Does douching help soda, chamomile whenthrush

Update: November 2018

Candidiasis or thrush in women is a female disease.
genital organs that are caused by yeast fungi
genus Candida. The manifestations of this disease may be minor,
such as inflammation of the vagina, or to be more serious, such
as inflammation of the cervix, cervical canal, urethra, etc. Major
симптомы, беспокоящие женщину при thrush, могут быть
intense or not pronounced:

  • Highlight curd consistency, white and gray with
    sourish odor – the most characteristic sign of vaginal candidiasis
    among women.
  • Itching of varying intensity, aggravated by physical
    load, during sexual intercourse, during water procedures
  • Burning, discomfort during intercourse
  • Pain when urinating
  • Swelling, redness in the crotch area

However, similar symptoms or some of them may not be
only for candidiasis, but also for other urogenital diseases
system, so you should not engage in self-analysis and self-treatment, and
when there are similar signs of thrush, the woman should
consult a gynecologist to clarify the cause of discomfort,
since only a doctor when examining and carrying out the relevant
tests can establish an accurate diagnosis. You should also know that
in no case before visiting a gynecologist
douche, otherwise the results of the analyzes will be unreliable.

Treatment of thrush by douching – helps or not?

On the Internet you can find many ways to treat
various solutions for douching, and for the treatment
thrush. However, most gynecologists all over the world on
Based on many clinical studies, it states that
self-douching is very risky:

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  • Douching disrupts the natural composition of normal
    vaginal microflora, which provokes the development of bacterial
    vaginosis and thrush itself
  • Douching promotes the spread of infection and development
    inflammation of the uterus, endometriosis, endometritis
  • Any douching solutions can cause serious damage.

Many women practice douching as very affordable,
A simple way to self-treatment of any ailments at home.

For the treatment of thrush use various solutions with
antibacterial components – soda, potassium permanganate, iodine, peroxide
hydrogen, boric acid, furatsilina solution, hlopofillipt, 
chlorhexidine. Considering that it contributes to the destruction
pathogens and leads to a complete cure for
thrush or other diseases.


Important!!! For the treatment of thrush there are special
effective drugs in the form of suppositories, such as
Livarol, Zalain, Lomeksin, etc. (all effective candles from
thrush), also for chronic candidiasis, it is recommended to take
oral antifungal drugs in gynecology, such as
Pimafutsin, Irunin, Fluconazole, during the treatment of thrush it is more
reasonable, desirable treatment options, rather than unsafe and
doubtful douching.

Irrigation soda for candidiasis

СодаMost women resort to this treatment.
candida as douching soda. При thrush такой способ не
not only effective, useless, but also provoking
factor for the development of thrush in perfectly healthy women.

The soda solution is able to destroy fungi and for a short time.
to relieve a woman of unpleasant symptoms, such as itching and burning,
but only for a short time, and later destroyed
douching normal vaginal microflora can not
to recover and resist the onslaught of fungal infections.
Получается замкнутый круг, спринцевание содой при thrush —
provokes new growth of fungal microorganisms in the vagina.

Chamomile for candidiasis

Аптечная ромашкаToday, numerous
research conducted by foreign experts in the field
gynecology aimed at proving efficacy and
safety use for douching decoctions and infusions
various herbs have not been confirmed.

Many women in the hope of miraculous properties
medicinal herbs such as chamomile, celandine,
calendula, tea tree, string, sage, etc., use them to

Ромашка при thrush не может оказать значительного влияния на
reduction in the growth of pathogenic yeast fungi, its beneficial
properties can not fully have a positive effect, and
навредить health излишнем вымыванием микрофлоры может.

Peroxide and manganese

МарганцовкаThese methods of treating thrush at home
also not amenable to any criticism
peroxide and potassium permanganate is very doubtful, and the probability of harm
mucous The sheath of the vagina is very large.

With a significant concentration of these chemical compounds is high
the risk of burns, and potassium permanganate and hydrogen peroxide have
property dry mucous membrane and use
Such methods of vaginal reorganization are possible only by qualified
a doctor if he deems it necessary.

Dosing with boric acid, chlorhexidine

Considering the above, antiseptic solutions such as
boric acid and chlorhexidine also use for douching
при thrush не целесообразно. Much healthier and safer
use these chemicals – potassium permanganate, peroxide
hydrogen, boric acid, chlorhexidine – in complex treatment
thrush for daily washing of the external genitalia (not
douching, and washing away), it eases the symptoms of thrush and does not
вредит mucous влагалища.

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