Dress the baby for a winter walk – choosewinter coveralls

With the arrival of subzero temperatures, moms are increasingly concerned with how
Dress your baby warm and comfortable. Next comes the question of what to wear.
the most.

Одеваем малыша для зимней прогулки

Mothers often want to wrap up their babies in several
blankets, fasten all the buttons and hide under the raincoat. Remember
what really is your baby most needed right now? Mother’s warm
hands and milk! And it turns out that it can be done even in cold weather.

Choosing clothes for a baby from 3 months

An active and inquisitive baby will need a jumpsuit with
legs. So it will be more comfortable for him to be upright. You
be able to teach your baby to sit down on your thigh. It will help
protect the child from underdevelopment of the hip joints and
prepare the muscles for walking. Jumpsuit-envelope in many ways
loses, because it does not allow the baby to move freely.

There are several types of jumpsuits, and some have their own

Цельнокроеный комбинезон состоит из сшитых
between themselves jackets and panties. Important benefits are not
airflow and ease of handling. But keep in mind that such
in six months, the overalls will not be the size of the baby. Not
It is recommended to take such a model for growth, otherwise all the advantages
will not be relevant. Not исключено и то, что малыш успеет перерасти
suit with a margin.

Также продаются модели, состоящие из отдельного
полукомбинезона и курточки
. The straps of the pants are adjustable, and
so can serve more than one season.

To the child did not blow under the jacket, it is best to wear
pants over it. Then if you carry a baby in a sling or on
hands, the jacket will not lift. This wearing will give the child
move freely and provide comfort.

Наверняка вы видели комплекты из курточки и штанишек без
. This option is not very good for little kids,
because it is the most purged. In this case, only save
additional trousers with a breast and straps.

Clothing material


When it comes to clothes for babies, always need to be paid
due attention to the fabric. For children’s outerwear is best
non-wetting materials are suitable. It is also important that she does not
slipped, otherwise there is a chance to drop the baby. Agree
it’s hard to keep a child slipping constantly.

So that the baby does not sweat, think in advance about the lining. He shouldn’t
be made of artificial fur. The most suitable materials – calico,
knitwear and flannel and fleece of good quality.

Feel free to buy costumes on sintepon. The jacket on the down fit
at temperatures from -15 ° C and below. If you use for walking
sling, do not forget that you warm the child with your own
warmth And as you know, babies are not recommended to walk already at
12-15 ° C, because nasal passages still cannot warm cold air
when breathing. In addition, down is undesirable because it has a smell,
which is exacerbated by dampness. Youбрав другой наполнитель, можно
avoid the bad mood of the baby.

Sheepskin coat or fur coat is very bulky and will not let the baby loose
move. Because of the characteristics of the cut in the coat, the baby will
to blow Note that the fur is very slippery.


Small growing legs do not need serious shoes. They
will give you and the baby inconvenience both in the sling and in the arms –
the sole will cling and the baby will seem heavier. Simply
twist and carefully sew the holes under the legs, if the suit
with a margin. If the jumpsuit is exactly the size, buy or sew
Baby warm booties. The baby is still not very much moving, so
besides booties, be sure to wear wool socks. You можете
prefer boots. They должны быть не слишком большими и

Depending on the size of the jumpsuit, you can either sew
sleeves, or get mittens. Children from the year will be needed in the fall
and spring gloves.

Newborn babies

If the baby was born at the end of winter, do not rush to buy overalls.
The first time baby walks in the winter months are not desirable.
Then you can swaddle the baby in a baby wool blanket and without
problems wearing it in a sling. Also suitable for a walk down
scarf with a dense viscous. This shawl is softer and lighter than
a blanket.

If the baby was born at the beginning of winter, the jumpsuit is useful.
in 3-4 months. From these months he begins to be interested in everything around.
(overalls can be selected in the online store Lessi –

For a newborn, a special jumpsuit with two
lightning, but you can do without it at first and look after
overalls by 3-4 months.

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