Does the child need sterile conditions?

You know that children who grow up in sterile conditions are ill
much more often?

You climb out of your skin to create a safe baby
Wednesday Every day cleaning and disinfection. No microbe
will penetrate the house. And what happens? That temperature in the child, then
snot, then the throat hurts …

And the neighbor vacuuming once a week, dust rubs as much as possible,
the dog runs around the house, spreading the infection. About toys and talk
nothing, all dog licked. And the hospital neighbor does not go: children
do not get sick.

We wanted the best. How well it all began …

Finally, the baby was taken from the hospital. In the room
newborn babies are waiting for sterile diapers, undershirts and a pacifier.
Before you take the child in their arms, they wash themselves thoroughly with soap.
Kissing on the cheek is prohibited. No visits from relatives! These
peddlers of infection do not cross the threshold of your house for a long time

Baby grows. He had the first toys –
sterile rattles. In the room по-прежнему каждый день влажная
cleaning with the latest disinfectants.

It’s time to crawl. Here the baby is waiting for a surprise –
playpen No, he will not, like other children, explore the world in taste and
touch After all, it is dangerous, everywhere microbes! He is prepared sterile

The baby started walking. Now disinfection is a matter
of paramount importance. The enemy will not hide! Mother is barely able to stand
worth it, but she firmly believes that microbes have no place next to her

Baby grew up. It’s time to kindergarten. But not here
It was!

Four days in the garden – two weeks at the hospital. AND
This algorithm is repeated with terrifying regularity.


I would like to ask: how does a child develop immunity, if he
not even familiar with microbes? AND насколько оправданы такие усилия по
keeping clean?

Are microbes so scary?

ANDрония! Children who grew up in dysfunctional families where they do not know
What is cleanliness and order, rarely get sick.

Are germs and bacteria so scary?

  1. First, if the baby is deprived of contact with harmful
    microorganisms, it loses and useful. After all, they are not
    sort out.
  2. Secondly, in contact with “pests”, the child is formed
    immunity to many diseases whose strains are those
    bacteria and microbes.

Why are we afraid?

The reason parents create sterile conditions for
baby – fear.

– Little. And suddenly ill. — AND начинается… дезинфекция
floors, walls, toys and everything that may come in contact
pussy As a result, for which they fought, they ran into it. The diagnosis is
allergic, asthmatic, chronic rhinitis. At best – often
sick child.

Why it happens?

Are microbes enemies or friends?

In the womb, the baby inherits non-specific immunity. After
birth is formed specific (acquired).

Learning the world on taste and touch, the baby gets acquainted with microflora.
Some microorganisms have a beneficial effect, others do not. WITH
The latest immune system fights, producing antibodies. Externally
it is not always noticeable. But in the cells of a growing organism constantly
there is a struggle. ANDменно эти антитела и формируют приобретенный
crumbs immunity. The more diverse the microbes in the child’s environment, the
wider immune system. Therefore, it is important to create clean
conditions, but not sterile, so that the baby gets acquainted with a wide
spectrum of bacteria in small quantities.

When a child grows up in a sterile environment, he, as an alien
on your own planet. Nothing within his home
not threatened. Going outside, plunged into the world of alien aggressive
microorganisms. WITHколько он продержится? 4 – 8 days? And then his
waiting for home mode, medicine … Lack of fresh air and
antibiotics inhibit the immune system. The child recovered – all
in a new way.

Clean and sterile are not the same thing.

The mistake of young moms to listen to one and hear another. There is a difference
between sanitary and hygienic conditions and sterile.

  • Maintaining cleanliness involves cleaning the room as
    pollution. Saw garbage on the floor, dust on the shelves – vacuum,
    wipe with a damp cloth. The nipple fell to the floor, the baby dropped the toy
    – rinse with warm boiled water.

Many parents are afraid to have pets. WITHчитая мохнатых друзей
carriers of infection. Do not deprive the child of communication with our brothers
smaller ones. They not only bring joy, but also expand
baby microflora. Yes, they have germs! Nothing wrong.
WITHчитайте, что они ваши друзья.

  • ANDспользовать дезинфицирующие средства в детской комнате стоит
    if necessary, get rid of the infection. When she herself already
    has shown. Usually after or during the hospital period.

Afterдние десятилетия количество аллергиков растет. Scientists
trace the dependence of the disease on overuse in these
families cleanliness. The fact is that the chemical industry
uses aggressive substances as components: peroxides,
phenols, alcohols. If the body and arms can be protected with water, simply flush
from the surface, the respiratory organs are unarmed. But evaporating, these
particles settle in the lungs. Think about it: what your children breathe in
sterile conditions.

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