Drinking alcohol helps workbrain

Update: February 2019

Maiken Nedergrahard together with a group of scientists representing
University of Rochester (New York, USA), claim: admission
small amounts of alcoholic beverages are beneficial for working central
nervous system. The positive effect is to reduce
inflammatory and toxic phenomena in the nervous tissue. Edition
�Scientific Reports published the news in the next issue.

The study was focused on the so-called FPP.
(glial-lymphatic system) underlying brain
detoxification. Normal by continuous circulation
cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), the body cleans the brain from
toxic substances. Tau protein is removed and
beta amyloid that are associated with dementia. It is known that
The greatest activity of FPP is observed at night.

American scientists rated acute and chronic effects
alcoholic drinks on the brain and FPP laboratory

  • When used in high doses over a long period of time in
    tissues formed inflammatory markers at the molecular level.
    The largest number of them accumulated in astrocytes (special cells
    neuroglia, controlling the work of FPP). Along with inflammatory
    process decreased motor and cognitive capabilities of experimental
  • If a small dose of alcohol was used,
    the inflammatory reaction was less pronounced, and the exchange
    the liquor, on the contrary, was more intense.

The results of the experiment allow us to conclude: the impact
alcohol on the structures of FPP and detoxification processes is in
direct dependence on its dose. With the abuse of alcohol
adverse events will develop, but refuse to use
completely still not worth it. 1-2 glasses of wine may well improve
condition of your body.

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