Does cancer cause talcum powder?

Update: February 2019

In a recent sensational story, a couple from New Jersey sued
producer Johnson & Johnson and Imerys 117 million dollars. AT
the lawsuit claimed that brand products led to
development of pleural cancer.

The carcinogenic effect of talc is not discussed the first year. Earlier
he was accused of provoking ovarian cancer, now it has come to cancer
lung. Lack of reliable information on carcinogenicity
led to the fact that the substance does not prohibit or limit in
production. We will understand the scientific facts.

Carcinogen: asbestos or talc?

Talc is a natural mineral that is mined near
deposits of asbestos (carcinogen). Earlier in Talc
asbestos supplements were found and people with lung cancer also sued
with companies, but the current trial is the first in
which the court decided the case in favor of the plaintiff.

There are studies showing that talc
increases the risk of lung cancer by itself. Taiwanese meta-analysis
14 studies have shown a high risk of cancer among mine workers
extracting talc.Тальк и рак

Talc and ovarian cancer

AT 1971 году группа ученых обнаружила частицы талька глубоко в
cervical and ovarian tissues. However, the main reason
cancer development talc is not called. AT 1982 году Даниел Крамер из
Harvard published the results of his research in which
analyzed case histories of 400 women. Those of them that
used talc in intimate areas, more often suffered from cancer

AT других исследованиях, наоборот, не найдено связи между тальком
and cancer. AT исследовании 2016 года Women’s Health Initiative
Observational Study analyzed 61,000 women in the period
menopause. Scientists have concluded that syringing increases the risk
ovarian cancer development is more than using talc.

AT последнее время изучается теория, что тальк вызывает рак не
directly, and through inflammation, which over time acquires
malignant. See also how tests determine cancer
how not to get cancer, cancer cells in smokers occur in 20
лет до рака lung. Communication injuries and oncology.

Today, the use of talc is limited in the production of goods
for children and cosmetics only in Canada and the EU. To accept
radical decisions and prohibit the use of talc are needed
reliable scientific data. As of April 2018 talc
not included in the list of potential carcinogens National
toxicological program of the USA.

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