Drastic weight loss leads to the development of stones ingallbladder

Update: February 2019

Diets that contribute to dramatic weight loss can lead to
the emergence of gallstone disease. In Sweden, specialists
Karolinska Institute found that very strict low-calorie
diets are not only not conducive to keeping the weight off, but also
dangerous to health, increasing the risk of calculus in the gall
the bubble.

Researchers from Sweden found out that those who comply
low calorie diets for quick weight loss are exposed
риску образования камней в gallbladder, даже в сравнении с тем,
who follow more gradual diets and reduce weight slowly,
supplementing physical exertion a slight limitation in
balanced nutrition.

This study was to study the negative impact
low-calorie diets on human health in the future, as well as
stable weight retention after rapid weight loss.
Experts reviewed 6,600 programs on dietary nutrition.
Intrim, which specializes in developing
individual diets and provides advice to individuals on issues
weight loss.

Диеты опасны для желчного пузыря

After analyzing the results of diets, it turned out that 65 people
using diets with 500 calories per day developed gallstone
disease, and 48 people were hospitalized for
inpatient treatment (see gallbladder laparoscopy).

Scientists have concluded that such strict diets lead to
cholecystitis (see cholecystitis symptoms, treatment), increase the level
cholesterol in bile and also increase bilirubin, leading to
violation of timely emptying of the gallbladder, to stagnation
bile and the formation of stones in it.

Moderate diet, which is 1300-1400 calories per day
contributes to a more stable result and 3 times less
accompanied by the occurrence of gallstone disease, rather than
strict diet with 500 calories. Of course, the effect of extreme
calorie restriction is very fast, but not resistant and dangerous for
health, people seeking to lose weight rapidly, after giving up
diets are quickly gaining weight again.

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