Drastic weight loss after childbirth can be dangerous.for good health

Update: February 2019

Doctors, nutritionists, do not recommend moms who have recently given birth
child, try to quickly lose weight and return
former figure immediately after the birth of the child. Weight and shape should
normalize naturally after 6-9 months after birth,
but not after 1.5 months, as happens with celebrities.

Experts believe that in the first year of a child’s life a mother should
focus not on the return of the figure, but on motherhood. Not
We will tell why it is the most responsible, disturbing and
important period in a baby, this is obvious (see what to do with colic in
новорожденного,  понос  у грудничка, запор у
newborn baby, how to administer the baby food).

Today, public opinion, developed stereotypes of the standard
beauty, “star” appearance – have considerable pressure on
most women. Many famous singers, actresses, models,
designers show rapid weight loss after childbirth,
return to the former ideal figures in just 4-6 weeks,
what is admired by ordinary women and the desire to approach
these results.

However, all average women have no opportunity
hire nutrition experts, a personal chef, a trainer – those
professionals without whom it is impossible to lose weight without harm for
health They take care of all the development work.
the best individual, optimal way to lose weight.


And an independent pursuit of the ideal figure immediately after
childbirth leads to the fact that mothers sit down on the strictest, dangerous for
health diets and torture themselves overwhelming for the body

This is reflected not only in the health of the woman, but also in the child –
undernutrition, increased physical exertion leads to
problems with lactation, the baby lacks breast milk.

And not least, a woman from a calm and balanced
becomes irritable, nervous, communication with the child becomes
tense, defective.

Experts of the Royal College of Midwives express
the concern that the real is evolving today
epidemic among women in the form of eating disorders that
accompanied by anxiety. In this case, due to psychological
pressure hanging over a woman she may suffer from feelings of guilt
in front of a child for the emotional discomfort caused to him.

After all, it is proved that the emotional state, the mood of the mother
automatically transferred to a child under 7 years old, especially this connection
observed between mothers and daughters. Therefore, do not rush
events, dramatic weight loss has a very adverse effect on
health, and especially not worth it to the detriment of your baby.

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