Does cranberry help with cystitis?

Update: October 2018

Cranberry is one of the most affordable, well-known and most useful.
wild berries that are used to treat various
human diseases in traditional medicine. It is used as
excellent tonic, firming, therapeutic agent, not by chance
cranberries ripen just to frost, nature itself suggests
the person that needs to strengthen their health in the cold. She is
incredibly rich in biologically active substances:

  • Of the organic acids, it is primarily benzoic acid in
    a vaccine glycoside form that effectively protects cranberry fruit
    from fungi and bacteria, possessing antimicrobial action.
  • Cranberries are rich in triterpenoids – mainly oleanolic and
    Ursolic acid with powerful anti-inflammatory
    properties because they inhibit the activity of enzymes
    lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase.
  • Pectic substances – promote detoxification and excretion
    heavy metals, radioactive particles from the human body.
  • Tannins – phenolic compounds that can inhibit
    penetrate the cells of the body and inhibit the growth of pathogenic
    microorganisms. Hence the properties of cranberry juice – gain
    antibiotic action.
  • Flavonoids – anthocyanins, catechins, leucoanthocyanins, they improve
    elasticity of blood vessels and able to regulate
    permeability of their walls, preventing sclerotic
  • There are not many vitamins in cranberries, but also minerals
    богата — калий, натрий, фосфор,  и микроэлементами – алюминий,
    iron, manganese, zinc.
  • Due to the high content of acids in the composition of the cranberries to use
    large quantities are contraindicated for persons with: peptic ulcer
    stomach, gastritis with high acidity, diseases
    the liver.

Treatment of cystitis cranberries

A lot of conflicting information about the effectiveness of treatment.
cystitis cranberries. Someone she really helps, someone is experiencing
deterioration after the start of the reception, someone does not help. how
to figure out whether cranberry is effective for cystitis?

Given the diuretic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory
cranberry, it is called a natural antibiotic and therefore
widely used in complex treatment, rehabilitation course and
Prevention of the following diseases:клюква при цистите

  • Urolithiasis, to prevent education
  • Kidney and bladder diseases
  • Inflammatory gynecological diseases
  • After complicated delivery
  • Cystitis, jade
  • Anemia
  • Tuberculosis
  • Atherosclerosis

Usually, cranberry juice or
fresh juice from berries. When the body starts
inflammation in the urinary system, in the urine
a lot of alkali is secreted, the infection multiplies
quickly. Cranberry acts as a natural acidifier
juice, not allowing germs to attach to the walls of the urinary
ways and reducing their number. Cranberries an hour after ingestion and
further for 12 hours prevents attachment to the mucous
about 80 percent of the main E. coli population
возбудителя cystitis. Containing substances in cranberries change the composition
urine that becomes unsuitable for reproduction and
vital activity of bacteria.

If you face the question – how to cure chronic cystitis?
Know that drinking cranberry juice or cranberry juice in quantities
300 mg per day, many patients have exacerbations of chronic
cystitis 2 – 3 times. However, the dosage of juice and the frequency of administration in
depending on tolerance, it is desirable to select individually.
Moreover, the tablet form containing cranberries, as the main
active ingredient have unpleasant side effects because
the concentration of substances in them is too high. And natural juice from
cranberries or juice is more effective and safe. In addition, if there is
allergic reactions to any drugs, then this
the berry can just be a salvation.


For faster recovery, include more in your diet.
herbal products that also help with cystitis: celery,
parsley, dill, carrots, watermelons, asparagus, birch sap, infusion
rosehip, bearberry, lingonberry leaf.

You should not rely on the cranberries as a 100% panacea for
urogenital diseases. With acute cystitis, with pains below
abdomen, with false desires and frequent, painful urination, with
fever, general weakness, do not delay the visit to
a doctor, treatment of cystitis with cranberries will not be enough, necessary
antibiotics, antiseptics (see all tablets for cystitis).

Cystitis is an infectious disease most often caused by
E. coli. When it is secondary, it appears as
a symptom of any hidden infections, for example, ureaplasma,
mycoplasma, chlamydia, candidiasis, etc., the treatment should be
directed to a specific pathogen.

how приготовить клюквенный морс

This is not difficult to do: knead 1 cup of cranberries, can be in a blender,
but better in a mortar with a wooden spoon, the resulting juice
pour into separate dishes. Pulp berries pour 1 liter of water and
to boil. The resulting broth strain and mix with juice
Cranberry juice with cystitis is better to use without sugar.

Studies on the effectiveness of cranberry for
cystitis treatment

Very unexpectedly, but scientists from the Cochrane Community were
A major systematic review has been conducted. The study found
that cranberries and drugs based on it do not reduce the frequency
cystitis. The review covered 24 studies in which
участвовало 4473 женщины с частыми обострениями cystitis. They were
divided into 4 groups:

  • cranberry medication group
  • placebo group (see what is a placebo effect)
  • group taking only water in large quantities
  • untreated group

Compared the effectiveness of drugs on the basis of cranberry against
cystitis. So, the researchers say neither cranberry juice, nor
Cranberry extract tablets are not effective drugs.
Preventing urinary tract infections. However celebrate
some positive dynamics in women with chronic cystitis,
but no reliable evidence was obtained. Conclusion
researchers: cranberry juice is useful for some women, but for
achieve effect, it is necessary to use it in a very large
quantity, which makes it unacceptable as a medicinal

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