Dogs reduce the risk of atopic dermatitischildren

Update: February 2019

Известно, что атопический дерматит у children и взрослых — это
recurrent chronic skin disease that affects 20%
children и 3% взрослых. При этом у children он выражается эксудативными
rashes and allergies to any external irritants.
До сих пор причины появления атопического дерматита у children не
clear but detectable genetic and negative
environmental factors. Italian scientists were carried out
large-scale studies that have established that if there is a home
dog, the risk of developing atopic dermatitis in a child is reduced
by 25%. This applies only to dogs, as the presence of cats
does not affect the risks of atopic dermatitis, their presence
does not increase the risk and does not reduce it.

Professionals from Milan working at the Institute of Pharmacological
research, decided to conduct a study, in the framework of the confirmation
or denial of the “hygienic hypothesis” that exists with
1989 According to this hypothesis, it is believed that in modern
society in the absence of a child in childhood sufficient contact with
infectious agents, violated immune responses when ripe
body defenses resulting in allergic diseases
или аутоиммунным процессам у children.Как лечить атопический дерматит у children - заводите собаку


More than 20 studies were conducted, in which
health assessment of women during pregnancy and assessment
здоровья рожденных ими children, при этом учитывались такие факторы
environment like having pets in the house. Research
Families in the USA, Japan and Europe were affected.

Как лечить атопический дерматит у children? Before pregnancy
should get a dog, since it was determined that it is a homemade
animal, with its constant presence in the house reduces the risk by 25%
возникновения у children атопического дерматита. Any other
animals have a less noticeable effect than the presence in the house

These data have been classified taking into account many other
factors such as hereditary disposition, a tendency to
allergic reactions in the family, especially to atopic dermatitis,
parents smoking, their social status, education and
economic status. Therefore, in order to have a future generation in
no further treatment of atopic dermatitis – newlyweds should
start a dog in the house.

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