day (for
  3. Choose a drop or ointment from the list above and apply according to
  4. Do not forget that you need to drip or smear both eyes, even
    if the disease is one thing. It is important;
  5. In no case with conjunctivitis, do not close your eyes with a bandage!
    Under the dressing, conditions are created for the reproduction of bacteria.

Instilling drops into the eyes of the kids tolerate enough
calm, so if time to start treatment, conjunctivitis quickly
retreat and will not annoy mom and crumbs.

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Video: how to drip into the eyes of a child

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