Does cyston help cystitis?

Update: October 2018

Cystitis refers to those diseases that permanently deprive
human ability to normally work effectively, keep active
lifestyle, normal sex life. Faced with this ailment
almost one in three middle-aged people suffer mostly
this affliction of a woman.

The peculiarity of the disease is that having appeared once, often
acute cystitis becomes chronic, with periodic
relapses. The causative agents of cystitis are conditionally pathogenic
bacteria that multiply when provoking
factors – stress, hypothermia, weakened immunity after
protracted diseases. In women, one of the causes of the chronic course
disease is the defloration option (injury, including
when wearing linen tango and strings of synthetic fabrics). BUT
also cystitis associated with sexual life, that is, a reaction to
conditionally pathogenic flora partner.

Many patients see similarity with
cystitis disease. Therefore, when the occurrence of characteristic
symptoms are often considered to be a remedy for cystitis. However in
In cases where the cystitis is acute, use in the treatment
only it is not enough. Any vegetable remedy should
prescribed by the attending physician on the basis of a clinical diagnosis
paintings, a certain course with the control of the results in the dynamics
(see the list of all drugs for cystitis).



The composition of the drug Tsiston includes more than a dozen of vegetable
extracts that have antimicrobial, diuretic,
anti-inflammatory properties. These are extracts:

  • horse bean seeds
  • stoneworm reedЦистон при цистите
  • flowers of the stem of the two harps
  • madder syrup
  • teak seed
  • rhizomes syty filmy
  • pavonia fragrant
  • prismous onosma
  • ashen ash
  • seeds strawberry rough
  • sweet basil
  • horse bean seeds
  • the fruits of the yagots creeping
  • seed mimosa bashful
  • horsetail

These herbal extracts increase the blood supply to the urinary
pathways, kidney, which causes diuretic and anti-inflammatory
act. Reduce the content of calcium, oxalic
кислоты, гидроксипролина в моче, это очень важно для
prevention of stone formation. Moreover, Cystone is a medicine
which can cause microcrushes of urinary calculi
(stones) and leads to their softening.

Cyst’s positive action

  • Herbal ingredients that make up the drug,
    contribute to an increase of up to 30 percent daily diuresis in
    patients, thereby speeding up the process of excretion from the body
    accumulated mucus, pus, infectious agents.
  • Cystone is used in maintenance therapy for cystitis, that is, not
    simultaneously with antibiotics (because while taking
    diuresis increases, the antibiotic concentration decreases in
    urinary tract). It is advisable to appoint it at the second stage.
    treatment after nitrofurans and antibiotics.
  • Unlike antibiotics, it does not have a negative effect.
    on the microflora of the intestine and urinary system.
  • It has a potassium-sparing effect, allowing you to avoid
    effects of electrolyte abnormalities in the body.
  • He has no side effects, except for allergic reactions, his
    can be used for a long time, as a monotherapy.
  • Ciston, the price of which is available (2018, about 380-400
    rub.), is available in tablet form, which creates convenience
    accurate dosing and ease of use.

Lack of use of cystone

For acute cystitis, use this medicine only.
recommended. It is a known fact that treatment with any medicinal
herbs mean their long use and not momentary
Effect. Therefore, the effect of the medication Cyston with cystitis is gradual,
and in the acute course of the disease with severe pain use
only cystone is not enough. Increase the frequency of admission,
number of tablets per dose for greater efficiency – in this
the case is not worth it, it only provokes allergic reactions.

How to take cystic with cystitis

In complex therapy in the treatment of cystitis tablets Cystone
take after meals 2 pcs. 2 times a day until it subsides
inflammatory process, it is usually 6-10 weeks.

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