Doctors found out people with which blood type most susceptible to coronavirus

Doctors found out people with which blood type are most susceptible to coronavirus

People with blood type II are most vulnerable and more often than others infected with a new coronavirus, says an article by a group of Chinese scientists published on the website of medical enterprises Medrxiv Research. Chinese scientists have conducted a targeted study, to determine if there is a relationship between the patient’s blood type and their susceptibility to a new type of coronavirus. They took samples analyzes of 2173 patients from three hospitals in Wuhan and Shenzhen, of which COVID-19 was confirmed, of which 206 samples belonged to people who died from coronavirus.

Scientists first examined a control group of 3,694 healthy residents of Wuhan and found that among them 33.84% – with I blood group, 32.16% – from II, 24.90% – from III, 9.10% – from IV. Tests 1775 infected Jintan Hospital patients (including 206 deceased) showed that 25.80% were with I blood group, 37.75% – with II, 26.42% – from III, 10.03% – from IV.

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