Doctors talked about a way to avoid complications with coronavirus

Doctors called ways to prevent coronavirus complications

Regular exercise can prevent or reduce the manifestation of respiratory failure associated with most deaths with coronavirus, said the doctor Medical Sciences Zheng Yang.

This conclusion was made by the doctor of medical sciences from the University Virginia State, Director of the Center for Skeletal Muscle Research in UVA Cardiovascular Research Center Zheng Yang, reports “Russian newspaper”.

According to him, exercise contributes to the development of powerful antioxidant known as extracellular superoxide dismutase, which protects the body from harmful free radicals.


The doctor noted that reducing the amount of antioxidant observed with the development of a number of serious ailments, including acute lung disease, coronary heart disease, and kidney failure.

“Regular exercise is much more beneficial. for health than it seems. Protection against this severe respiratory disease is just one of many examples, “concluded expert.

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