Does beer help to increase lactation?

Breastfeeding moms sometimes resort to different methods.
increase lactation. One of the most common misconceptions
most recent time is the popular myth that increasing
Breast milk contributes to drinking beer. How true
and this information is reliable – let’s try to figure it out.

пиво и лактация

Пиво во время грудного вскармливания: «за» и «против»

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lactation – 10 main recommendations

Having heard such “valuable” advice, newly-made moms rejoice
opportunities to “kill two birds with one stone” at the same time: pamper yourself
forgotten during pregnancy, the taste of beer and affect the tide
milk Such zealous desire was fueled and the observations of some
scientists who have identified the relationship between the consumption of beer and
increased lactation. These scientists believe that lactation increases after
due to the content in this low alcohol beverage barley polysaccharide
and yeast.

But medical workers are in a hurry to dispel the myth about the benefits of beer when
breastfeeding. And this is quite logical

  1. When drinking beer, breast increases not from
    the flow of milk, and from the retention in the tissues of the mammary glands of salts and
    fluid. The amount of milk remains the same.
  2. Beer, like any other alcoholic drink, unhindered
    enters with breast milk in the children’s body. It is not fraught
    only colic and bloating, but also serious poisoning
  3. Even a small amount of alcohol is completely removed from
    the body of a woman after 6-7 hours. Breastfeeding it
    quite a long time.
  4. Beer does not contain any unique vitamins and
    trace elements that are not in other products that are more suitable
    for feeding the nursing woman.

Taking into account the above arguments, mothers should twice
think before you skip a glass of beer. In a pinch,
if the desire is so huge, you can afford to drink
non-alcoholic beer (in small quantities).

If mothers care only about increasing lactation, then
other methods can be used for this purpose. At present
time there are a large number of special herbal decoctions,
different varieties of tea, products that are capable in a short time
увеличить приток milk

  • Lactation increase by folk methods or pills
  • Lactation teas
  • Alcohol with HB

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