Dr. Roshal advised going to the store in gloves

Roshal recommended going to the gloved store

“In stores, use gloves when taking the cart. public restrooms use napkins or a piece of toilet paper when you need to drain the water or open the door. Wash hands or treat hands and phones with a special antiseptic – especially an important rule that must be strictly observed. ”


He noted that contacts with people with signs of respiratory disease, large companies, by the ability to maintain a distance from each other to one and a half to two meters, less hugging and kissing in meetings, it is worth wearing masks when the first signs of a runny nose or cough appear, sneeze and cough only in a handkerchief or elbow. Do not use in patients with respiratory come to clinics with diseases, when signs appear diseases need to remotely consult with operators call centers or call a medical professional at home, specified Roshal.

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