Does baby need to wake up for feeding

A newborn baby in the first month of his life for more than 20 hours
he spends a day on sleep, and all the rest of the time on food.
Often the baby falls asleep while feeding or sleeps too.
hard and long, shifting the schedule of meals. How to
to arrange sleep and feeding for a newborn baby?

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  • 1 Нужно ли будить новорожденного для кормления
    • 1.1 Age
    • 1.2 Weight
    • 1.3 Health Status
    • 1.4 When should I wake up a newborn
    • 1.5 How to wake up
    • 1.6 Стоит ли будить ребенка для ночного кормления
    • 1.7 The baby fell asleep while feeding: the actions of parents
  • 2 Feeding a newborn: where to start?
  • 3 Conclusion
  • 4 Opinion mothers: sleep or food
  • 5 All about breastfeeding a newborn. How, when and
    how much?

Many pediatricians (especially the older generation) recommend
feed the baby every 2-3 hours. When it comes to night feeds,
Doctors often insist that a young mother wake her
baby when he sleeps for a long time. Although in reality, not everything is so

Нужно ли будить новорожденного для кормления

It is considered to be that a long sleep of a newborn is right and
OK. Sleeping baby gives mother the opportunity to do household chores,
take time for yourself, just relax.

But a newborn, according to WHO pediatricians, cannot sleep more
five hours: a child’s sleep lasting more than five hours
harm just like his absence. Special это касается
premature babies or children who gain weight poorly. To
gain enough body weight, the child should eat well.
Strict sleep and feeding is not suitable for all babies, but
Here the individual (mixed) feeding schedule will be comfortable and
for mom and for baby.
Such a regime with intervals between
feeding no more than 3.5-4 hours will help to establish lactation in mom and
will provide satiety baby. Frequent breastfeeding
will provide a surge of sufficient milk, and will also
mastitis prevention.

Just a few years ago, pediatricians advised mothers to feed
детей строго через равные промежутки времени. Time interval
составлял 2-3 часа. After research, scientists
found that newborns should be fed on demand. But
many parents experienced that they were better
use for feeding mixed mode. It consists in
to feed the baby on demand, but the interval between feedings is not
должен превышать 4 часа.

Long breaks between breast feeding
feeding могут негативно отразиться как на ребенке, так и
on his mom:

  • In newborns, a long interval between meals can
    cause dehydration, as well as a drop in sugar levels;
  • У матери перерыв способен вызвать застой молока и снижение
    lactation volumes.

When deciding whether to wake a baby on HB for feeding, you should
consider several factors.


If a newborn sleeps more than 3 hours – this is a reason to think and
refer to a pediatrician. In the meantime, it is better to wake him up to the baby
I ate, because in the first month of life a long break between
meals will almost certainly have a negative effect on the state

In older children, the interval between feedings increases and
is 4 hours. If the baby is feeding on demand
a little “wakes up” mealtime, no need to worry. Kid
wakes up himself when his body needs it.

In babies on IV and children who are gradually transferred to the regime
by the hour, such temporary timetable failures require correction. If a
feeding time has come, and the crumb is asleep – you should wait for minutes
10-15, and then gently wake the child.

Starting from 2 months of life, you should not worry if he
wakes up the night feeding time and the mode shifts slightly. Than
the baby becomes older, the less he will wake up in the dark
Times of Day.


When deciding whether to wake up a baby, you will need to consider and
child’s weight.

  1. Premature babies and poorly gaining weight children need
    be sure to wake up on feeding as long intervals can
    further weaken them and worsen the condition.
  2. If a ваша кроха набирает вес хорошо, то иногда можно дать
    the baby can sleep a little longer. The child will wake up,
    when his body rests, or he feels hungry.

Health status

  1. If a малыш родился недоношенным и очень слаб, вам нужно будет
    At first, wake up on the alarm clock and feed the baby by the clock.
    Butворожденным нужно подкрепляться каждые три часа. Such mode
    will be temporary until the child is strong and does not get used to it
    schedule. Gradually, with an increase in the volume of milk consumed,
    feeding intervals will increase.
  2. A cold baby with a temperature should be allowed to
    sleep a little, because it is known that sleep heals. All body strength
    now focused on the fight against infection, so it’s best not to worry
    baby when he is resting.

When should I wake up a newborn

  • During the inspection by a nursing sister or doctor – each mom
    should be prepared for such a must wake-up calls;
  • To comply with the feeding regime: between meals should not be
    allow breaks lasting more than four hours;
  • If mother has to leave for a long time, then the child is better.
    wake up and feed before leaving;
  • If the family has to go, the baby should be in advance
    wake up, feed and normally prepare for the future
    a trip;
  • Often, infant drowsiness is a reaction to
    Mother drugs – this baby’s sleep should be interrupted
    for compulsory feeding so as not to disturb the sleep pattern and
  • If the baby sleeps unusually long and skips
    feeding, you need to look at him: check the temperature and

How to wake up


To wake a newborn baby, parents must
use soft but effective ways. If done
manipulation is wrong, that is, the risk of scaring the crumbs. Baby should
go from sleep to wakefulness comfortably so that his
the nervous system did not suffer from unsuccessful actions of adults.

  1. Dim lighting is considered most suitable for
    awakening. Bright light can scare a baby and cause him
  2. Pediatricians are advised to wake the baby when he is in active
    sleep phase. It can be determined by the characteristic motor
    activity – the baby is slightly tugging at the arms and legs, smiling
    a dream, his eyelids and lips tremble. This sleep period is superficial, so
    that getting out of it is much easier for a child than from a deep phase
    sleep. If the baby sleeps well, and when you lift it
    handle up, he does not react at all, it means his sleep passes in
    deep phase. Waking up a baby at such a moment is not recommended.
    In order not to scare the crumb, it is better to wait a bit.
    Глубокая фаза длится не дольше 20-30 мин.
  3. Call the baby by his name in a quiet, calm voice, without changing
    intonation. Calm mother is transferred to the baby.
  4. Tactile contact also helps wake up gently:
    baby can be stroked by the handles, head and body, neatly
    tickle the heel, slightly move the arms and legs. Speed ​​up
    the process is possible by taking the baby in your arms: contact with the mother will not give the baby
    get scared, but a change of position and closeness of a loved one will chase away
  5. The sleeping, wrapped or swaddled child must be freed from
    blankets, diapers and the upper layer of clothing: lowering the temperature also
    will help the baby as easy as possible to go to the stage
  6. After waking up, it is important not to let the kid close his eyes again,
    distracting him from sleepiness by talking, soft stroking,
    habitual actions (for example, changing a diaper).

A month after the birth, the baby and his mother find their
individual mode, which allows you to make the processes of feeding,
sleep and wake up as comfortable as possible for both parties. Before
than putting the baby to the chest, make sure that he
fully awake. Talk to the newborn, change it,
change diapers, play with him. Often the baby at the breast begins
fall asleep, because the proximity of mother and warm breast for the child – the island
stability. You can distract the newborn from sleep by active
actions: pat him on the head and cheeks, talk to him, keep
for hands.

Стоит ли будить ребенка для ночного кормления

Maximum allowed interval between feedings should not
exceed four hours so wake up baby for feeding at night
accounted for all parents. Night feeds are necessary for
improving the digestion process, since regular food intake
guarantees the normal functioning of the intestines and

It is night milk (produced by a young mom during the period from
3 am to 8 am) is considered the most nutritious for the baby.
To feed a newborn at night is important for full
development of his body. This is especially true for
недоношенных или слабо прибавляющих вес детей. Even
the baby doesn’t wake up for feeding at night on its own, which
often occurs with premature babies (weak or premature babies
can not wake up at night because they have a feeling of hunger
a little weaker. Such babies must be awakened) or asleep.
separate from mothers as babies, then it should be awakened and applied to
chest Putting the baby to the chest at night stimulates lactation,
maintaining the amount of milk required by the child.

A healthy baby needs a few nights before six months
meals. As a child grows, the number of feedings will be
to shrink.

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The baby fell asleep while feeding: the actions of parents

Which of the young mothers didn’t the baby sleep during feeding?
Inexperienced parents can upset the regime of the day of the baby, fearing
wake him up or wake too abruptly. So that mom did not have
the need to wake the baby asleep while eating, pediatricians
advised to follow these recommendations:

  • while nursing, talk to the baby soft calm
    in a voice to keep him from falling asleep;
  • so that the baby does not fall asleep, it should not be wrapped up or put on
    several layers of clothing: a light shirt and romper, “man”
    or body without blankets and diapers – the best option for meals;
  • if the baby begins to fall asleep, stroking the child’s forehead over
    eyebrows help keep him awake;
  • no less effective way to combat falling asleep is
    change of body position or change of breast during feeding: if
    малыша держать за ручки, он будет отвлекаться от sleep.

Breast change can be a problem for the mother: as a rule, the baby
для насыщения достаточно молока из одной chest In that case he
will only drink front milk and dissolve seals badly in
mammary gland. In order to avoid stagnation and the appearance of seals mom
It is necessary to monitor the state of the mammary glands.

Pediatricians point out that the right ones for the specific
baby’s sleep mode and frequency of feeding guarantee not only
physical health, but also the calmness of the child.

Feeding a newborn: where to start?

For a newborn baby, feeding is the most important process
laying the foundation for future health, guaranteeing active growth
and development. That is why parents have to provide
regular meals What steps should be taken to
make feeding as natural and comfortable as possible
baby, so and for mothers?

  1. The hands and breasts of the nursing mother should be washed clean.
    soap, bottles and nipples (in the case of artificial
    feeding) must be disinfected: this will reduce
    risk of thrush in the baby’s mouth.
  2. If you are lying down, take care of a fresh diaper on the bed.
    – cleanliness is a guarantee of health.
  3. Comfortable posture will make the whole process easier and
    comfortable for both parties. Every mother is free to choose a position.
    on their own, taking into account their needs and wishes of the baby. Among
    most preferred are the classic options –
    sitting and lying down (poses for breastfeeding).
  4. Proper nipple grip ensures the baby is active and
    productive sucking, which does not cause problems to either mother or baby.
    If the nipple is seized improperly, the baby eats with difficulty,
    extra effort, quickly gets tired and starts to act up.
    Maternal breast in this case suffers even more: probably
    the appearance of cracks, as well as the stagnation of milk due to inactive sucking.
    The basics of applying a baby to the breast should be taught to a young mother in
    maternity hospital (midwife or doctor) because from the first steps
    depends on the success of all breastfeeding (how to
  5. If the baby fell asleep a few minutes after the start of feeding,
    try to wake him up to continue eating. If
    the baby fell asleep right away, feeding could be delayed.


  1. Premature or weakened baby. When a newborn
    born prematurely and / or has a rather small weight, he may
    do not wake up for feeding due to lack of strength. In this case
    будить грудничка действительно необходимо, возможно даже
    do it more often than once every 2-3 hours. Otherwise he will
    very slowly gain weight.
  2. In the case of a healthy strong child, everything is different. Here
    Mom is better guided by their instincts and intuitions than by advice
    surrounding Every child is different. Someone regularly
    wakes up every two hours to eat. And someone from the very
    Birthday sleeps at night for 6-8 hours. Wake up baby for
    кормления не стоит, если:
    он хорошо набирает вес, молока у
    mother is enough. If these two conditions are met
    no need to worry. Here можно только порадоваться, что у молодой
    Moms have the opportunity to sleep and recover from childbirth. it
    much more important than adhering to a formal feeding rule
    младенца каждые 2-3 часа.
  3. The weight gain of the infant must not be assessed by its
    subjective feelings (“something he eats little and does not grow at all”), and
    by objective parameters – how many grams the child added, on
    how many centimeters has grown (table: height – weight of a child up to a year).
    It is necessary to evaluate a sufficiently long period.
    time – a month or at least a week. If the baby is really small
    changes in weight over time and at the same time practically does not eat
    at night, you can try to wake him up. However, do not fall into
    extremes: if you wake up your baby regularly, and his chest is still not
    takes and falls asleep again, do not force him to forcibly. Hungry
    the child must eat. Otherwise, you simply risk knocking the child down.
    его естественный режим сна и wakefulness.
  4. When a young mother does not have enough milk, breast specialists
    feeding recommended to increase the frequency of feedings. Special
    It is important to attach the baby to the breast at night. It is in the dark
    days when sucking the breast as an infant in the mother’s body is produced
    a hormone that affects the amount of breast milk that is produced
    the next day. Therefore, if you have difficulties with lactation, and
    baby sleeps all night without waking up, it is worth waking him up and
    apply to the chest as often as possible.

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Opinion mothers: sleep or food

Do I need to wake the baby for feeding? No no need!
Believe you The first thing to know is that the child is hungry. Now
all leading pediatricians are inclined to believe that the child to feed
do not wake up. That when he gets hungry he will wake up and
will require food.

All about breastfeeding a newborn. How, when and
how much?

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