Doctor virologist reported a change in trajectory coronavirus development in Russia

The spread of coronavirus in Russia has changed its path development.

According to her, the situation with infection in the country for a long time developed along quite positive dynamics, as social distance measures and limitations worked well. However in the last days the development of events has gone “no longer optimistic trajectories. ”

Popovich recalled that the number of cases from 1 to 10 thousand increased unevenly in different countries. So, in the USA it took 6 days, in Germany, Italy and Spain – eight days, in Austria – 15 days, and in Russia – 12 days. In five countries, more than 100 thousand infected patients, on average it took 15-18 days, the expert added.


The spread of infection is largely due to irresponsibility of Russians, mostly young, who consider them to be at risk. Moreover, they even have serious complications after pneumonia COVID-19. “Physical problems begin, physical endurance falls, psychological features change very much, arise depressive conditions are significantly more common than in the general population, ” She summed up.

April 12, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova predicted the terms of complete cancellation restrictive measures in Russia. According to her, a complete cancellation restrictive measures with a favorable outcome is already possible to to fly.

Russia is in 16th place in terms of the number of infections. In a country with the onset of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic was detected in 15,770 people, 130 died, 1291 recovered. The total number of infected in the world exceeded 1.84 million.

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