Does compression knitwear help with varicose veins?- opinion of British experts

Update: February 2019

For almost 50 years, medicine has been considering compression
knitwear as the basis for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins
varicose veins. It is advertised as a convenient, quality product,
which should be worn every day for people with varicose veins. But,
experts from the National Institutes of Health in Britain,
compression underwear for varicose veins was called a waste
time and money. How do they argue their statement?
Experts believe that wearing compression stockings may not be
only useless but potentially dangerous means of therapy
varicose veins, as it may increase the risk of thrombosis and
trophic ulcers. This decisive statement was founded only
only on the grounds that there are still no reliable
evidence about the benefits of using compression knitwear
varicose veins.

As with any treatment methods, such therapy has as its
supporters and opponents. British experts claim that
existing belief about the benefits of compression underwear is a myth
as it relies only on subjective perception and sensation
patient when wearing such knitwear. Most supporters
This method, as well as the patients themselves, feel a decrease in fatigue.
leg pain relief, whereas clinically it is not

In addition, some groups of patients simply do not allow them
use for example in diabetes when impaired
blood circulation in the legs, and stockings reduce it even more, it can
promote the formation of ulcers and skin lesions. But oh
contraindications to the use of compression clothes
mention in instructions for use.

British experts have issued recommendations that call for
doctors to revise the treatment algorithms of this, difficult to
treatment, disease. They offer as the main, main
endovasal laser coagulation therapy
endothermic ablation, sclerotherapy of varicose veins, that is
surgical treatment methods.

Experts believe that you should move away from compression therapy,
as from the method of the last century, when in the arsenal of modern medicine,
specifically phlebology, today there is enough
high-tech, minimally invasive treatment of varicose veins
varicose veins. So wear or not wear compression underwear after
received information? Some doctors and manufacturers of such clothes
highly recommend, and surgeons insist on their

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