Domestic cats may be infectedbullish tuberculosis

Update: February 2019

UK Department of Health reported cases reported
human infection with bovine-type tuberculosis upon contact with
sick domestic cats. This study was written in
Veterinary Record.

Not many people know that besides Mycobacterium tuberculosis M.
tuberculosis that affect a person exists and
a closely related species of mycobacterium – Mycobacterium bovis, which
causes so-called bovine tuberculosis. These mycobacteria
affect farm animals, dogs, cats (most often

Однако M. bovis могут поражать не только животных, но и,
ignoring the species barrier, causing human tuberculosis –
a disease with a similar clinical picture, as caused by M.
tuberculosis, including its extrapulmonary forms (tuberculosis
bones, joints, spine, kidney, urogenital tuberculosis and

Кошка может заразить туберкулезомInfection,
caused by M. bovis mainly affects agricultural
animals, transmission to humans occurs most often through
contaminated non-boiled cow milk, in contact with animals –
in violation of the integrity of the skin, inhalation
mycobacterium and infection of mucous membranes

Last year, the Animal Protection Agency and the Ministry
здравоохранения Великобритании в графствах Гемпшир
и Беркшир зарегистрировали и провели исследования 9 случаев
infection of domestic cats “bull tuberculosis.”

After finding sick cats, it was determined that they had with them
Contact 24 people, they all soon passed the examination.
As a result, 2 cases of latent tuberculosis and
2 cases of active tuberculosis.

In the latent form, the person is not contagious, but without treatment
this form can become active. Laboratory data obtained
after molecular analysis, showed that mycobacteria
Mycobacterium bovis detected in sick cats and those with active
the shape was identical. This confirms that the infection
mycobacteria come from infected animals.

Persons with active tuberculosis are currently undergoing treatment.
and in both cases, the body responds well to anti-tuberculosis
treatment. These are the first reported cases of transmission.
tuberculosis infection from cats to humans. Head of Control
for zoonotic infections, Dilis Morganza is reassured that among
cats cases of tuberculosis are quite rare
because livestock is mainly affected and the risk of infection comes from
animals, though there is, but not high.

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