Dolphin for sinus

Update: November 2018

Dolphin is a mineral-herbal complex with herbal extracts.
and a mixture of sea salt, which when dissolved forms ready
to use yellow and brown odorless solution. This healing
salt solution is identical in concentration and composition to physiological
fluids in the human body.

Therefore, even with daily use, it does not have
irritant to mucous membranes, does not cause swelling.
In this case, the fluid has a mild antiallergic,
anti-edema and anti-inflammatory action, stimulating
local immune and reparative processes in the nasal mucosa, increasing
tissue regeneration, altered by infection.


  • It should be remembered that the bottle for washing in this way
    intended for individual use only. Dolphin for sinus
  • And also it is necessary with extreme caution to apply Dolphin to people
    suffering from high blood pressure, angle-closure
    glaucoma, you can not use the drug for atrophic rhinitis, and
    also with individual intolerance to the components of the powder for
  • The use of saline for more than 10 days is not advisable.
    because with longer use increases the risk of reducing
    vascular tone, as well as a change in microflora
    nasal mucosa.
  • Dolphin is safe for use by pregnant women and children.
    with 3 years.
  • Использование устройства Dolphin for sinus не является
    a panacea, especially in severe and chronic process, the use of
    it is effective in the initial stage of the disease and only in
    complex therapy.

Помогает ли Dolphin for sinus?

Sinusitis – quite a serious disease, diagnosis and
therapy which is made only by appointment of an otolaryngologist.
For the successful treatment of sinusitis is necessary complex
the use of a number of therapeutic drugs and procedures follows
follow a doctor’s recommendation, use oral or
injectable antibiotics, vasoconstrictor, washing
paranasal sinuses, apply local antiseptic and
antimicrobial agents.


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One of the means for washing the nose is the Dolphin device. With
sinusitis and sinusitis as irrigation and rinsing of the nasal cavity
it is quite effective, even with inflammation
wedge-shaped sinuses. The device is very simple and convenient when
home use.

A nasal cavity cleaned this way, which communicates with
paranasal sinuses, promotes gradual cleansing and
выводных протоков пазух, гайморовых в том числе. It creates
условия для более эффективного оттока содержимого из пазух,
thereby speeding recovery.

Rinsing the nose with Dolphin solution except mechanical removal
purulent contents, has a healing effect, restores
permeability, improves breathing through the nose. In addition, after
treatment of the nasal cavity increases the efficiency of the application
other medicines decreases the time of use
vasoconstrictor agents.

Since 2013, this convenient device began to be equipped with a special
nozzle for the tube, so now the flow of the solution into
nasal cavity is more evenly and smoothly. With
this procedure can compensate for accidental
excessive pressure and fluid flow is gradual.
This is an added convenience that reduces unwanted

Dolphin is a convenient and inexpensive device for home washing.
the nose, the average price of it in pharmacies is: per device and 10
bags of powder about 250-270 rubles., 30 bags of 300-320 rubles.,
device with 30 bags 340-420 rub. (for children, for adults,
with allergies).

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